The right ice fishing

Fishing is the best rest for men at any time of year, even the coldest. And ice fishing is no less popular than usual, because it has a special flavor and more excitement.

However, in order to fishing was successful, you need to choose the right gear and all flight hunting for fish.

Important features not to forget

Going ice fishing, you need to first take care of security, i.e. to ensure that the ice is thick enough and durable. The optimal thickness of the ice must be at least 7 centimeters, because it is able to withstand the weight of an average adult. You need to avoid areas where there are reeds and grass, because there the ice gets thick much later.

For successful attacks, experts also recommend to look for places with irregularities, bed pits and slopes, as they will be much easier and faster to drill the hole. For a good catch should give preference to the places where fishing was not conducted long enough, as they are a lot more fish.

Choosing the place you need to remember that when there is insufficient amount of oxygen and food, fish, hibernate and come out only with the improvement of these indicators.

What you need to bring?

Of course, for comfortable fishing in the winter need special gear, warm and waterproof clothing, ice screws.

In the travelling box must add:

  • winter fishing rod, characterized structure and compact size. This class includes models with a float, a rod with a nod and modification for blesneniya. It is important that the selected rod was solid and reliable, because winter conditions are much more severe. It is important that the rod was comfortable to hold with bare hands because in the winter the fish are sluggish, and to detect the bite you need higher sensitivity;
  • winter imitation fish that allow for efficient hunting of predatory fish;
  • the sounder, which can be used to define the features of the bottom relief and location of fish under the ice. Thanks to this small gadget it is possible to find the most perfect place that will bring a good catch and will give you unforgettable impressions of time spent. When choosing the right Fishfinder you need to pay attention on the future depth of fishing, the need for an integrated Navigator, range;
  • winter baits, baits, spoon-baits, balancers.

If you want to get away from fishing the maximum of pleasure, or to show the highlights with your family or friends, you can buy videotochka. A unique, modern tackle, equipped with high-quality underwater video camera that allows you to see and capture everything that happens under water.

Videotochka will help to identify the species of fish, as well as her reaction to the proposed bait. This solution will make ice fishing fun that can be shared with peers and friends.

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