Tricks of catching fish on tackle called pokatok

Fans of winter fishing there are many different gear. One of the original methods of extracting fish from the ice fishing is pokatok. It is considered that the authorship in the development of this method belongs to the Kiev anglers, although in the Russian rivers have long been caught in a similar way.

It should be noted that pokatok invented for fishing on rivers where there is current under the ice. It is the streams of water become the assistant to the angler who chooses to hunt with this simple but very effective tackle. What is pokatok?

The principle of fishing

In the winter, fly fishing on the frozen river has a number of features. It and for carrying the snap with the tame point under the hole, and heterogeneous ice in early and late winter, and cautious fish that is afraid of the sound of the successfully or ice screws. To solve all these problems by using tackle winter pokatok.

Buy ready-made rope, not all fishing stores, so novice anglers will have to work out in manufacturing, based on the advice of experienced colleagues. The rod consists of rod with a reel and a nod, stock manolescu 20-30 m, sinker and leash with a hook. The principle of fishing is to periodically release snap. The bait rolling along the bottom, and why the method of fishing got its name. In some regions, similar yield of fish is called fishing line.

There are two types: static and dynamic.

  • Under static (passive) approach, the rod is fixedly installed near the wells, but occasionally is the line. The use of such a scheme is justified when lured by a particular area under the hole and the fish is in close proximity to the angler.
  • Dynamic (active) fishing means constant work tackle. The lure then let go, then tighten, sending a snap to a distance of 10-15 m from the hole. This kind of fishing is considered a search. It can be used to find feeding fish in a significant section of the river.

What fish can be caught using tackle pokatok?

Species diversity

Pociatocna tackle versatility. In the right hands it can help get many members a peaceful and predatory fish.

  • Almost all white fish, which is active in winter, may be the catch of the angler. Production at pokatok be as interesting as fishing for bream on the line. Thanks to a holiday snap you can apply the bait under the mouth of a fish without scaring her careless movements on the ice. It is possible to catch a lot of roach in the winter on pokatok, the hook catches bream, white-eye, crucian carp and carp. Frequent catching Dace, Chub, ruff.
  • Photo 1. First pokatok swallowed a minnow!
  • Predators worth noting the ubiquitous perch, which quickly reacts to drifting along the bottom of the animal bait. Of particular interest is the prey of pike, standing near the snags.

Photo 2. The species diversity.

It is important! For each specific fish and the river it is necessary to choose the appropriate snap-in. The realistic supply of bait for the fish to bite not long to wait.

How to assemble the tackle?

Anglers have come up with several schemes snap pocetka. Depending on the conditions and type of fish harvested, the most suitable modification. To prepare a rope with their hands.

  1. For active fishing requires a rod with a length of 0.6-1.0 m. It can be made of plastic, wood or bamboo. It has established an inertial reel with a supply of fishing line 0.25 mm up to 30 m. the Spherical sliding sinker is mounted on the base and is fixed with a silicone stopper.

Recommendation! To choose the right weight sinker is often possible only on the river. Why you have to have a set of loads with different weight.
By the end of the main fishing line is attached to the leash with a length of 0.5-1.0 m of the monofil 0,14-0,16 mm. Hook select the size of fish and bait.As with an active fishing rod is always in the hand of the angler, raising the pointer is not necessary. The bite is clearly transmitted to the hand.

  1. How to make pokatok for fishing in a static position? A distinctive feature of the passive gear angling is the presence of nod. When the gear is installed over the hole, follow the bite, the angler will be at the Lodge. At the same time you can fish for 3-5 rods.

Photo 3. Fishing rod for fishing on pokatok.

It is important! When the static way of catching big fish can take the bait into the water. To prevent loss can, reliably strengthening the tackle on the ice defending a hole or any cover.
The rod is chosen with a length of 40-60 cm, retractable and nod. Reserve line on the drum is 15-20 m. On the base is mounted a sliding or stationary spherical sinker. Above the main cargo bound cut fishing line with a length of 10 see the connection with the main thread is fixed by three small lead pellets. They should be located as close as possible to the base.This is done to avoid rising sinkers in a loop. The number of pellets ranges from 2 to 5 pieces, depending on the strength of the flow. By the end of the main fishing line is tied double swivel. Leashes are equipped with small pellets, their weight should hold the hook with the bait on the bottom.

Photo 4. Schema snap-in.

Fishing technique on pokatok

Fishermen use two main techniques when using tackle pokatok.

  1. A classic of the genre is considered a dynamic fishing. It is used most often when fishing for white fish on the pits. You first need to determine the bottom topography and flow velocity. The hole is important to do at the beginning of the drop off to when you release snap lure lifelike frog was falling into the depths. After lowering the bait into the hole, you should wait until the sinker hits the bottom. Loosening the brake coil, the snap is released by 0.5-1.0 m. After that, sinker stops and runs a short wave of the hand. In the first stage, the movement should be smooth, in the last 0.5 m the wave is sharp. This is because when pulling the fish often bite.If the bite had not happened, the sinker gives the possibility to roll on for another 1 m. the Cycle can be repeated 10-12 times. Experienced anglers lure vented from the hole at 20 m.

Tip! If at some point happen to bite, it is necessary to stop the weights from rolling. This distance should be stated, and the following transactions to complete that is at this point.
The important point for the novice fisherman on winter fishing is the feeling of the bottom. The hand should clearly identify the position of the sinkers, and fishing line when you post always stretches. If there are no bites after 2-4 cycles of rolling, better to look for a new place.When using tackle pokatok you can use the complementary feeding. This is done in the case where a fish does not give osebe to know. Along the line of motion of the snap-in holes made with a resolution of 2 m. In each of the lowered feed, consisting of bloodworms and earth. In case of extraction of a predator instead of Motyl is introduced dry blood.

  1. Passive technique is much simpler and easier. Snap with bait is lowered in a promising location, after which the rod is fixed at an angle of 30-60 degrees to the surface of the ice. The angler is to follow the bait, pre-feed holes bloodworms or breadcrumbs, mixed with the soil.
Fishing technique on the line, the line must be

Several different fishing pokatok from another popular technique of fishing on the river called the line. What is the main difference?

If the equipment fishing rods about the same as when pakade, the wiring is radically different. First, the snap-in sinks to the bottom and immediately starts bleeding up to the maximum distance from the hole. After this, the smooth retrieve of the line. The sinker dragging the bottom and raises the turbidity plume. This place fits fish, and is a tasty moth or worm. Pulling the snap-in continues to the hole. The cycle can be repeated several times, often bites happen after 3-5 attempts.

Winter on the river fishing with the line or pokatok particularly effective in the period of gluhozime. Such a simple way to find the fish and tempt her appetizing bait.

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