Hunting for grouse in the fall with the approach

Each hunter, or almost everyone, will agree that grouse may be considered a worthy trophy. Best time hunting for this bird – fall, and the best methods of approach.

In the summer the young birds grow up, but they have little experience in terms of the behavior in the environment and so they become pretty easy prey for all the hunters.

Hunting with the approach of autumn. An introduction to the basics.

In our area is the largest bird, which is officially allowed to hunt. Adult grouse can weigh up to 6 kg, and females up to 3 kg. Ordinary grouse are often found in forests: in Western Siberia, the Urals, and Western and Central European part of the country.

Stone species is found in deciduous forests of Eastern Siberia. In contrast to its ordinary counterpart, the stone a little less, he has a long tail and more black beak.

The variation does not affect hunting methods and therefore the material can be used for hunting any species of grouse. Below is a photo of the stone grouse, as you can see, it has obvious differences.

Where to find grouse in the fall. The habitat of the birds. What time the season begins.

The favorite habitat of this bird are pine and cedar forests. In the mixed forests of wood-grouse abound, provided that it has coniferous trees because in winter they eat only pine needles. If You want to quickly find this bird, especially in unfamiliar woods, looking for raw and remote places.

The essence of the technology lies in the instinctive behavior of grouse in the autumn. If the forest is ripe or ripe berries, you can look in these places exactly where their place of feeding.
Later, the colder it becomes, the more the wood begins to climb the aspen and larch. They remain there for as long as the aspen leaves turn red, and the larch will not fall past the needle.

For example the difference between the methods of hunting, larch or aspen no, the only difference is that larch wood climb later, when the needles becomes soft, nutritious and hearty.
So, You have found the aspen or coniferous trees, the next task is to carefully inspect the ground under the trees the goal is to find signs of capercaillie habitat. Signs of habitat will serve the fallen pine needles, small size, cut off the twigs, and litter.

All of this suggests that there was eating our object of hunting. Of recent snow (the first) can help the hunter, it shows a lot.

If You heard a large bird sat on a tree, then it is from You on distance of 400 m, and also the clacking beak heard approximately 150 m. All this will allow find their way around the sounds.

By the way, the hunting season for grouse starts in late August or in September, it all depends on Your region, which sets its own norms and terms. For example, on Yamal, in Yakutia and Irkutsk region you can hunt from August 16.

In Karelia, the Vologda region, the Krasnoyarsk territory, in Pomerania, and Kamchatka, and also in the Ryazan region season starts the 3rd Saturday of August. In the Altai it is possible to hunt from August 30.

What should not be forgotten. The process of hunting.

So, following our advice, You’ve found a feeding area for black grouse. Choosing several trees that serve as a place for eating birds, stop at a distance of 40-50 m, to using binoculars to see the branches better.

Without this device it is difficult to consider in detail the expected tree, though grouse and very large. The thing is that after a meal they sit motionless, as close to the tree trunk. In General, I advise to have in your Arsenal binoculars.

Selecting a target, continue to hide behind the trees and move silently to maximum. Once You have been able to approach grouse at a sufficient distance, at the first opportunity to make an accurate shot. The bird is very cautious and it may scare off any noise, so the delay is not worth it.

Not a precise hit, wounded bird can fly up to 200 meters, as strong on the wound.
So You should immediately move to where I planned injured a trophy, and carefully inspect the area, again, should not give up your search midway, remember, a wounded grouse can fly at 150-200 meters.

It is difficult to produce hunting in the hot or dry season. The fact that the earth, along with all the twigs and leaves on it dries, and Your every step is heard at a distance.
Therefore, a cautious bird will leave his place well before You see it, not to mention something more.

So, You guessed it, cloudy and rainy weather (of course in moderation), will be most welcome. Because at this time earth, branches and foliage will get wet and will not emit as many loud noises during the transitions, the noise of the wind and rain will give You not a bad disguise.

Pick up, aim and shoot, if possible, suggest the song of the capercaillie, then the chances to get it increase.

Also good to have a dog that is trained to behave, when I found a tree with a cold. The wise dog barks occasionally, doesn’t scare the prey, but rather distract her from the approaching hunter.

What shotgun to use when hunting grouse. Select the number of fractions and sample.

It should be noted immediately that the shotgun 12 caliber in a hunting rather than a machine, and here’s why:

First, very often we get into serious wilderness, and the failure of one trigger will not allow the hunter to remain without weapons in stock, You will have the second barrel.

Second, double-barreled shotgun gives you the ability to charge different cartridges, it may be done as for shooting at different distances (up to 35m and beyond), and for the safety of the hunter for protection from larger predators in remote places.

Thirdly, shotgun machine are better protected from contact with various debris which often enters the weapon during sea hunting, it can be twigs, pieces of leaves, sticks and more.
We advise You to seal the outlet of the trunk 1 layer of tape. It will not get debris in the barrels, and will not affect the quality of the shot. Of course, before the shot does not need to be removed, nothing wrong with that.

Take for a maximum range of 50m, very often a hunter just can’t get close enough, not cool and how to not lead. In this case, it uses cartridges “Magnum” with the shot № 0 and a charge of gunpowder in 40gr.

Famous Gujarati Nikolai Fokin during loading of cartridges were advised to pour a shot shell dry starch.

If it does get closer than 50 meters is not possible, I advise you to shoot to the side of the birds, because the area of the silhouette of capercaillie will be the maximum. At distances up to 35m advised to use the cartridges of the company, “fetter” 12 gauge shot weight 32 gr.

Best to aim and hit it in the side part of the bird, under the wing, or shoot a bird in front. Shoot the grouse in the back not really worth it, in this case, it’s a very real possibility not to kill him on the spot, podryw, after which the bird will fly away to die, and You never will find.

The main rule: necessarily targeting any weapons and ammo that You decided to use.

Summing a small result.

Fall hunting for grouse will appeal to many hunters. Some call it the most interesting and exciting, while others appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your time to relax and catch your trophy.

Here are some important tips for the hunter who decided to participate in this exciting hunt. Perhaps they will help You and thereby reduce the number of errors!

  • For suspension of hunting, choose as light a gun, because the whole day You can be on my feet. If the gun You have one, of course not, but if possible, buy the lightest gun that will be able to find or afford.
  • If You’re in the back of a bird, then try not to shoot with this situation, it is better to change its position. Shots of such a plan have a large percentage of wounded game that is much worse than not to make a shot.
  • If the grouse let You in on a shot distance, then slowly, but at the same time immediately shoot. This is a very cautious bird that almost do not stand in one place, a little bit hesitant out.

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