Goose hunting in the spring in the swamp

The bird belongs to the order Anseriformes. The genus consists of 8 different types: grey goose, bean goose, white-fronted, or small piskulka white-fronted goose, Swan goose, white, belosa and mountain.

What kinds of goose hunting is permitted

Talk about what kind of birds are the preferred for the hunter. Some of these species are endangered on the territory of Russia is mountain, and white goose piskulka. Hunting them is forbidden and the mining is punished by administrative responsibility.

It is easiest to confuse with piskulka white-fronted goose, which happens quite often, especially during the flight of a large flock. It’s not uncommon for several species of goose are collected in one large flock and here they just mix up. In order not to get banned is better to use the binoculars, which should be at each of the goose house to avoid.

On closer looking at the peeper will become noticeable that the head has a larger size, it is one of the main signs to determine. Also the head has a white spot, which from part of the proceeds to the crown. If the sky is evident that some kind of goose with elongated and pointed wings with more frequency sweeps is again piskulka, cry more sonorous.

There are three species of geese, on which hunting is permitted:

Grey goose



What should pay attention before you start hunting

Gus has always been and remains the most coveted trophy for every self-respecting hunter. Today we will try shortly to discuss spring hunting, how to do it right and what kind of rounds and fraction to use. Analyze the preparation for the hunt, construction of shelters, installation of stuffed animals and a selection of semolina. As a rule, the prey in the swamp is a lot of work, because you need to find a suitable place, prepare the trench, build the rest of the shelter and do a lot of work in General.

If you wish to make the hunt successful, arrive at a place and begin to explore the territory.Well, if the team of 3 to 5 people, it’s easier to organize everything quickly and competently. The great attention in preparation for the hunt should be paid to the disguise. Gus – quite alert and observant bird. Careless masking can undo all the efforts of the hunter. Spring or fall hunt should not do without the use of semolina. Proper use of semolina is 50% of the total cases. It is better to separately explore the theme of choice wind of mancow.

The only thing important to note: you cannot use electronic decoys. A moot point, for several simple reasons. Not all people have good hearing, having the opportunity to repeat exactly the tone of a bird. In this case, use a fine coping with these electronic gadgets. Poachers don’t like to shoot in excess of using electronic assistants, that is why their use is not encouraged.

What shot to shoot the geese. A charge of gunpowder and a selection of cartridges

The bird is big and strong on the wound. The most commonly used shotguns 12 and 16 gauge. No matter they are Russian or foreign production. Variants of filling cartridges with his own hands a great many, each carries out his experiments. I can advise to try a few options under the goose.

Option 1: a Charge of gunpowder brand “Falcon” 2.3 g, weight fraction of 1 in 34гр, 2 mm spacer and an Italian wad “Diana”.Option 2: try to equip multiple variants of ammo and shoot them on the stand by comparing the results and choose the best. When hunting goose used fraction № 1,2,3. A charge of powder 32-40 oz. Advise You to abandon the use of buckshot ammunition. A great chance to cripple a bird and to take, moreover it is a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Device shed or a pit

Let’s start with the variants of the device the blind, as this is one of the most important stages in the preparation. Like to hunt other birds or you can use a ready-made shelter that is bought in a store, or use what grows in the place of hunting. With the hut out of scrap materials.

Look at the photo below, looking at him will disappear a lot of questions. What would the blind from coming out of the total area using only the materials that are here, it’s tree trunks, branches, grass, same colors and themes as the environment. Thus it will be extremely difficult to detect the hunter.

When buying nets for the blind think of your wallet. Camouflage nets come in different sizes, from small to large, autumn and spring colors. Also in store are sold quickly set up tents. Thanks to them to stay in place becomes much easier and faster. It takes less time thus leaving more time to hunt or rest. They are easy, versatile and unpretentious.

If you want to make your camo net, nothing could be simpler. It is made of the usual burlap, standing not expensive. Find it very simply. Further, in place use it as a wall in the sanctuary. Fits to it stuck in the ground with metal pins or pointed sticks plastic clamps, sold at hardware stores. Cover all close growing grass, reeds.

