Trout in the spring on a spinning

Many fishermen look forward to the ice melting so quickly to feel the unity with nature, to cheer the soul after a long winter of fishing. Not all are tempted by the pursuit of a small okoshkom across the pond, many people want adrenaline.

That is why trout fishing in the spring on the paysite spinning will bring much more fun than fishing at normal pond. At the feeder in early spring the trout will not respond, even if it is very hungry, the fish are very cautious and choosy, often behaves like a real aristocrat.

The trout belongs to the elite varieties of fish, it is often grown in ponds taken on lease, that is the paysite. For fishing you will be charged a certain amount, can force to release a caught instance, if he has not reached specified in the contract parameters. At the beginning of such a practice some fishermen like that could cause aggression, now the majority of releases the catch voluntarily. Many have revised their views on this type of holiday, the main thing for them was the acquisition of positive emotions, and not lining the cages of fish.

This stimulated the emergence of a large number of fish farms close to large and medium-size settlements to the fore the moral satisfaction of customers, and then only on catching individuals from the pond.

Features of the behavior of trout in the spring

Not everyone knows that trout is quite separate fish in the pond with it’s unlikely to get another view. It is from this and start private fish farms, setting the stage for yourself the trout ponds.

So the fish feel good about themselves, grow and multiply to it is necessary to choose the right pond.

The main criteria will be:

  • the presence of deep wintering holes;
  • shoals and the edge should be present on the bottom;
  • in summer, the pond should have vegetation in it, the trout will hide from the heat of the day.

Important! Enough food must also be worthwhile to consider that the trout is a predator, it needs insects, tadpoles, caddis flies.

In the spring, even with significant warming, trout immediately comes from the wintering grounds. Often to the complete melting of the ice and some time after that individuals are in the shallows, where the food to appear the fastest. Trout fishing in the spring this becomes more complicated, her capture is possible only in the bottom plots, but not on every bait.In winter the fish are rather sluggish, a little slow, with the onset of first heat, her condition will improve not much. Long enough after the disappearance of the ice cover of a pond with individuals will lead a leisurely lifestyle. The caution is not going anywhere, trout will not be suspicious to take the bait, even if very hungry.

Fish for fish among fishermen is considered a big success, only the skilled and lucky fisherman will be able to correctly apply and hold the bait. Hooking and playing a special theme, even lethargic, the trout can pull so hard that at times pulls out the rod from his hands. That is why fishing is a good letterhead with quality equipment and good quality hooks.

Fishing from the ice

Most often, the trout fish as soon as the ice recedes, for this I use spinning. While fishing at last ice can bring great trophies, most importantly patience and quality to equip the fishing rod.

Tip! The snap-in is not worth saving, subsequently this can be a decisive factor in the capture of large individuals.

In order to lure individual fisherman need to show skill, to use a spinner, this is exactly the kind of bait fish usually reacts. It is understood that to catch trout one or two lures in the Arsenal is very small, careful predator can a long time to observe the bait and then bite on the plain.To bring the fish and to prevent the gathering you need to choose a good rod and refit it. Even in its flaccid state, the trout is strong enough, it can rapidly take the direction of to the ice, then go to the side, and then do something in the form of a peak, while the jerks on the rod will be strong.

For ice fishing you will need:

  • a good rod with a hard whip;
  • sturdy coil with metal housing;
  • a monoscaffold a diameter of not less than 0.20 mm;
  • spinner.

Some anglers use a leash for ice fishing, but the majority says that this is not necessary. To put or not to solve a fisherman yourself, but remember that the leash is put on the order is thinner than the main line.

Tip! Use clips or swivels to collect snap-on trout is not recommended. Any glare in the fracture the water can scare potential prey species to hide and never come to the place of fishing.

Trout lures are different to the elongated and narrow shape, in the water, the fish takes the lure as competition and almost immediately begins to attack. Oval and rectangular sheer lure will bring benefits, these are best used to catch pike or perch.It is equally important for a good catch trout, to drill fresh wells, to old fish will not work. Don’t be lazy and drill a few holes in turn, while the next drill only after fishing the previous one.

Fly fishing on open water

Perfectly caught is trout and as soon as the ice recedes, the water gradually begins to warm up, the fish become more active. During this period, individuals are mainly caught on spinning, while using the lightest lures. Accordingly choose the rod, it should fit the characteristics and have the correct snap-in.

Usually to catch trout in the spring, use light and ultralajtovogo rods. For them manolescu select the appropriate diameter, most often it is from 0.20 to 0.30 mm. In the river use a thinner fishing line, there are instances smaller.

As for bait, experienced fishermen know, trout are on the bite at different sites. Immediately after the ice melts apply the spoon lures, it is desirable that they imitated little fish. In addition, during this period, proven themselves spinnerbait with small heads and well camouflaged tee. Small turntables can also arouse the interest of trout, it is advisable to choose the acidic coloration of the petals and the front ogruzka spinners.

Gradually, with warming water trout to offer fly a variety of configurations. The best fish will respond to an imitation of a grasshopper, locust, small butterflies. Bait offer with a spinning rod and bombards, which will help a little imbedded hook with fringes at the desired depth. Some are trying in this period to catch on the Wobbler, this lure is more suitable for river, lake types is unlikely to be tempted by them.

Late spring is characterized by increasing temperature not only air, but water in any body of water. Trout feels fine at +20 ° C. if the readings become higher, the fish goes into the Bush, where looking out for their own prey. During this period, the diet consists of small frogs, tadpoles, caddis-flies, caterpillars, dragonflies. The use of lures of this type will be the key to successful fishing, mostly they are made of silicone and impregnated with special drugs. The flavors of these soft baits have specific, but for fish it will be the best treat. Silicone fish offers trout on jig or with the big-eared cargo, while you can use hooks-nezatseplyayki and quietly hold between thickets.

Trout are a very unpredictable fish, after hours all sorts of offers her a variety of lures she may throw the first one. Bottom fishing in the spring will not give the desired effect, it is desirable to let the bait just above.

The majority of anglers engaged in fishing for trout, have their personal preferences on baits and snap forms. All is learned in practice, but the General advice still should listen. To catch a predator should not take very lightweight rod and reel small size, it is better to choose average. When hooking and playing catch correctly assembled snap-in will help not to lose the trophy.

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