Hunting for grouse in the fall with stuffed

The black grouse is found everywhere, almost in every district of Russia. The abundance of birds and the possibility of participation of inexperienced hunters promotes interest in the species.

When does hunting season

There is no need to purchase additional equipment or have something special to carry it out. Success will depend on the existing knowledge of the hunter, habits and habits of birds, as well as the existing experience. Season gear black grouse starts from the beginning of September.

Up to this point in the forest go legaladvice (a hunter with setter dog). Do note that at this time, the bird is very bad for the stuffed animals, and if they landed on some tree, far enough away from the tent. While not as cold, they continue to sit on the ground. Aktiviziruyutsya hunting around in the second half of October, when the bird gathers in flocks and usually begins to take the trees.

How to choose the right hunting place

To achieve success it is important to choose the right place to build a shelter or blind. It is advisable to arrive in advance for 1-2 days. This time is devoted to studying the behaviour of birds, places its flights, directions of movements, determination of Parking locations, feeding, and dnevki. If you are a 1 time hunt in this place, you already have experience in selecting locations for the installation of the shelter.

During the day, the grouse spend their time in swamps (places of rest) or feeding. Periodically flew from table to “bed”. Based on this, experienced hunters try to put an ambush equidistant, in the middle of the path of flight between these places. Thus the chances of the prey getting bigger. Tall trees and adjacent edge will be a plus. Distance for an accurate shot is approximately 40 meters.

Within 40 metres of the tent must be looking high for landing black grouse trees. If trees will be small, and the chance to perch the bird will be less. Overview of the desired 360 degrees, this allows to conduct aimed fire, regardless of the place of landing of the black grouse. In the absence of the dog review will have a positive impact on the selection or transoms game. The fallen bird will be easier to find.

The construction of the hut

Well-chosen place and properly furnished a tent is 70% of success.

Let’s see whether it meets the following requirements:

  • Nearby are the fodder of birch;
  • It is desirable that the hut stood between some trees, it is best that it was spruce, pine and birch.

In the presence of nearby trees, black grouse for additives in most cases will choose birch. After placement of the stuffed animals need to keep them in sight, so the shelter, if possible, put on the hill or hills. There are different methods of constructions from prefabricated and fairly simple, to complex and time-consuming to install them.

The simplest way to use branches, young trees, sticks, grass growing in the place of hunting. It will not stand out from surrounding terrain, having the same colours as the nature around. You can use sharpened sticks stuck in the ground, kind of posts. They mounted either a scrim or burlap. These walls perfectly conceal the hunter. Is often fixed with plastic clamps for wires. They are cheap, find them in the sale not a problem to quickly pull together and keep.

To dismantle them is not a problem. There are also special tents shelters, quickly placed, easily cleaned, good at hiding people. The easiest way to make a shelter in the form of a cone, from a felled young trees, not chopping off the branches. Top overlay twigs, dry grass and what grows in this area. Fall weather is full of different colors, it is necessary to observe them during the construction of the hut, for naturalness. With frequent trips to hunt, it is best to have a couple of tents in different places.

Proper placement and number of used stuffed animals

In addition to stuffed use profile that differs only in its volume. In this article, we combine these concepts, as in the arrangement it doesn’t matter, same rules apply. The number of profiles should not be less than two, but the best option – 3 or 4 pieces. it is Noted that the best fit three stuffed rooster and one of the hens. For reviews of hunters, one of the cocks should sit above all the other stuffed animals.

Each profile needs to sit in his place, most natural and natural. It is important that these “actors” were not all together at the same height. The stuffed animals should not be in the eyes of the grouse. In case of not respecting the rules can a bird fly by and sit down to profiles. Expose them with the most natural poses. Strictly horizontal posture, elongated neck suggests that upland representative is going to fly away and most likely was upset. If the fall, or the hunting day was calm and windless, drop the stuffed breast to the East.

When the wind chest needs to look in his direction, when strong gusts put the lower profile and closer to the tree trunk. In calm weather or a small amount higher and farther from the trunk. Locations on the tree, if you are on the hunt for a few days. Stuffed animals are exhibited on wooden poles or podtochennaya. The upper end sharpened, and it easily pushed the profile. The bottom is splitting, with the aim of consolidating on the branch of a tree and bitch. Do not put podsushennoy on trees, where should sit grouse.

Priatnoe tree is left empty. Length of the pole may be short and long, each has its pros and cons. Short easy to wield, it is compact and lightweight, only to be placed on the height would have to climb the tree. Long podkachali heavier, but it easier to install higher. The poles are harvested in advance, it is advisable to dry them well so they will be much easier. Hunting is carried out both in isolation and collectively. After spending her early in the morning to get together with a partner you can extend the process.

One of my colleagues will be in a tent, and the second will be nearby the area, with the aim to scare flocks of feeding black grouse. Fearing and taking off in the direction of the hut there is a good chance that birds will sit in places with stuffed animals, because they give confidence and peace to your fellows. Autumn is cold, so it’s best to pick a time when the earth is no frost. The best weather condition would be quiet and quite warm day, light rain will not be a hindrance.

The process of hunting

Coming into the shelter better for 30 minutes until as grouse fly from the marshes. Every day the hunter can two times to come to the tent. There is a morning and evening hunt, between which is 4 to 5 hours. In the morning, grouse in a hurry to eat and therefore almost does not fly into the trees, hurrying to the fields for a meal. After eating the well-fed bird is much more likely sits on the trees.

It is worth mentioning the winter, specific differences in approach there. After the fall of deep snow and installed the cold weather is the time to start. Their habitat is more likely to be the bushes in the large forest or swamps. If the place is not frequently visited by hunters, the grouse do not change places overnight. Finding such a place (tracks in the snow) can come in here at night. 11-12 o’clock to-night you must be on skis and come to the right spot. Slowly, slowly begin to lift the frightened and alarmed the bird. You can go even further and at a distance of 150 meters to build a hut and put profile. In the morning, before dawn, the hunter is waiting for departure grouse with the overnight camps.

What weapon and ammo to use

Let’s more in detail talk about the ammunition and the weapons that are used. Weapons should be different heap and sharp fight, as a fraction choose medium and large rooms. Less number 3 is not worth taking, and a special “Jumbo” is not needed.

Often opened fire at a distance of 40-45 meters, so the release must be clean, without dobor wounded animal. Selecting system: automatic, or shotgun, be guided by their own preferences.


To sum up, highlight the top tips the basic nuances and recommendations which you should observe:

  • Expect a good hunt before the second half of October is not worth it. The official hunting season starts from September, but it is best to go to the active phase of training in October;
  • 50% of success depends on the correctly chosen place. It is better that effigies were located in the center of the route of flight of birds from the swamp, to the place of feeding;
  • The hut should be located near host trees from among several small trunks;
  • When hunting in the fall is better to choose a quiet and warm weather;
  • Choose the correct fraction;

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