To offer the autumn predator

In recent years, spinning fishing, we return less and less, almost completely devoting the fall fishing hunting predator with revcovery tackle. Often catch pike and perch in floodplain lakes of the float rod, at least selected feeders on the Volga – hunting that night for walleye.

Zhivtsovy rod or spinning? If we are talking about the autumn catching of a predator, then, perhaps, we with the spouse already did. We fishermen generalists, can use spinning rods and zhivtsovy rods, and over fishing.

I know that many anglers who consider themselves professionals of spinning, with some disdain belong to the followers of zhivcova fishing. In their opinion, to deceive cunning and cautious predator, forcing him to peck at a lifeless piece of plastic, rubber or shiny tinned sides of a piece of iron, requires much more skill and ability than when a fisherman offers a fish, brisk and in no way suspicious of the bait. In any case without belittling the skill of the anglers and respectfully taking off his hat to them I will say that zhivtsovy fishing is not as simple and primitive as it seems at first glance. It can give the most complete and valuable information about the water bodies and habits of their inhabitants. They will be very useful to any angler, including the spinner.

Tackle is a reflection of character

Before talking about what are the benefits of zhivtsovy fishing during the development of new or detailed study of the already known body of water, let us think a little, why anglers choose zhivtsovy a fishing rod instead of a spinning and why the opposite. I think the problem is in the approach to the process of fishing and focus on the result.

For many, spinning is much more important than the accomplished fact of the bite, when after hours when fishing attractive to fish places still manages to ruffle lurking in ambush of a predator, and he firmly slams toothy mouth on swimming by the bait. Violent struggle and resistance of the cut trophy -climactic action, which was prepared by the spinner, passing the miles on the overgrown banks of a river or reeling many times long distances on a motor boat. Even if successful the bite happens only one spinning with a clear conscience can consider fishing success, because you could still pick up the key to a passive predator. The constant search, selection of the right lures and correct wiring – that is the main path of spinning.

Zhivtsovy fishing, of course, if we talk about the sports component, is inferior to the spinning. It is chosen by those who like contemplative, leisurely fishing, there is no need to constantly change places, to travel long distances and to carefully choose bait that are most appropriate under specific conditions. And as in zhivcova fishing there is no need of permanent selection and proper animation of the lures that hook engages and carries the spinner, “jevtovic” more focused on results, not on process.

To put it more simply: what is spinning will be able the whole day to catch just one bait, without changing it? But the supporter to bait the hook will be able to fish, having to walk two dozen roaches there or crucians. While it is very rare a nagging doubt that the reason backlava improper “bait”. This also happens, but relatively rarely.

Another important point that influences the choice between spinning reel and the fishing rod zhivcova is the relative availability last price. For many anglers it is just a crucial. Of course, the spinning will be able to catch a fish, had a single spinning reel budget reel and a few lures in China. But hardly with such a minimal kit it will be ready for any fishing conditions,I’m not talking about the aesthetics of the fishing and enjoy the process.

But zivcovic set of gear will cost much cheaper than the minimum spinning. The float rod, gathered the necessary margin of safety, complement only melanocyte for catching live bait and Kanna to save it. And with all this equipment, the supporter of zhivcova fishing is rarely inferior to the impact of fishing to the average fisherman portrait!


My wife and I preferred fishing from the shore. For the autumn predator usually hunt without a boat, choosing numerous floodplain lakes below, Volgograd, on the right Bank of the Volga river up to the borders with Astrakhan oblast and below. There are lots of lakes and springs which differ in size, depth, nature of banks, bottom, water clarity and, of course, the composition of the fish fauna.

And if these first factors remain more or less constant from year to year, so last -the composition of the fish population may vary quite strongly. It depends mainly on the success of spawning in previous years, how many fish came into the pond at the beginning of the spring flood and how much has slipped back into the Volga together with the retreating water. We cannot ignore the activity of the anglers and the ever-present poachers. So, if last year on some lake in the autumn there was a good bite dimensional perch and flew decent size pike, not the fact that the present pattern will be the same.

