The habits of the fish in August

August is the last month of summer. If at the beginning of August, the sun, blooms in ponds water, adults and children swimming on the beaches, by the end of the month, the days are getting much shorter, cool nights, morning fog is thick, and the temperature of air and water is significantly reduced.

No wonder that in ancient times people said: “Ilyin day the night is long, and the water is cold.”

In early August, the fishing is a little different from fishing in June – July, i.e. apply the same tackle tips, bait and bait.

But in the second half, as the water becomes clearer and colder, the fish starts to go away from their places, favored by summer. She begins to eat, thereby, the bite of some fish species by the end of August greatly improved. Accordingly, changing ways of fishing and change tackle.

The fish that bite in August

August is one of the best time of year for catching catfish on the bottom gear, which is mounted on the exit from the pits, where som profit, and directly in the pits.

With cold water at the end of August begins to intensify and burbot. So, donkey, abandoned in the night under the steep Bank, with the fitted pieces are not large fish, I can make the angler a bite and catching this kind of fish.

Also, by the end of August aktiviziruyutsya and biting roach. If in the summer, the chances of success are greater if catching this fish was fought in thickets of grass, the cold, great getting a chance to catch her in the pits, on the channel edge and not on plant and animal attachment. In addition, the bite of the roach at the end of August becomes more apparent, more strident.

By the end of August aktiviziruyutsya and bream, white bream and Chub, IDE. In the same way as roach, this time of year, these fish prefer animals heads (maggot, worm, moth, beetle, caddis worm). But biting bream and white bream, begins not with the dawn, and a little later, after sunrise, when the sun’s rays begin to warm up the bottom layers of water, cooled for significantly increased night. Also, at the end of August, it is likely to catch bream in the heat of the day.

The perch starts to get in packs and get on the net that are not occupied by vegetation of a place, where he arranges the RAID on small fish, which continues to bask in the cooling sun of August.

And if a large species prefer to hunt alone, then dip the small and medium sized flocks, do not leave the fry hope for salvation.

So at this time, the capture of this predator on a worm or small fish is greatly increased. The priority, at this time, fishing happens near cliffs, steep banks, bridge piles.

Chub and IDE, as well go to deeper places. Therefore, and tackle to catch these fish in late August, the need to apply appropriate.

Do not remain indifferent to the cold and the approaching autumn, crucian carp and tench.

These heat-loving fish in the same way as all carp by the end of the summer, leaving coastal thickets, begin to slide into the adjacent thickets, pits, kerb, where occasionally, on warm days, still come out to feed and actively pecking at the border of aquatic vegetation.

Does not remain aloof and pike. She, by the end of August, as well as a small fish, moving with the cold water in the pit, follows in after them, where he continued to actively feed, and therefore can be caught on spinners and crankbaits up until freeze-up.

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