Hunting for grouse in the fall

Hunting for grouse in autumn is another kind of multi-faceted autumn hunting, which we have already repeatedly wrote earlier.

Grouse belongs to the pheasant family, so their way of life and habits it is a bit like a pheasant, but not in all respects. In size this bird is much smaller than the grouse, but more partridge, pigeon and quail as well as other types of hunting birds.

To know the male black grouse, which is also called Kosach, it’s easy among a diverse nature. The most striking distinguishing feature of males is the presence of red eyebrows above the eyes.

Sparkling makeup of this bird and the shrill voice of autumn singing allows hunting for grouse in the fall in several ways. Production of trophy hunting can not be called a priority for hunter, but without his mood is not so upbeat, like a grouse yet feels.

A little dealt with the origins of the Kosach and its distinguishing features, and now consider in more detail the hunt for him starting with preparation and ending with the production of this beautiful bird.

Where and how to start hunting for grouse in the fall?

Each bird has its own habitat and the area where one spends most of his life. Grouse also prefer to live in a particular area that may leave only in extreme cases.

Where there is food and the ability to hide from enemies, that there is need to look for grouse. In early autumn, this bird mainly eats berries, flowers, thorns, so you should go to hunt in this area.

Thorn grows mainly in fields and meadows, but do not expect that any clearing of such vegetation will definitely raise Kosach. Among the low grass the grouse will not go, because it is considered unsafe terrain, but too dense and high bushes too.

The most perfect vegetation for it is the grass that will be in the range from the knee to the man’s chest in height.

Closer to the middle of autumn grouse moved to the birch, buds of which are actively powered. Thus, look for birch, because mainly there will be able to shoot it. If You plan on hunting in an unfamiliar area, ask the locals about where grouse congregate in order not to waste time looking for him, and to go directly in the alleged plot.

Autumn grouse Lek not as active as this takes place while hunting grouse in the spring, but still his voice is heard by a distant relative. Some hunters even practice hunting in the fall at the stomping ground, but it’s still more typical for spring hunting.

On grouse with setter and husky

Hunt together with your dog can be quite successful if it is well prepared for this hunt. Is preferable to take hunting gun dog in the early fall. Usually, the setter is allowed to hunt some game early in the morning when the trail is very fresh and the dog will not be difficult to find it.

Hunter you need to carefully monitor the behavior of four-legged friend not to miss the opportunity to make the shot. Pointer makes a stand when he finds grouse in maturation. On command, it makes raising the birds on the wing, and the hunter at this point shoots.

Not always grouse can withstand the counter pointer so it can go even earlier, which will not allow to shoot.

In any case, it should be noted, which flew birds to indicate to the dog the direction of further search. Young grouse are more fearful, but the old prefer to hide until the last moment.

In late autumn more effectively behaves Laika, when the grouse is found primarily on birch trees. The dog finds a bird sitting on a tree and begins to bark to notify a hunter.

Further there is a cautious approach to the tree, where sits Kosach. A gunshot rings out and the creature falls to the ground. Sometimes the wounded animal, when the game is still three minutes remains alive and tries to escape. Here without the aid of dogs is not enough.

Hunting with stuffed

Somewhere in October, it is already possible to use this method of hunting when grouse gather in flocks and fly to feed on birch. You need to scout the route of the flight of birds by night to the feeding grounds. Between these two points it is necessary to place stuffed.

For the full implementation of this method of hunting should build a hut, which actually will be the hunter at the approach of grouse.

It is recommended to use 4 or 5 stuffed animals that are most similar to these black cocks. They are placed on the birch, which is on the path of the flight of birds.

Come to the hunting area early in the morning need to have time to place the stuffed animals before the flight. Sometimes to hunt and attract beaters that are driven grouse with the bed directly in places where there are stuffed.

If You have a dog and stuffed, it remains the option of hunting from the approach, when the hunter tries to approach shot to grouse that Lek or feeds.

There are times when hunters during hunting grouse in the fall just combing circuit areas, where there may be birds.

Because of the noise kosachi take off sometimes right from under his feet and fall under the shots of hunters. Shoot them with the shot № 7,6 in early autumn, but towards the middle it is better to use number of 5.4. The gun with the sharp combat is a great way to shoot grouse.