When with the onset of autumn we switch from the Volga feeder fishing float fishing zhivtsovy, we don’t know exactly which fish and at what a floodplain lake is caught best. But one or two of fishing on each of them allows you to be more or less clear picture.

We are not rushing from lake to lake, because identified five reservoirs that operate stably at the predator from year to year. Visiting them at least once, we already know that Pike puddle (hereinafter local names unnamed flood-plain lakes) perch from last year was crushed, seldom caught specimens anymore the index finger, and pike is not in sight. On the contrary, in Turbaevskaya hole and the perch is much higher, but with pike still tight. Spotted a decent size shark caught on the Dirty, however, bites are rare, but in Guthrie pike a lot but it is small, rarely peck specimens weighing more than 500 g.

The first intelligence in the subsequent fall fishing can be refuted, but more often they are confirmed. By the way, thanks to them, we can determine in advance the place fishing that should be the first place to visit after the formation of ice.

Of course, spinning can also make for yourself an understanding of what fish and ka one size richly a lake. But he, again, you first need to choose the right bait and an attractive posting, but this is not always the case of one fishing. But fans of live-bait fishing the bait is always the right one!

The effect of the runaway cake

The experienced spinner is always capable of eyes to identify possible Parking of a predator. On our floodplain lakes is sticking out of the water koraichi and inclined to water the branches of coastal trees, walls of reeds, the boundaries of pure water and still not fully fallen to the bottom of the plants. Of course, the same space in the first place exploit and live bait. Watching our lakes and those other hunters predator, I can truly say that oblaivanie “secret” sites predators on live bait is much more effective.

Our floodplain lakes, one feature that does not always take into account the spinning. The fact that the fall in the lakes accumulate a lot of grown fry of white fish and pike to be well-fed, just enough to swim in the morning from your ukry aphids and widely yawning toothy maw. However, despite this abundance of potential food, appetite lacustrine predators on Sunny days is good.

Somehow my friend, to whom I conveyed the basics of zhivcova fishing, asked, looking at the abundance of whitebait in the fishery:

– There is so much forage fish around our floats floats! Why do you think a pike will catch our live bait on the hook?

To this question I decided to answer comrade an abstract example:

– Imagine you’re very hungry and you walk into the kitchen to eat. on the table you’ll get a gorgeous cake, but as soon as you reach out, all the pieces scatter in different directions. There is only one piece, which for some reason could not escape. Of course, you won’t be able to eat all the runaway cake, but what’s stopping you to satisfy the hunger of this piece?..

Friend understand given the example of metaphor. The fishing we caught with him for two or three decent pike – worked not only taught theory, but practice!

In the described conditions of our floodplain lakes have fishing with live bait is much more likely to entice the predator than the spinner. For example, in a particular area of the reservoir is constantly observed bursts fattening predator. The fisherman throws back float tackle with live bait. Sometimes in the excitement of the predator immediately drowns float. But more often he needs from five minutes to half an hour to “think”. If you show patience, not to perezapustit tackle and not make a noise on the shore, the bite will happen necessarily!

But how to act in similar situations the anglers. Noticing the place where her predator, they approached and began to bombard him with baits. At the very first casts and Postings scattered all fry, and predator was hiding and did not show their presence even after the departure of the hapless angler.

Bite times and other observations

Long known that even in the most productive time for the spring Jora pike is active not all day -usually flash her bite followed by periods of relative calm. In such a situation the task of the angler to be at the right time in the right place, and the chances of this, again, live bait is much more than with a spinning rod.

A couple of years ago, regularly visiting a small lake, which the locals called Turbaevskaya fossa (on its shore once housed the camp site), we during the day consisted of at least four peaks of activity pike. The first happened even before sunrise, however, took in mostly medium-sized predator. Between 10 and 11 am on the hunt came out medium size pike weighing up to 1 kg. thereafter for about two hours the bite was a complete lull, but in the time period from 13:00 to 13:30 you can count on the bite of the largest predators. This is usually after fishing we stopped, though, and knew that if you stay till evening, you can catch one more wave before sunset bite. However, at this time, hunt only very small pencils, which have to go. This pattern was observed for several fishings in a row-the local spotted predator adhere strictly to your dietary schedule.

