The subtleties of catching pike in the grass

Catching a predator in the grass is not constant, in the spring period there are very few vegetation on reservoirs. During this period, catching is carried out with tackles and baits, which are usual for this season.

From the end of May-beginning of June, the vegetation actively begins to develop and by the middle of the first summer month the reservoir can be fully tightened.

Catching a pike in such thickets is not easy, beginners of spinning can simply give up on such a body of water, but the more experienced still try to try their luck. Trophy specimens rarely come across, but a pike up to two kilos can easily be on the hook. To do this, you must be able to choose the right gear components, as well as determine the bait. In the grass, the predator is caught in the spinning all summer, and the grass can fall completely only in the fall.

Picking the right gear

Any spinning even from the most famous brand for surface baits will not work, here we must be able to balance the perfect gear. The best features for this will be:

component gear specifications
spinning light or medium, fast down, length up to 2.4 m
coil from 1000-2000 spool, but it is better to take more bearings
the foundation the choice is to stop on the cord, the maximum bursting of which should not be less than 10 kg
fittings hook-in fasteners
leash a great option would be a string twisted on both sides

The line for this type of fishing is not suitable, it will not give the opportunity to pull the bait with hooks.


Pike fishing in the grass is carried out by surface types of baits that would not cling to the grass. Their variety in specialized stores is simply amazing, it is very easy to get confused when choosing. We offer a description of the most effective baits that have proven themselves in the best way.

Croatian egg

This type of surface fishing method can be attributed to new products, it became known only a few years ago. Until now, the bait is made by hand, so only a few variants come to us at a decent price.

Croatian egg was made for the first time by Branimir Kalinic, a Croat by nationality who still lives and works there. Initially, it was aimed at catching bass, but other inhabitants of the reservoirs respond well to it. The original is made of balsa and a minimum of protective coatings are used, so the Croatian egg quickly bites from pike strikes and begins to draw water.

The egg has excellent permeability in the thickets of any reservoir, but it will work only in warm water. Therefore, it can be used in summer on peatlands, upstream reservoirs, small ponds.

Silicone bait

In the grass, for spinning, pike is caught on unloaded silicone, for such places it is necessary to equip vibro tails and twister in a special way.

There is nothing difficult in the equipment, for this you need:

  • silicone bait;
  • offset hook of the required size;
  • homemade string leash.

The hook is turned into silicone so that its sting is hidden in the back, a bend will allow it to be done. Then the eye of the hook is twisted into a loop and fixed. It remains only to make a cast and correctly perform the wiring.

Spiderwheels and turntables

The vegetation is used and, but the design of its hook will differ from other baits:

  • the oscillating bait is distinguished by a crochet hooked into the body and the presence of a small tendril, which covers the sting;
  • for the turntables they use as a tool a tee with a mustache, which will help the hook to pass in the vegetation without obstacles.

Many people specially take such hooks with them so that, if necessary, they can re-equip existing lures for specific fishing conditions.


This bait is not at all like anything from a predator’s diet, but the work of an existing petal (or several petals) attracts the attention of any predator lying in wait.

Bait consists of:

  1. Rocker, which can be said and is the foundation.
  2. Hooks with ogruzkoy and fringe, which is hidden behind the yoke.
  3. One or more petals that rotate at the top of the lure on the beam.

Many craftsmen make it themselves, just bend a piece of wire in a special way and fix the other components on it.

As the hook is most often used jig option.


This surface bait is used on water bodies where vegetation does not rise above the water. When wiring poppers make a specific sound, they gurgle, what attracts the predator. You can use poppers from early spring in the shallows to mid-autumn; they will show themselves only from the best side.

Other types of baits are also used, but they have proven to be less effective, so frockers equipped with twins made of silicone, walkers, crawlers are rarely used by our fishermen.

Fishing Techniques and Posting Options

Not everyone knows how to catch pike in the grass on surface baits, here the approach should be thin, but the hand should be firm. The wiring must be such that even the most cautious pike becomes interested in the bait, but does not fear it.

You can do this in several ways:

  • uniform bait is used for pike fishing on spinnerbate, Croatian egg, silicone bait;
  • jerking need to apply for poppers, the only way to see this bait in the work;
  • oscillators and turntables are either wavy or evenly.

You should not dwell on only one method of posting, you need to experiment, try to combine different types of postings, make more pauses or vice versa to more actively. Only in this way will it turn out to attract the attention of a predator and make him attack the bait.

Standard mistakes when fishing on the grass

Many still cannot master pike fishing in the grass, there can be several reasons for this, the most common are:

  • Incorrectly selected form of spinning, soft will complicate the process of catching fish, and with hooks will contribute to the loss of the bait.
  • Weak base. It is necessary to put braided cord, which is completely sure.
  • The use of accessories. Clockwork rings, swivels, clasps have small bends, which will slow down the wiring bait, as well as cling to and pull a large amount of vegetation. To avoid this, you need to remove these connections from the tackle as much as possible, and the leash to use the string on the twist.
  • A selection of baits. Here it is necessary to approach wisely, tees and bare hooks can and will help to detect the predator immediately, but the wiring will be brought down immediately.

But everything comes with experience, as soon as the angler independently experiences this or that bait. Immediately see all its advantages and disadvantages, maybe something will work, and maybe just change to a better option for the grass.

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