Hunt for the hare at chemotroph without a dog

Hunt Zaitsev beginning around mid-autumn and continue through winter. Many regions of the Russian Federation allow you to start your fishing before the snow falls.

Of course, the tracking is carried out with the hounds, because without these four-legged assistants to achieve a result will not be easy. But unfortunately dogs are not every hunter and get the trophy all you want.

This article will allow You to learn some of the intricacies of the process without four-legged friend.

Advice on suitable conditions

This files most often hunt at chemotroph approach, as this method is very effective. Begin until the snow falls.

That success was important to bear in mind the following factors:

  • The habits of the animal;
  • Days eared;
  • It is important that the hunting ground was a sufficient number of hares;
  • Requires that the hunter could pass at a time up to 30 kilometers.

As soon as the hare is going to go on a day’s rest, the animal chooses the conditions where it can remain invisible to the eyes of a hunter or a variety of predators. Therefore, it is necessary to search next to a small Bush in the field, near the thickets of grass, as well as various piles of firewood.

Do not think that in each of these places You would expect animal. It is important to know where the next trophy is resting day, because on this depends the success of the event.

It is best to choose windless days, because this time most effectively. In this weather, hares are more willing to “rise up” and move around the area.

Another important point: it has long been observed that fishing in the rain often profitable. The beast doesn’t like it when the drops fall on him, so tries to avoid thickets and goes out in the afternoon on the open space.

I advise you to stop every 50 meters to hare issued their location, rising to see where is the danger.

Habitat of hares

Uncultivated land (field) is a great areato search for the beast. All the complexity is that the hunter is not the full review, but the hare had a lot of chances to hide and go unnoticed.

Since the fields in Russia is large, it is important to have an idea how best to get through it, that would not leave unexplored areas, suggest to go the”hook”.

A fallow field is a favorite place where hares are usually found. After all, you can easily hide in the woods in case of danger. Less, but also you can meet him on the already plowed field, lying on the ground.

The outskirts of villages and agricultural buildings

In the autumn you can start your search from the outskirts of settlements or villages. There is a lot of abandoned or infrequently used buildings. These conditions are quiet and calm, allowing the animal to frequent them without being noticed, despite the fact that there is always something to eat.

The main reasons for appeal:

  • The beast scares, it is difficult rises;
  • A lot of the undergrowth, buildings and different bushes. This all complicates the review and helps the animal.

If You know the area, we have a rough idea on the number of nearby animals, because it can easily be determined using traces.

Local knowledge is 80% of success. For example, if You decided to hunt near the pastures, they usually accumulate a lot of feed, and means for feeding will be there to catch rodents, including our coveted fur-bearing animal.

In this production we first need to start with an analysis of the surrounding area. Your task is to find the possible place of presence that are able to hide the cautious hare and give him food.

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