The deeper into autumn, the fewer exits during the day, taking the pike to hunt. Last fall in late October – early November more or less large lakes – Dirty and Guthrie – there was only one wave of the wand output that took place between 11 and 13 hours a day. In the morning we fished live bait, podgadyvat time GAK to come to the pond and throw the tackle in this time interval.

For a couple of hours could be from one to three successful bites, next came complete silence. But the Cougars caught a decent size.

Knowing the time and place of the pike fish, we could just throw zhivtsovy gear and wait for a bite, confident that the bait will have a hungry pike is a good choice. But the fisherman-spinning could not just guess with the bait, or, failing to accurately determine the time pike exit, to move from the reservoir to the pond exactly when you need to be prepared.

In addition to determining species composition and size of fish in the pond, the locations of the predator and time of the most active fish, fishing with live bait allows you to make other interesting observations.

So, a couple of years ago my wife and I were fishing on one of the steppe pond and noticed that pike activity there depends on the nature of light. The water in the pond was very clean and early in the morning while the sun rose over the horizon, pike took quite brave. But when the rays of the rising luminary pierced the water literally to the bottom of the pond like dying. Everything changed when the sun found a large cloud, and again became gloomy. It is in these moments during the day was all pike bite.

Baitfish baitfish alike

In the same way as angler-the spinner, the supporter of live-bait fishing it is often necessary to carefully select the bait, because at the bottom of preferences of pike can vary. The most versatile, in our experience, are bleak and roach, which work on almost every pond. There are exceptions.

For example, in Guthrie in recent years has bred a lot of small white bream, which due to its abundance and high food competition rarely grows even to popularising size. Local pike so used to this food Bank on him much better than any other live bait.

But in the neighboring Turbaevskaya hole where a lot of small perch, pike just goes crazy with it. And this is no exaggeration! Small perch as bait fish we use very rarely, but this time the bait was a problem and we were forced to impose on the hook perch with the little finger caught here. The only live bait within half an hour had caught several medium size pike, and spotted the predator continued to take perch, even when cut with fish teeth already showed no signs of life until at tore it from the hook…

Happened many times that my wife and revcovery float rod fished spinnings. Noteworthy in this respect, the September fishing, held a couple of years ago in a large floodplain lake. The morning was spent on the production of baitfish, which for some reason didn’t go to Malamocco, so the fishing spot we were just at the beginning of the eleventh morning. At the same time with us on the lake came a company of anglers, consisting of five people who Packed my gear, went in different directions.

Floats our fishing rods steel sink as soon as we made the first casting. Pike that day just fatten. It seemed that she only waited for the moment when we offer her bait. The next hour passed in a rush without paying attention to what is happening around, we vivarelli took podsachek spotted predators were planting a new zhivtsov, again threw, and then followed by another bite. When an hour later our bucket had exhausted the meager supply of bait fish, the cook swam 13 pike. And only then we noticed that all five spinnings Surrounded us on two sides, and whip the water, different baitmi, pelting them directly to our floats. At the same time the fishing is only one of them managed Abryutina small pickerel…

Were the opposite the case when I fished on a small flood-plain lake, sheltered from prying eyes by a dense growth of trees. As zhivtsov I had a small perch, but pike took bad. In some point of the thicket came two spinner, and the first casts of steel to pull pound pike, and, as the lake was very small, they threw directly to my floats. For any half an hour they fished for two at least a dozen sharks, and I had no bite.

Summing up, I would say that the best tackle for catching the autumn of the predator, the one where Fisher is fully confident and knows how brilliantly it operated. The most important thing in fishing is to enjoy the process, and the catch is a secondary matter, although, I must admit – nice!

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