The subtleties of catching pikes on vents in the summer

Our distant ancestors were able to successfully catch pike, they easily managed to capture this toothy resident. The most primitive devices were used in those days, because it is impossible to call it gear either.

The prototypes of products of those times and now do a good job of fishing, especially the Zherlitsa proved to be a pike in the summer. These days, it is this tackle that is often used, of course, it has been improved and equipped with modern materials.

Fishing for our ancestors was a way of getting food. These days it is more entertainment, a hobby that does not always pay off. Since ancient times, we have come up with quite a few ways to fish, fishing in the summer for pike at the lapel is one of those. This method of predator prey often brings trophy specimens, and you don’t need to make special efforts.

In the summer, the pike is caught using this method with some subtleties, they will differ from the same method of fishing from ice.

Applying such tackle, it is worth remembering:

  • Fishing is carried out both on rivers and on lakes, and the equipment will vary with the used sinker.
  • Foam trap is used as well as winter versions with some modifications.
  • The gear is collected depending on the fished reservoir, for the river and for the lake, slightly different sets will be required.
  • It is possible to put girders on a predator in the summer period in those places where fishing with a spinning rod is not possible.

Among other things, different types of gear are distinguished by the installation method. There are floating ones, they are also called circles, on a stationary pole or barges and slingshots, which are fished from the coastline.

Features gear for the summer

Fishing for pike with the help of pikes is carried out both in open water and from ice. Tackle will have significant differences depending on the season of its use.

The features of summer gear include:

  • The use of a thicker base, as in open water the predator is more active.
  • The ability to install in the summer of the water tower both from the coastline and from the boat throughout the reservoir.
  • Fishing is carried out at a depth of 1 to 2 meters.

In all other respects, there will be no differences between winter and summer gear. All components are identical, except that the weight of the sinker may vary.

Do-it-yourself tackle

Catching pikes on vents from the shore can be carried out on gear previously bought in a specialized store. Purchased tackle usually consists of medium-sized fishing line, inexpensive accessories, the cheapest leash and hook. With her, you should not really count on a quality serif.

Home-made summer lanterns are considered more reliable among anglers, each laying the foundation and other components of the quality in which they are confident.

Advice! You can make a zerkla on the pike for summer fishing from the winter version, for this a piece of foam or insulation is cut out and attached under the bottom.

For winding fishing line use a variety of objects, the most common are:

  • foam mugs with one side painted in red;
  • Homemade wooden bacon.

For both options, the equipment is collected in the same way, they will differ in places of fishing.

constituents characteristics
the basis fishing line thickness from 0.35 mm
leash fluorocarbon or steel at least 25 cm long
sinker sliding type 5-12 g
hook double or tee

For each of the options for summer lanterns, from 8 meters of fishing line are wound for fishing on lakes and up to 12 m of base for catching pike on the river. It is obligatory to put a leash , this will prevent the pike from cutting off the bait at the first blow. Sinkers can also vary, it is necessary to catch pike in the summer on the river with a 10 g stick, and 5 g will be quite enough for the lake.

Hooks can be supplied either single or doubles or tees. The choice depends more on what method the bait is planned to profit from.

Successful fishing conditions

Just collecting a little tackle, you need to know where to put the lantern, and bait is also an important factor. Only in the aggregate of all factors will it be possible to accurately detect and retrieve a trophy specimen of a toothy predator. What is worth paying special attention to consider below.

Seat selection

For fishing, home-made girders must be installed in promising places in the reservoir, such as:

  • along coastal vegetation;
  • near snags and fallen trees;
  • at the exit of the pits and the whirlpools;
  • in heat near aquatic vegetation.

On the rivers it is effective to set the girders where the current makes a turn. Usually pits form in this place, in which small fish stand, which the pike eats with pleasure.

The choice of live bait

Without high-quality bait, do-it-yourself summer zergirls on a pike will be useless. Active bait is used as bait . It is desirable to get it on the same reservoir, this will help float fishing rod.

As a bait for a summer lantern use:

  • crucian carp;
  • minnows;
  • roach;
  • ruff;
  • bleak.

A freshly caught fish is carefully put on the hook and put out the tackle, and then it’s small. The pike will definitely pay attention to the fry lapping nearby and will attack it in the near future.

Installation of vents

A pike zerlitsa in summer can be used both from the shore and over the entire area of ​​the reservoir.

Install them in different ways, it all depends on the type used:

  • bastards are attached to bushes or a rigidly fixed peg near the shore. Then unwind the required amount of fishing line and place live bait with a sinker in the selected place.
  • Circles are displayed from the craft, they are placed in promising fishing areas throughout the water area. Live bait is lowered to a depth of 1 m to 2 m and the fishing line is fixed. To inform the angler about the bite to the circle itself, it should turn over with the white side.

Use both types of zergilka on a pike both on stagnant water, and on the rivers.

Tackle check

A girl in the summer is usually exposed in the evening or in the early morning. During the heat of the day, the predator hides in the pits, to eat out at night or in the early morning. It is up to this period that one must have time to set gear.

Check the gear in the morning, when the sun rises enough above the horizon. If the fish is hooked, do not immediately pull the tackle sharply, it is better to lower the line a little, but make it so that the predator does not go into snags or grass . Next, make a sharp jerk and gradually pull up the fishing line, winding it onto the reel.

A converted winter zergirl catches in the same way as a circle. Everything is carried out in the same sequence, and the equipment is absolutely identical.

Useful Tips

What to always be with a catch is to know and apply secrets that are known only to experienced fishermen. Experts in this matter recommend:

  • use a tee for bait bait for the dorsal fin , and a double to capture the fish under the gill cover;
  • be sure to put a leash when collecting gear, without it you can stay completely without a catch;
  • do not make too long a leash, this will enable the predator to go far;
  • a leash less than 15 cm will not help protect the base from the sharp teeth of the pike, it will bite the line in a matter of seconds;
  • it is necessary to put the swivel in the manufacture of leashes, this will help the gear not to be overwhelmed.

We found out how to make a summer zergirl with your own hands, the process is not complicated and even a beginner in fishing can master it if desired.

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