Most modern at the moment is recumbent the blinds. This aluminum design frame. On top of which is laid a waterproof material with special mounts for additional masking (dry grass, branches) one of those colors that prevail at the site of the future of hunting.

The top has a sash that while waiting fully closed, and in the case of the flying geese hunter opens them and fires. The advantage of this design is that the person while it is in a comfortable environment. The downside is the cost of the product and limited visibility while waiting for geese, after all, have to be in the supine position, and firing position reclining.

Ambush is arranged as follows. Select a well-lit place, dark places geese try to fly around. Digging pit with a depth of 2/3 of the human growth a width slightly wider than shoulders. Inside is a folding chair, or done something with your hands, what would take with you during the expectations. The walls “drowning”, as has been said, camouflage netting, burlap or natural materials.

If we are talking about the ambush in the swamp, something about digging holes you can forget, this would be impossible. In this case, build the snow without a shovel, otherwise there is no difference. From experience we can say that the vision is goose flock becomes worse if they are against the sun’s rays. And last, the most successful hunting, most often, issued the one where the blind prepared under one person. The fact that You will not each other to interfere.

How to set a profile or stuffed geese

Describe in brief and General terms, how to correctly place the stuffed geese. Goose extremely cautious bird, from the correct placement depends very much. If You field, or big marshy space, the geese sit in the middle, in the middle. They do not sit down to the very edge, trying to keep him at a distance of 200-300 meters, it is connected of course with the review. In the center they are the easiest way to control the situation.

If when approaching a flock abruptly stops, most likely it means that they went to the second round, beckon at this moment must be very professional, otherwise the flock will just fly away, sensing a catch. The number of stuffed animals or profiles is essential. The more of them will be exposed, the better, the more chances to lure and land a serious goose flock. According to the observations of small flocks (20 heads or less) tend to stay compact.

They disagree and not wander across the field, staying close to each other at a distance of 2-3 meters, exposing 1-2 Keeper on the edge of his pack. The most common scheme of arrangement is: comma, an arc horseshoe. Exposed to head wind. On the edges put a few guard geese with feeding, and in the center the campers. Below we have posted the schematic arrangement of them becomes clear.

The best decoy for goose hunters reviews

Based on the reviews and experiences of hunters Gusyatnikov, a leader in the Russian market is a model PL-22 American manufacturer of wind mancow Faulks. The model is made of wood with plastic, has a real, natural sound. Already on many hunts he has proved the right to be if not the best, then certainly good and working. At the time of publication of this article the cost is in the area of 900 rubles, Sedalia average price category. Apply photo working decoy.

Watch the video where the survey was conducted on upland field. It shows how to hide and become less noticeable, how and when to beckon. Shows the whole process, watching it You learn something new and useful does not remain without a trophy. Pleasant viewing.

Tips. At which point you can start to lure the bird

For the hunter all the fun starts after dark. He comes to the shelter, re-examines all that is required for hunting. Then you need to be patient and wait. From the shelter it is impossible to escape, even if it was cold. Known to all, the so-called Murphy’s law, by which the bird will fly precisely at the moment when You leave the blind. How would they behave?

Here are some possible events:

  • Geese just fly over the shelter, not paying attention to the bait. Lands next to. Can not shoot, you must scare away the bird;
  • If a wedge or slim line is broken, then the pack chooses a place to land. At this point you can use a decoy and try to plant on the land;
  • The flock flies straight at the hunter. If geese 30 meters away from You, get up and start to aim. Take your time, choose one specific goal.

The process is very exciting, but preparing for it in advance. Need long to consider all the details of the upcoming event, to confer with more experienced hunters and to think carefully about what you may need. We hope that our advice and recommendations will be useful. With their help, anyone can avoid serious problems. The article will help you grow from a novice hunter to a real professional. The most important thing in practice.

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