As soon as the stray grouse in autumn in flocks, starts hunting them with stuffed animals from the shelter. This hunting lasts until the falling out of deep snow, and in some places almost the whole winter. Hunting with stuffed animals based on the fact that grouse after night and day after a holiday fly to birch trees and feed on birch earring and kidney.

Hunting success on grouse with stuffed depends mainly on the correct determination of the ways of grouse flocks to feed and identify places where grouse sits down on birch and feed.

To this end, the hunter, in advance of watching a flock of grouse, specifies places for the night and dnevok grouse and their feeding on birches. On the way to the place of feedings, in a forest glade surrounded by birch trees, is placed the tent so that it was convenient to fire surrounding the clearing of trees. It is desirable that the trees around the hut was above the other trees and would be clearly visible from a distance.

A hut built of poles and branches of the surrounding trees and shrubs so as to not stand out a background of vegetation, and merged with her. It is best to build a tent of conical shape, roomy enough so that it was comfortable to shoot in all directions. The height of the shed should be well hidden from sight sitting on the birch grouse. In a tent it is necessary to make a small window for observing black grouse and shooting at him.

Around the hut the surrounding birch exhibited stuffed. Models can be specially made of black cloth, tinted with oil paint, papier-mâché or shot and stuffed skins of those killed earlier grouse. Stuffed animals can portray and a rooster and a hen.

Stuffed animals are exhibited in a special podtochennaya – long poles made of the same wood, on which stuffed animals are exhibited. Long podkachali planted and fixed by the Scarecrow leans against the trunk of a birch and reinforced with wire or rope. Short podkachali more difficult to strengthen, as he has to climb a tree, but it is more correct to put the Scarecrow.

Planted birch Scarecrow must be quietly sitting birds. When planting, consider that the effigy should be drawn goiter at sunrise, against the wind. If the wind blows from the East, it is necessary to provide a landing stuffed to the wind was to their back.

Should not be put around one tent too many stuffed animals, as grouse are more willing to sit down to individual birds, than to the flock. At least one tree should not be more than 2-3 stuffed animals. If exhibited stuffed and black cocks and grey hens, the first should be at the top of the tree and the hens below.

To sit in a tent is necessary before the grouse leave the camp, i.e. in the dark. Hunter, especially at a later time, should be warmly dressed, so as to sit still in a tent sometimes for several hours. If the shelter is not damp, it is useful to put on the boots.

Most successful hunting is when, in addition to the gunmen, sitting in tents, participating in it and the beaters. The beater is better to ride a horse and in deep snow to go skiing.

As soon as the hunters got into the tents and begins to dawn, beaters are sent to places of roosting grouse and carefully lifting them on the wing, try to give the birds one by one or in small groups in the direction of the huts. Rising from the ground grouse see sitting birds (stuffed) and usually addicted to them for feeding. Hunter, observing the tent in complete silence, shoot some grouse. If the tent sat a flock of grouse, it is necessary to wait a bit, giving black cocks to obidetsya, and then start to shoot birds sitting on the lower branches to fall from the tree not a Scarecrow sitting on top. In this case, hooked the pack you can manage to take some shots. Naturally, between the hut and trees, which are stuffed and are expected replanting grouse, there should be no obstacles to the shooting.

To collect the dead birds it is only necessary after the end of the hunt. To get out of the hut should not be. When hunting without the beaters in the middle of the day it is necessary to arrange hunting break for 4 – 5 hours. At this time, grouse flocks usually cease to feed and hammered the rest in a strong place.

Hunting on the current.

One of the most interesting of hunting on grouse rightly believe spring hunting on leks. At currents only shoot grouse-cocks. Usually with the onset of early spring, the roosters start displaying, at first timidly a short while, but every day more and more exciting and longer. In the first period of courtship singing, usually, only old cocks. Young Kosachev join him later, but by the end of the current when the old grouse have already finished, young cocks, still continue to visit tokovischa.

The first period of mating kosachi usually singing in the trees, in the future, when the land largely free from snow cover, grouse move on the ground. This is the highest height of the mating. On tokovischa going all: old and young cocks, singing with great enthusiasm, accompanying the courtship fierce fights among themselves.

The usual places grouse currents are the edge of the forest, forest meadow, planted with rare trees and shrubs, woods, dry bogs, and forest clearing, arable land, adjacent to forest with rare trees of the forest, the hills, etc. In continuous forest grouse are usually not thin.

