The pike fishing on spinning in may

The pike fishing on spinning in may – not only very exciting but also very profitable. The reason is that the predator, seeking to recover for spawning power and actively feeds on, eager to catch small fish.

But do not think that such a gluttony will help to catch the strong and cunning pike on a simple stick with a spoon out of tin. Even during the spring Jora fishing toothy requires a very careful approach to the selection of tackle, tactics and fishing technique.

Where to catch pike in may

In the spring, spawn, pike some time not leaves the spawning grounds, hunting and restoring forces near them.

So on the river the most promising things like:

  • Shallow oxbow lakes and backwaters connected with the main channel perennial ditch or canal.
  • Bays overgrown last year and fresh water vegetation.
  • A small river with slow current, shallow depth and the abundance of last year’s grass.
  • Floodplain lake connected with the river.
  • Sandy beaches, backwaters, bordered with sharp drop offs into the pits.

On the pike lake in a warm and friendly spring is also very active, as on the river. In still water for pike should choose such places as:

  • Broad and shallow watering.
  • Mouths of streams and rivers flowing into the lake.
  • Lying at a small depth of flooded trees, bushes.
  • Submerged stumps and snags.
  • The upper edge Svalov.

Choosing a place in the spring, it should be remembered that at this time, the pike prefers depths of no more than 1.5 meters, as the water is better heated, thus attracting small fish, which is fed by the predator.

When catching during the day

In the beginning of the month when the morning is still often cool enough, pike begins to feed actively only closer to 9-10 hours, when the water in the shallows warms up, thus attracting small fish.

Particularly well-tracked feature in the may night frosts. This is interesting – the Best weather for pike, as well as the normal value for atmospheric pressure to hunt for toothy.

Depending on the weather, but usually from the third decade of may, the pike starts to be more active early morning and before sunset. This is interesting: When to fish for pike in the spring

Collect spinning for pike in may

For catching of a pike may properly collect spinning tackle, given the nature of fishing, size and kind of used bait. The most appropriate will tackle with the following components (This is interesting: How to choose the right spinning).

The rod – fishing may use a spinning length of 2.4 meters with a fast or ultra-fast build and test from 5 to 15-20 grams. When fishing jig lure the rod tip should be thin and delicate, baits and lures used forms hard and durable tip.

Reel in pike, the most widely spinning reel size 2000-2500, with a front friction brake having at least 4 bearings – the roller line bale must be equipped with reliable ball bearing.

The housing and the rotor coil must be made of lightweight and durable carbon fibre and alloy. For the convenience of the coil when posting and playing better to choose a model that has a convenient and large knob – the part of the handle, for which angler it rotates.The ratio of coils should be at least 5:1.

Choose and catch the best spinning reel for:

Fishing line or cord?!

  • Cord for pike in the spring apply a thin and durable braided cord cross-sections from 0.06 to 0.1 mm. Many anglers when choosing a cord color prefer a model with bright color – this allows you to track the direction of movement of the lure along the line of brightly colored cord, well stand out on the surface of the water.
  • When choosing cord, the preference should be given to the original products are more than cheap Chinese counterparts after one season wear out quickly, fade, and lose their strength.
  • The leash is thin and flexible, no longer than 20 cm with clasp and swivel. These requirements meet or tungsten thin steel leashes, sold in fishing tackle shops as well as quite durable and flexible leads of guitar strings.
Lures for pike in may

In may, pike are caught on all baits in the Arsenal of spinning. When choosing a lure you should consider the conditions of fishing:

  • Spinner – in may, unlike April, the pike starts to take on all kinds of lures. Along with medium and small oscillating in may, starts pike caught on spinners with lengthened lanceolate or classic oval petal and ogruzka in the form of the core. Caught on spinners in shallow areas with a small amount of grass. When fishing heavily overgrown by aquatic vegetation or snag stations used models of lures are equipped with special wire loops, reducing the number of hooks bait over the grass or other underwater obstacles
  • Wobblers – in may use lures floating, and neutral buoyancy type minnow length 90 -110 mm with a working range of depths not exceeding 1.5 meters. Use crankbaits when fishing at weedy shallows of the river of bayous and bays, in ponds and lakes with shallow depths. In may well “work” on the pike, both natural and bright acid colouring crankbaits.
  • Poppers – this is a separate group of lures is used when heating the water at the end of may and the appearance on the surface of water bodies with stagnant water and dense vegetation, preventing to do the wiring any other bait.
  • Silicone baits – twisters and vibrohvost size not less than 70-90 mm. As in April in may, the pike prefers silicone lure lemon yellow, white, red or brown color. Used lure this group in areas with differences of depths, so the most effective fishing them on a small shallow water, ending with a sharp drop into the pit. When fishing in areas with lots of snags Twister or vibrohvost feature not a standard jig-head, a movable sinker – “Cheburashka” with offset hook.
Fishing technique may pike

To catch a pike in may, fulfilling all the necessary technical elements to take into account the degree of activity of the predator.

  • Casting – vertical or side it needs to be as accurate as possible.
  • Posting – in may apply more aggressive than the APR of the transaction. Teachingby wiring must be without pauses with frequent sharp jerks of jig baits animaroo using standard transactions to the average speed or the speed of the winding mechanism. For lures use uniform wiring.
  • Cutting – sharp and biting carpal hooking at any suspicious the blow needs to hit hooks dense and durable fabric pike mouth
  • The playing – with proper cutting medium and small pike vyvazhivaete quickly without letting it confuse the cord through the grass or snags. Large specimens vyvazhivaete gently, alternately loading the rod blank then the coil – form, make a slow action, and coil clean up the resulting slack.
Useful tips

In the spring when windy weather in well-warmed lakes and bays pike to hunt on the shore, which has a wave – wind blows the warm layers of water to the surf beach, and where there is warm water there and the prey of the pike – fry.

  • In addition to the shallow, prigrevaet the sun plots of the waters pike can be caught in places where muddy water bordered by transparent – the mouth of microrack and streams flowing into a major river, Creek, Bay.
  • On an unfamiliar body of water about the places where more pike ask the local fishermen. As a rule, most of them very lucidly and in detail tell about the places where the may season caught pike.
  • When using silicone lures one jig harness with podbrozny – the fall of the bait on the bottom lift it is not a spool drag and a short single or double sharp toss with the tip of the blank.
  • Before fishing to prevent chafing of the cord it is important to observe the throughput of the ring Blanca – the destruction or the formation of cracks on the inner ceramic earbud cord under a lot of tension quickly frays educated irregularities and sharp edges.

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