What is drop shot for pike

The drop shot equipment refers to an exploded view, where the sinker and hook are removed from each other at a certain distance.

It was invented and initially used only in the United States to capture the bass, but now with its help they catch fish all over the planet in casting. You can use this equipment for different types of predators, including pike.

To quickly catch the selected water area, jig equipment is suitable, but it can work only with high pike activity. If the activity of a toothy predator is low, then most spinningists will not catch. Lovers of variety will always be with trophies, drop-shot equipment can sometimes save from beakless when searching for pike.

Catching pike on this equipment has its advantages and disadvantages:

advantages limitations
good for passive pike fishing active predator does not respond to this type of equipment
has no bad sensitivity long throw will not give the desired result
at the moment of bite, the fish does not feel resistance at all, therefore swallows the bait completely quickly catch a reservoir with this gear will not work

On drop shots, well-caught places are well caught, a reservoir with a rocky bottom. Catching at one point will bring maximum results, he will be able to attract the attention of a passive pike for sure.

How to properly assemble tackle and choose bait

Drop shot on a pike will be able to assemble independently even for a beginner, there are no difficulties, the main thing is to pre-select the necessary components and connect them correctly.

To collect gear you need:

  • leash;
  • hook;
  • sinker;
  • bait.

All components choose excellent quality, so that the pike was able to hold on tightly.

As a leash, it is better to put a fluorocarbon version or steel, the pike can easily interrupt the other options. The leash length can be different, but not less than 10 cm and not more than 80 cm.

Hooks are selected single, installation is done with both conventional and offset. It’s worth picking them directly under the applicable bait to attract the attention of pike.

The sinker for the drop shot is selected in an elongated shape, it is he who can easily pass between the stones and snags at the bottom. Weight depends on the depth of the pond and the desired location of the bait.


A variety of silicone baits, both active and passive, are used as pike baits.

An excellent option would be:

  • twisters ;
  • vibration tails;
  • weak;
  • Worms
  • edible rubber options.

The size can be very different, but less than half an inch is rarely used, perch from a selected reservoir can get ahead of a toothy predator.

Often a dead fish also acts as a bait, it is rarely used, but it is with its help that trophy specimens can be obtained.

Foam baits will also become a good type of bait for drop shots on pike. Especially anglers with experience praise the options for foam, which consist of several segments. They will work perfectly in the fall, just before the freezing.

Large streamers are also used as bait, but not everyone can catch this option.

Gather gear in several ways:

  • they take the necessary piece of fluorocarbon, on the desired site they tie a hook with the palomar knot, then at the very end they mount the sinker itself;
  • you can take several steel leads, the hook will be the method of their connection, and a sinker will be installed on the bottom.

Everyone chooses which installation is best done, it is better to try both and give preference to the one you like most.

Fishing technique

Catching pikes for this installation will vary slightly from the other options, there are some subtleties. Having assembled the installation in one of the above methods, they carry out the casting to the selected place. Then they give the sinker and hook to the bottom, then exhaust the slack and begin to carry out the bait. The game is asked with a fishing rod, and everything depends on the preferences of the angler himself.

The most successful are:

  • small frequent jerks;
  • mild braces;
  • Elongated and smooth suspenders.

You can drive the bait both uniformly and randomly, try different movements, but strictly make sure that the sinker remains in one place.

A good option is also considered to be a drag drop along the bottom when a whole cloud of turbidity rises, which attracts the attention of a predator. This is how anglers try to make the bait more visible when they catch the selected water area.

Drop shots in water bodies are used from cliffs and boats, this installation will allow you to catch thickets along the coast, as well as explore open windows among aquatic vegetation.

Useful Tips

Fans of this installation recommend that beginners listen to these tips:

  • try searching the distribution network for special drop shot weights that can be mixed on a leash, thereby adjusting the depth of catch;
  • a drop with a swivel will also be a good option for a sinker;
  • this type of gear will work best in spring and autumn before freezing;
  • it is worth experimenting more with this gear, trying new tricks;
  • often use several fish at once, and not one.

Everyone comprehends the remaining subtleties on their own, gaining their personal fishing experience.

Drop shot on pike has been used more often lately, this tackle can really attract a pike during its minimum activity.

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