The legality of catching crayfish in the spring

Cancer is representative of the decapod fauna living in waters almost all over the world. Has a very delicious meat called Coleen. The popularity of this product is confirmed by literary classics – suffice it to recall the citizen Pivoraki of Leonid Lagin.

The most common use of boiled crawfish meat with this rifle.

In Russia cancer of the river is widespread in both lakes and rivers. It is necessary to search in ponds with clear water, preferably with a mild current. It prefers to settle on rocky bottom, where it is easier to find or build shelter in burrows. Also a favorite habitat is the areas of the pond with firm clay bottom where crayfish live in burrows. They should look in the walls of the clay slopes at a depth of half a meter. For cancers unacceptably muddy bottom and hard sand bottom of education as stagnant water ponds and lakes. Here they live very reluctantly. Crayfishing in the spring productive because of their increased activity at this time.

In the winter these animals go into the depth of the pond, looking for holes up to 5-8 meters, and lead a sedentary lifestyle. And only with increasing length of daylight begin out in the shallows.

The optimum water temperature in the summer for cancers – 18-22 degrees, so appealing to them the shallow water, which quickly heats up the river bottom. It also contributes to the rapid development of the riverine vegetation, which in the diet of crayfish is 50-80%. Females actively washed and ventilated eggs, postponed under his tail since autumn – the period of gestation is 8 months. So the reason for going in shallow water is also the need to place offspring in more favorable conditions. Just the clutch contains from 80 to 150 eggs.

Crayfishing in April, causing serious damage to the population of these animals, so access to the pond with rakolovkoj is fraught with such unfortunate hunter trouble not only from supervision but also from fishing. Cancer is a delicacy, and not a vital product. In the southern regions, where spring starts early, so that they can start in March, after the disappearance of the ice cover. Here, the first catching crayfish on rakolovki starts in early spring.

The most productive crayfishing becomes in may and early June. By this time Matures the eggs in females and they, sometimes in unimaginable quantities, crawling in shallow water, which is already booming, water plants main source of fuel for these animals. In addition, the water is saturated with oxygen, which is important not only for adults but also for juveniles of crayfish.

Active behavior of crayfish was observed immediately before spawning. Hunting for larvae and insects are attracted to crayfish so much that they often crawl ashore in search of prey. The greatest activity, these animals exhibit at night, from about 22 hours to three hours a night.

It’s fun! Attracts crayfish and a bonfire on the beach, apparently they are drawn to the warmth as night temperatures are still low.

In Russia the people are always respectful of the world around them, in every way protecting him from their intervention. During spawning, nobody thought about fishing, and not even the Church bells were rung. Nature has generously responded to this attitude by the abundance of animal, bird and fish. And, of course, crayfish.Crayfish females mate in the fall. Males lay them under the tail containers with sperm, after which females spawn there spawn. The incubation period is up to eight months, during which fishing is prohibited. After spawning, these animals molt begins, which lasts for several months. During this period, the crayfish fishing is also prohibited.

Thus, the duration of the period of the ban is up to 10 months. Fishing is possible only in August-September. However, these norms are established at the regional level and can vary significantly.

Attention! In ponds, lakes and rivers of the Moscow region to catch crayfish is prohibited year-round.

Each fisheries region lays down rules for the catch of crayfish on the basis of the actual state of the resources taken into account:

  1. In the Astrakhan region fishing is prohibited from April 1 to June 30.
  2. Bryansk and Vladimir region – it is impossible to catch these animals from October 1 to June 30.
  3. In the region of Volgograd and the region, and in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir of the ban from January 1 through September 15.
  4. In the Vologda region are not allowed the catch while carrying caviar and moulting, as well as from 15 June to 31 July.
  5. In ponds, lakes and rivers of the Kaliningrad and Kirov regions, the ban is valid from October 1 to June 30.

As example, here is a video about the ban from Saratov:

Everywhere there’s a restriction on the amount of trophies – cancer should be the length from tip of head to tail at least 9, at least 10 centimeters.

The data show that the approach to the conservation of populations of these arthropods is almost the same everywhere. Protected period of gestation calves and shedding animals when they are weakened and most vulnerable.

Limitations there are in those periods of time when the catch of crayfish is allowed. So, the size of the rakolovki, should be 70 inches, and the maximum number per hunter – no more than three.

Private entrepreneurs who are engaged in the breeding of crayfish in specialized farms have the right to determine the policy of implementation of its products, including the time of catch. But their profitability is slightly hard to believe, because the time of the growth of commodity individuals is not less than 8 years, while the shelves you can often find very impressive specimens.

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