Autumn hunting for ducks stuffed: our professional advice

The article is useful for beginners. Many began to engage in a hobby with hunting birds. This is easily explained by the simplicity and accessibility. We will try to cover as many questions as possible, to transmit a positive experience.

What time of day birds fly

Method is suitable for hunters who know how to properly prepare for the process and able to wait. For a positive result it is important to gather all the missing information, learning the subtleties and nuances of professional hunters.

Like many other migratory birds, ducks migrate every autumn on the territory of Azerbaijan, India, Iran. A long way full of danger and unpredictability that affect the behavior of birds, which is all the time anxious.

Hunters find it difficult to conduct aimed fire at night or in twilight, because of the low visibility. Realizing the trend of the main birds make long flights at this time of day. In the daytime you can easily prepare for the process, to find a suitable place to put stuffed animals, weapons. Next, we will talk about the various nuances and peculiarities of the process, because without this information the effect will be oiled, should be carefully prepared and to study theory.

Features of the autumn meeting. Shot size and powder charge

Like hunting any other game it all starts with the preparation phase of the hunter and weapons. The first thing everyone checks to own a gun, adjusting it for themselves. Particular attention is drawn to the butt. Suggest to conduct training for the climb and aiming in the twilight, in order to hone the operation, not to linger and not to miss during the span of the pack. Thanks to “rehearsal” you can adapt to dusk and to train the eye to distinguish different objects. Another feature is that closer to autumn every duck formed a good layer of fat, which means that the bird is more resistant to wounds from the shot. In the jargon it’s called being strong on the wound.

The main question is what shot to shoot: due to the presence of fat suggest to use the fraction №3, up to 5-7 rooms. A charge of shot in the cartridges is about 35g, the experience of shooting at flying targets will only be a plus.

Definitely use the workout, if possible. This gives precise shooting, and the chance to knock out the bird increase. Check accuracy and battle rifles before hunting, for example in the morning. Do the zeroing at different distances. This allows the more confident to hold a gun and make accurate shots.

A portion of the powder should be adjusted in increments of 0.05 g, and the fraction in the 1G. if a gun is not installed the device to reduce recoil, it is suggested to reduce weight fraction, at least not to increase it without adjustment. Autumn is the time when the game extremely careful. Shooting at the bird better not miss, otherwise, remembering the scene she’ll never go back. Under special circumstances, you can catch several different flocks in one place, at the time of their flights for feeding.

The latter feature – the speed and height of movement of the pack. Being able to correctly determine the speed and altitude you won’t be needlessly firing into the air. Such actions are fraught with wounded who have enough strength to fly away from the shooter at an unattainable distance, and after falling give up the Ghost. Highly suggest to learn how to determine the distance to a flying target. If not able to do that, wounded or missing just guaranteed, not to mention the fact that such empty shots will only scare away flocks, who in any nomination not to land the stuffed animals.

What to look for when choosing a stuffed

Among the professional and experienced hunters are of the opinion that the use of stuffed animals is the most effective way to achieve positive results in the rivalry with a bird. React to them the different species of ducks, among them quite rare, nyrkove. At the stage of choosing, pay special attention to quality.

There are many different variants of domestic and foreign production. Wishing to buy a domestic product, we recommend you to read the professional literature and opinions of real hunters (hunters suggest the forum, enjoying a particular view. We don’t describe all of the pros and cons of a particular firm or brand because of the diversity representatives in the market.

Who is not limited in material means or can afford to buy foreign dummies, recommend that the German and Italian products. For many years they are well manifest themselves in our circumstances and realities. It is extremely important that they did well on water, not change shape due to exposure to different external factors. Subject to the abrasive quickly and easily restored. Check if the effigies were not obleshevo from the sun’s rays.

There is an important aspect, is known for experienced hunters that the morning is stuffed can be covered with dew or drizzling rain. Down all this can give reflections that scare cautious bird. We strongly recommend to test the product in the absence of such problems, or be sure to ask the sellers or friends of hunters are not “sick” does the chosen brand of this scourge.

