When you can catch pike on spinning

Anglers are wondering when you can and cannot do catch the predator. Indeed, fishing year round is impossible. There is a time when the fish is at rest.

Direct prohibition of fishing is set at the time of spawning, starting in early spring. To prepare the pike begins before the rest of the fish, at a time when the water surface is covered by the last ice.Duration is 1.5 – 2 weeks.

Time sets the fishery, depending on the region.At what time you can go behind the teeth will be discussed below.

The spring

At the moment when the ice has gone and water has not opened, pike begin to leave deep pits and direct course directed at adequate shallow water, with the aim to feed small fish.Spring is the best time for fishing lures of a predator.Comes the munchies, catch trophy size becomes much simpler than for example in the hot summer.Unpretentious in the choice of baits used almost the entire Arsenal.


The most excellent time for the fisherman. According to the latest ice using almost any bait: crankbaits, rifle,rocker. Around the end of March the temperature rises, ice released rivers – try jig fishing.


Water surface completely free of ice, snow remained in the hollows and woods, rivers and lakes have muddy color of the water.In terms of opacity are the best choice noise spinners, crankbaits noise or turntables with large petals.Due to the fact that responds not only to the vibrations produced by the baits, but also on sound effects, it’s easier to find food in the thick muddy water.


Ponds and rivers start to warm, the temperature is increased with a forecast for the growth of grass.The young fish aktiviziruyutsya, thereby provoking pike go out more often for hunting, especially for small predators.


Dominated by the high temperature of the air and water are seriously warming up. To catch in the summer becomes a bit more complicated, you have to carefully select fishing place.In places with sufficient depth fish during the day he tries to spend his time there.Hunting out in the morning or evening when the sun is in apogee, or in the evening.Due to the smaller number of rays fish feels more and more favorable.

On a small river, with small depths, no deep pits, you need to look for it in the bushes or shadows.The trees along the river cast a shadow, thickets of water lilies and other plants are perfectly suitable for this, fallen trees are great places Parking pike.In the presence of an underwater spring allevite this place, the temperature of the water in it is much lower.


Finally grown grass creates a natural environment for an ambush. Casting spinning lure next to the Bush, there’s a lot of tails.Such places have several advantages for predator: hide them from the heat and future production.


The water temperature is at maximum. Small pike continues to eat well without abandoning the main baits of the angler.Serious trophy fish at the peak temperature less come out to feed, these terms are unfavorable.Try to fish on larger lures.


Heat begins to slowly subside, thus creating favorable days for hunting pike.The first time caught on almost all baits and almost anywhere: fry abound in water, the water is cooled to a suitable temperature, algae and grass had not yet departed – all this creates favorable conditions.Great time not to forget the spinning house, the chances of serious catch in August is quite large.


Good time to catch this fall. Contains pros with Aug, with new.The most important thing – feeding period. Ahead of harsh winter conditions, but now comes a time when you should feed.Zhor is long and stable, compared to the spring period.To go fishing at any time.

Of course, the morning bite will be best. To look for a predator is in the snags, thickets of grass, of water lilies and suitable for an ambush.Applies any bait: lure (spinner or spoons), edible rubber, or wobblers.


Jig fishing for this time of year will show themselves great. Suggest to experiment with dimensions, but often it so happens that fishing is conducted on a fairly large bait.Don’t forget the spinners, they perfectly attract the attention of a predator.Look for fish is in the perches. You must begin to sh drop offs and the edge of the exit from the pits. They are trophies.


The spinner needed to change tactics. The ambush site it’s time to forget. Predatory fish begin to move to deep places, the drop offs and holes. Apply all types of lures, not a bad show-live bait fishing.Try different types of attachments and certainly will pick the best option for the reservoir, which are.


The weather forecast deteriorates significantly, it becomes cooler. Many anglers have noticed that the biting increases during the wind, ripples on water and rain.Better to start with larger lures or vibrohvosta, they may show themselves from the best side.When fishing from a boat, try fishing live bait, on balance weights. Best color: yellow, green, red.To come to the place of fishing is better before sunrise or early in the morning. During the day fish are almost there. Evening fishing may not succeed.


In the cold season, the activity drops significantly. If we are not talking about gluhozime, the chances of catching plenty. About spinning, you can forget.It is quite difficult to provoke the pike to bite, she just stops eating, hunting rare, when the fish came to its Parking spot.Grass at this time almost does not remain, creating difficulties for ambushes.

If you hit the first frosts, and the pond was covered with ice, of sufficient thickness, better luck trolling in a plumb.Give an important tip: when fishing on imitation fish and live bait, after drilling holes, do not leave it open. It is desirable to cover it with snow, predator, cautious and shy.Well, when the ice is under the snow fell, it positively affects the care of toothy (not visible people).


Catching is only possible from the ice, snap a little.Or fishing on imitation fish with live bait, either for winter bait and a spoon, jig, saw.


It’s gluhozime. The temperature often hits record.Spinners often stop working at all. Suggest try your luck with Gerlich.


The fish begins to recover, move more and more to hunt.Feel free to take fishing spinners and balances with them, the chances of capture increase.Try to stick to the spoon cutting fish or worms, often at this time of year pike responds positively to such bait, thereby starting to bite more often.

In today’s article discussed in detail when you can, and when it is better to refrain from hunting for your favorite predator. Considered each month separately and chose the best periods. Gave brief advice on behaviour and practices.

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