Boar hunting at night

Come dusk when the hogs begin to show activity, so night and dawn. In summer wild boars can be found before sunset, when they come out to feed in the winter time, most often in the second half of winter boar herds can be seen during the day.

This is due to the difficult situation and difficult conditions associated with nutrition and its search, which is why they look for food in the daytime. Hunters often prefer night hunting in the mean daytime, a hungry animal will look for food, this is due to its nature.

There are two main methods of hunting at night: this approach and with the blind. For example, hunting with the approach can be performed on the oats.

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Now briefly I will tell about some methods of hunting for wild boars . Can be done as we have said from the approach. To hold its best on those nights when a bright moon and the sky is overcast, if it’s winter, the best time ever.

Moonlight is good enough to illuminate the path in front of hunter, giving the opportunity to use under-barrel flashlight, thermal imager or night vision sight much less likely. Something that was listed to take with you still have another thing to value the gadgets.

If for example the flashlight-mounted guns will cost relatively expensive, here the thermal imager or night vision sight will be significantly more expensive, the price here is often comes to the cost of the car of foreign manufacture, not to mention the fact that for this money you can buy some of the native auto industry.

But, it is a matter of cost, we won’t touch on, it really simplifies the process of hunting for wild boar, and what should be the hunter.

Hunting boar at night with approach. What you need to remember to keep in mind.

If You are involved in night hunting from the approach, you should at least have a reliable and powerful flashlight.

As usual, dress is in not rustling fabric, a hunter should not proceed any odors, neither he nor his ammunition should not create extraneous noise. Boars can hear very well and have no bad scent.

But the sight of their pumped up, so I do not think that the boars You’ll notice 20-30 meters. You will easily be able to get close to him on the firing range, if you do not emit any sound and will not get rid of animal odor.

The solution here is simple: be quiet and try to get close to him to leeward, without giving a chance to a herd of wild boars You to smell.

Before the shot you need to be sure that the fire is not a pig with piglets. Once You got to the firing range, and wild boars peacefully taking food turn your flashlight grenade and then shot at the selected target.

Boar hunting at night with the blind or platform. The nuances and subtleties.

This method covers several different ways, it can be hunting from a blind in the woods or from a tower on the field. In their preparation they do not differ almost in anything. Again, remember what was written in previous Chapter and do everything exactly the same.

The only thing I would say is the use of a thermal imager or night sight. These gadgets will help You very much with them the process will go much nicer and faster, not to mention the fact that the performance will be much higher.

Of course, to determine the gender of the wild boar night is quite difficult, and after the inclusion of the flashlight time for the shot is less.

It is likely not to fall at all, or to produce, or even worse injure a wild boar. Therefore, the use of these devices if not strictly necessary, is highly desirable. It remains to add a few words having the experience.

If You sit on the ambush, then make it as comfortable and durable. Don’t forget to stand under the legs and trunk. Ambush, as well as the tower should not squeak and make other sounds.

In the cold season, be sure to dress warmer because expectations can take 3-4 hours or more.

These are the basic guidelines that I would like to give. Read more articles about hunting wild boar on our website and you will find a lot of useful material, and with it, get your experience productive hunting.

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