Hunting badger hunting Terrier with

Badger – beast, featuring a serious nature that pose a danger to dogs, which is hunting.

He fearlessly and resolutely protect their homes and themselves with powerful teeth, the sharpness of which could help to break the skin of a dog.

Accordingly, to hunt such a beast have such a dog that would match the badger of courage and fearlessness. She is a Terrier.

Features breed Terrier

Terrier has a body type that is distinguished by its proportionality with the low growth, small size, elasticity of the muscles. At the same time, he gambling, with great adrenaline, rapid, capable of a long time of persecution, wary of noises.

In this breed of dog inherent aggressiveness and anger in relation to the pursued animal. It therefore differs from other hunting dog breeds.

Hunting hunting happy hunters for their reliability, efficiency and performance.

Pritravka hunting Terrier on badger

When the dog reaches the age of eighteen, the owner needs to introduce her to hunt badger. Initially, it is protravlivanie agda a badger.

At first he must go through the process pritravki in specially made holes. At this time the owner is watching your pet, controlling and adjusting it in the right moment, render him the necessary aid.

Hunter, going by yagd into the woods, bringing her already checked the area where it is assumed the presence of badger holes. Their burrows are custom is in places where there are slopes.
Upon detection of a hole the dog is released. He ran into her, she might lose you there for a while. Researching burrows, the finding of additional inputs and the badger.

If badger is discovered, it is likely that yagd will be fond of his capture and keep him for unclenching the teeth. This will create problems for the hunter.

The perfect scenario for catching badger hunting Terrier – strangulation and the removal of the hole.

This video shows pritravka hunting Terrier at a badger. Pleasant viewing.

Especially hunting with a Terrier on a badger

Badger night, and leaves his burrow at this time of day, so hunting is carried out mainly at night time.

It may be easier to hunt when the night is clear, thanks to the full moon to give yourself the ability to navigate the terrain.

A hint of what close badger’s burrow is his toilet, which usually is located within walking distance from the burrow approximately 100 meters from its entrance.
If hunter found out that the hole is not abandoned, and badger live in it, it means that he is near, as it does not have the habit to leave his home, moving away long distances.

Burrows constructed by badgers are different, namely:

  • Nora, having otnorka, and called passable. From atnarko, where the badger, the dog produces its pasture under
    produced by hunter shot;
  • Nora who has a temporary appointment. It is designed to ensure that the badger hide in bad weather. This hole creates the danger
    for dogs, as yagd in it, is in close contact with the animal. Often in this situation, for the dog need the help of hunter.
The process of hunting

The process of hunting for a badger with a Terrier may pass these ways:

  1. With produced shot the beast is driven out of the hole.
  2. Fishing badger in the place of his residence, and with the help of the dog, take it out of the hole.
  3. A choke hold of a badger in a hole a dog, then she
    bringing it to the surface.

Hunter, waiting for his pet on the surface, needs to follow these rules: a)standing at the entrance to the hole against the direction of the wind, b)to choose the right angle for firing,) to calculate the correct distance to the hole.

Below you can see photos on the theme of hunting for a badger with a Terrier. Pleasant viewing.

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