Suggest you take a closer look under the selected hunting location. For example waste (foil from a pack of cigarettes) can ruin the whole thing with a single reflection of the solar beam. If one flying individual will notice the glare on the ground, it will disturb the whole pack, that will pass. This is the bitter experience of many hunts. Compactness. If stuffed to be full size foam, plastic or any other material which is not reduced in size when transporting, then sometimes it becomes a serious problem. Having the experience I can tell you what a big bunch of artificial ducks will be able to place the better, but first they need to be put in place.

If possible, buy them from materials that are easy to understand to a minimum volume. Any of those easy to fold (rubber). In any case, the final choice is yours, we just give advice from experience. Talk a little bit about the balance. It is best to install them in the range of 15-25 meters from the tent or shelter. Such a small distance is caused by the fact that in the end, it is necessary to get the maximum precisely, accurately and powerfully.

What are the breeds and poses of ducks in the Parking lot

So the outcome was successful, it is important to use those stuffed animals that fit a particular breed.

Let’s talk about what are the different types of ducks:

  • Teal;
  • Mallards;
  • Gogol;
  • Nyrkove and some others.




Models can differ in Ref. You need to consider when the flock sat down to rest or feed, they all have their duty or function.

From their names it is clear what the one or the other bird in the flock:

  • Resting;
  • Sleeping;
  • Feeding;
  • Diving.





The correct schema setups stuffed duck

This is a very important aspect. All types have the same behavior of these birds in natural conditions. Again. It is also an important step in the process, the accuracy will depend on the success of the hunt, I advise you to study it as best as possible. The more mounts you put out, the better. At least you must have six pieces: one Drake and five females, with a smaller number not even worth it to go hunting. The average number is the number 20 of individuals, with the ability to buy more – do not miss it.

Rare hunting when you are alone in the area. In the season all around cluttered with zasekli and shelters, put up a huge mass of stuffed animals. In most cases, with their small amount you lose to the neighbor. Experienced hunters sharing the secrets said that mallards readily flies and other species. At the same time, if you want to put a duck stuffed alluring to other types is usually success has not crowned.

At the moment the most popular schemes of arrangement are the following:

  • Hook;
  • A hook with a gap;
  • Wedge;
  • Horseshoe.

Method a horseshoe and a wedge

A hook with a gap

The scheme of arrangement of the hook

Arriving at the hunting place you want to spend on this place a couple of days to determine the span of the packs. Then builds up a tent (ambush), 1-2 hunters. The review should be great on all 4 sides. In the open countryside should be required to post a minimum of 1 female on the figures above, it is circled in a dotted circle. This point will be the landing place of the pack. In the presence of the effigies of such points makes a few.

After you have determined the approximate distance and location of replanting ducks, to calculate the shot. While fleeing the number of the extracted game. some hunters shoot at ducks already squat, beating them just dozens. This is especially true of those who have so-called “flak” (these shooters are called “gunners”). During the take-off can produce a dozen well-aimed shots, leaving the bird no chance at salvation. We do not welcome such behavior. Sportier calculate distance on the fly, taking aim and making the shot on the approach. If you miss the ducks are able to quickly go on the rise.

Another secret are lined with floating birds. Here there is one nuance: if a downed duck with a white belly, for example, Gogol, floating belly up – it was immediately out of the water. The reason is the uniqueness and unnaturalness of such provisions that will affect the flying flocks. In other cases, the extracted game can continue to swim in the water, until you pick up. Mallard is able to distinguish colors, so much attention is paid to the colors of the profiles or stuffed animals, and other objects that could scare away and to alert the bird.

In tandem used a decoy, the better the results of whom show producers in the USA, Germany and Italy, made of wood or plastic. If the choice is to rely either on experience and feedback from experienced hunters, able to recommend a specific working model, either for your hearing. Should not be wheezing and rattling sounds. Game monkey is very complex and requires experience process. Often it is desirable to practice listening to the tone and frequency of the cries of ducks. In the case of small experience will pomante a couple of times a flock, and watch the result. You run the risk of continuing to scare away a bird that is not going to fit.

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