Where to catch pike in May

What is better to catch in May, each spinning player will respond differently. Someone prefers jig baits, while someone has the best catches on spinners. The ideal option is to have all the main lures, but it is not necessary to buy a lot. Simply select the few most catchy.

Pike fishing in May has one important feature; the process is successful only after spawning and resting of fish. Usually it falls on May holidays. Having spawned, the predator departs from spawning for another week or two, and then begins to actively eat.

The end of spring, namely May, is a favorite month for many anglers. The air temperature has already risen sufficiently, there is still no vegetation in the water bodies, mosquitoes and midges have not yet risen, and most species of fish have already become ill after spawning. In May, pike fishing takes place mainly on a spinning rod; various baits are used for this. In order not to miss the capture of the trophy and not break the law, you should learn more about where and when you can catch it.

During this period, you can search for it in different places of the reservoir, where it is better to catch a pike in May. After throwing eggs, it can stand both in shallow water and in depth, waiting for its prey.

However, experienced spinning agents claim that there are several key points to catch:

  • pits, edges, streamers are caught throughout the year, but pike fishing in May has some peculiarities. Places with a strong current can be left alone; after spawning, the predator has not yet become stronger in order to be there. Wide reaches with a raised bottom, coastal edges, channel pits are caught by different baits very carefully.
  • Pike pecks excellently in May in backwaters. It is important to choose the right bait, correctly submit and pass by a predator.
  • A promising place on the river is the border of muddy and clear water, small fish gather here, and they are the main product in the diet of a predator.
  • Bottom grass will help in pike fishing in the last month of spring. It is near the rising algae that roach, bleak, and silver bream accumulate, which means that the toothy resident of the reservoir is somewhere nearby.

Pike fishing in May will vary in the water bodies:

type of pond places to find pike
on small rivers actively catch pits
on a river with sufficient depth pay attention to the middle layers
on ponds and on lakes promising are deep places

We found out where to look for pike in May, but it’s worth understanding that in each region the duration of the spawning ban is individual. Before you recover with a form on the pond, you should learn more about the prohibitions and restrictions in this place.

When to catch pike in May

A spawning ban on fishing is imposed in order to preserve as many species of freshwater fish along rivers and lakes as possible. It allows their inhabitants to spawn normally and move away after this process. In the middle lane, spawning for most aquatic inhabitants begins in late March and lasts until the end of April or beginning of May . This is followed by a recovery period, and already on the May holidays you can go to the nearest body of water, having previously armed with spinning and bait.

In addition to throwing caviar, a flood in May has a direct effect on pike activity; in predatory waters, the predator does not readily bite. But when the water noticeably brightens, the fish takes the proposed bait better.

Important! It should be understood that the spawning period can fluctuate every year depending on the weather.

The terms of spawning are arbitrary, weather conditions, namely a long or early spring, will have a direct impact on this process.

Fishing for pike for spinning in May does not have any exact date, but some subtleties of catching are nevertheless noted:

  • If pike in May on small rivers has already departed from spawning and the zhora period has ended, do not get upset. On lakes and large rivers there will be a peak of the bite.
  • In the pond and lake, pike just started to hurt after spawning, then small and medium rivers will already be able to offer excellent fishing.

We can say for sure that predator fishing in the reservoirs in early May will be of high quality. But for this it is worth knowing the above subtleties.

Gear selection

May spinning gear does not have any features. Everything goes according to the standard, the choice is made depending on which fishing from what place is planned in the reservoir.

The subtleties of selection are as follows:

  • A spinning blank for fishing from a boat is suitable up to 2.1 m, fishing from the coastline will require a more authentic stick, 2.4-2.7 m is enough.
  • Story pick up fast or medium-fast.
  • Test scores may vary depending on the lures used. Experienced anglers recommend catching pike on a rod with casting of 5-25 g.
  • The coil for equipment is selected with a gear ratio of 5.2: 1, this option will allow the trophy pike to snatch out without problems.
  • The size of the fishing spool in early May and until the summer is used up to 2000.
  • For the base, it is best to use a cord, a thickness of 0.08-0.12 mm is quite enough for a predator that has not yet completely restored the strength. But monofilament fishing line is used quite often.
  • A leash is required, in the spring they use fluorocarbon options, tungsten or steel.

An important point when collecting gear will be the choice of the rod, the spinning player must feel it, the rod should be an extension of the arm.

The selection of lures

In May, pike at ponds after spawning rushes on almost any bait, the main thing is to correctly hold it in the right place. It is simply impossible to say what exactly the predator pecks, the arsenal of the spinning player during this period, both on the lakes and on the river, must be in full set.

The best options are:

  • Jig bait, if the predator has already been ill after spawning. Most anglers are limited only by them, but the lure on the pike will also be effective. It is possible to select silicone for spring fishing diverse, vibro-tails, and twisters, and various similarities of insects will be catchy. I would also like to single out the frogs; this bait will become indispensable at the end of May for catching the coastal territory, reeds and reeds.
  • A light tweak with a shallow wobbler will attract the attention of pikes at shallow depths. In the best way, this bait will show itself on small rivers in the first half of the month, but the end of May with the bait will help to catch pike on large water arteries. A predator is also caught on a wobbler by ponds and lakes, with its help it is possible to catch a larger territory than with a silicone bait.
  • Spinner for pike is always successful, in the spring period it is the pinwheel that will work most. The lure is chosen medium size, the option with an elongated petal is suitable for the river, but it is better to catch lakes with a round one. In May, a pike can be caught worse on a fish range, they will work as medium options, and at the end of the month they will show off large models.

In addition to the above-described baits, it is worth paying attention to spinnerbait and streamers, the pike reacts perfectly to them in May, and the specific form of the bait will allow it to be carried out even near snags and in the grass.

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