The gear on the Rudd

Tackle for Rudd in the first place must comply with the conditions and methods of fishing. There are a lot of different gear but they are all similar and their main differences are only in models of the float and the method of its shipment.

If fishing for redfin is expected to take place on the surface, there is no better solution than vodonapornoy float type Controller you simply can not find. The weight of the float is in the range of 6-11 grams, and its main feature is that it simultaneously performs the functions of sinker and float. The use of such floats gives great effect and allows you to effortlessly achieve a smooth dip bait on the bottom. Regarding the choice of a scaffold, here of the concept differ, but I’m leaning towards the classic fishing line 0.18 mm in diameter in combination with a leash of 0.14.

If you plan to fish in the middle layer of water, then there may well come a lightweight float tackle for Rudd. Well-proven floats from the manufacturer Drennan. The invisibility of such floats very often saves the angler is to disguise is to apply a transparent floats. Here is the line you need to apply a little thinner, would be enough of a 0.1 – 0.12 mm and fasten her leash, made of fishing line thinner.

If the weather changes, even if not very drastically, to foresee in what layer of the water can be caught a Rudd is unlikely to succeed. There is only one that can save, it’s tackle with the use of float type Waggle in combination with a slow sinking leash. This gives an effect similar to that described above, but the sinking rate of the bait becomes much less.

Correctly to ship a float is also quite a complex task, and it directly affects the sinking rate of the lure. The main thing that the main part of the weights (or all) of them were located very close to the float. You should leave one small sinker near the hook that the leash is not tangled during the cast.

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