There are three ways of hunting grouse on a Lek: the shelter, from the approach and entrance. The last two options are used less frequently, mainly when hunting for grouse, singing in the trees or alone. The best, most common way of hunting for the currents is hunting from a hut. It is based on the fact that black grouse gather on the current, sometimes in large groups and typically from year to year in the same places.

Hunter, tracing in advance the meeting place of the black grouse builds on these places shelters. Material for the construction of the hut are the bushes and branches of trees growing on the stomping ground. Hut built in advance, a few days before hunting, in order to allow the grouse to look to him and to get used to his appearance. During the construction of the shed should strive to he less distinguished by his view on the background of the surrounding vegetation. If the soil allows, it is best to place the construction of the shed to dig a hole, over which the branches and pine limbs to strengthen the top of the tent.

This tent will stand out less and thus will not scare arriving at the current Kosachev. The lower part of the shed should be closed thoroughly as singing in the land of grouse easier can see hunter below. Slightly higher in the walls of the tent, made a small Windows and loopholes through which the hunter is responsible for monitoring the display of black grouse and shooting at him. If you are around the field and to the woods far away (like me last year), it is enough 8 thin poles for the main frame, on which are stacked the thickest epics, which only can be found.

And the top is covered with grass. A tent should do “your size”, I did so to be able to lie down. On the ground making sure grass hay, or twigs, or the common cold you provided. Too high it should not be made to not stand out. If you sleep in tent, prepare a tuft of grass or twigs to the morning in the dark to look than to close the passage (it should be left open, not to look for, where to get and thereby not ruin the whole tent).

Grouse usually roost not at the stomping ground and land on it while it’s still dark. So sit in a tent in the dark, before the arrival of the black grouse on a current. In a tent you have to sit absolutely quiet, do not smoke and do not leave it until the end of the current. To collect the dead roosters is possible only when the shock was over and all the grouse leave stomping ground.
Going on the current need, especially in the early period of spring, to dress warmly, as this time of year, mornings are cold, and sit in a tent, have a few hours.

The hunting of the grouse of the hut there is usually this: at night, the hunter comes to stomping ground carefully, so as not to startle sleepers from the vicinity of black grouse sits in the shed. Sitting in a tent more comfortable, so that it was possible to silently turn around and charge the weapon, the hunter begins to listen. Have to wait long. Even in complete darkness arrives the stomping ground of the first Kosach. On his arrival he notifies the powerful flapping of wings.

Sitting on the ground, the grouse listens, and then issues the first kind of sound that you can pass the word “Chu-ffis”. Usually this sound hunters call “copycenter”. After the first cock begin to gather, and others. If the stomping ground sings a lot of black cocks, then the flapping of wings is heard continuously from all sides. Chupikov two or three times, grouse begins tokovat. The voice of the courtship display of black grouse – overflow sonorous murmur, increased somewhat resembling the cooing of a dove.

First, in the dark, the hunter sees nothing. From all sides around the tent he hears the murmur of the singing roosters, their perky coficine and loud flapping wings. Then he starts to notice white spots moving across the clearing around the hut. This white feathers under her tail singing Kosachev. Gradually begins to dawn. And here the eyes of the hunter offers an unforgettable, exciting picture. Throughout tokovima he sees the singing grouse.

Drooping wings, spread their tails widely and bent neck, thin kosachi. Here is one of them, interrupting his mumbling and provocatively Chu-ryknow, Bouncing in place and flapping wings, approaching the nearest rival. The one accepting the challenge, in turn, copycenter and mutterings going forward. Fighters converge on the clearing, and between the violent fight. Flying in all directions feathers, roosters flap their wings, naskakivaya each other. Left and right sing and fight other Kosachev.

Somewhere in the side, on the edge of tokovischa, invitingly talktal hen. Even more exciting singing roosters, more fierce, began to fight. Sitting sometimes in a tent and get so excited interesting this picture is grouse current.

Current ends to 9-10 o’clock in the morning. When all the grouse left stomping ground, the hunter leaves the tent and collect the dead birds. Today the hunt is over…

In the spring grouse Lek not only in the morning and night. However, the evening talk is less numerous, and the singing black grouse is not with such enthusiasm as in the morning. Better not to disturb the grouse on the evening current, and to visit tokovischa only in the mornings.

The same current should not visit every day, the next morning, better to go for another stomping ground, well in advance Vysotina and prepared for hunting. Otherwise, frequent gunshots will scare the grouse and they will keep clear of the hut, if not leave stomping ground.

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