Hunting for grouse in the fall

Hunting for grouse in autumn is a very exciting experience. Grouse, by nature, is a sedentary bird, which did not leave the territory where he was born.

The success of the autumn hunting grouse with call depends on several reasons: the behavior of hunters while podmanivaya, the ability to use a decoy and the weather. Best grouse in the quiet of yasnye Zori. In cold and windy weather, the grouse on a decoy is very bad. Itself fall hunting for grouse translates into a dialogue with this forest as a hermit.

Enjoying the solitude and silence of the forest resting from the hustle and bustle. Moving through the woods a place to stay you need to choose the perhaps less open, so as to clean the grouse to fly up as if they fly at a clean place, mostly on foot on the ground Hunting grouse with call not tedious, and the autumn forest with its colors complements her vivid impressions.

There are exceptions, when there is deforestation, that just forces him to change his place of residence. By their appearance and size is similar to the hazel grouse, the partridge, but, of course, has its own specific color.

Autumn is the time when broods of grouse apart, and he willingly goes on the urge of the hunter, which comes from semolina. If You will conduct a hunt for grouse in the fall in September, it is not excluded that he will meet with a herd in the amount of 6-8 individuals.

In the second half of autumn is almost not to come across broods, because the grouse completely disintegrate. As a rule, this bird occupies a certain square area of the forest, which is approximately equal to 400×400 meters, but can be a little bit more.

If it fails the first time to get the grouse, then the hunt can easily be repeated the next time, because the bird will not fly away, because it will be in your square.

Why hunting for grouse in the fall attracts hunters?

Craving for hunting grouse due not only to taste its meat, but also a kind of behavior of the birds before the hunter attempts to lure him to the shot.

Of course, many hunters would say that hunting for grouse and can be done without semolina. For example, hunting from the approach, when he sits in the dense thickets on the forests of fir trees, and the hunter quietly walks up to him the distance of the shot.

This option is only possible in poor weather conditions, when rain or snow blowing in the wind and grouse are difficult to detect danger. There are few romance.

It is quite another thing when it’s calm and clear weather. At this time, the grouse can suddenly hear the sound of decoy and fly up to the hunter, but not always.

Hunting is a lot of different situations. Some of them are pleased with the hunter and the grouse does not recognize the hypocrisy that leads him to death. Other end in complete failure, and the hunter has again and again to learn to attract hazel grouse.

Thus, in this hunting, the most attractive job with a decoy, which attracts thousands of hunters to hunt grouse.

Where to find the grouse

Favorite habitats grouse are the low spruce forests with an admixture of birch, aspen and alder. Bird loves clutter, ravines, streams. Tall pine forests and deciduous forests and avoids it. Pair olubowale a square of about 400 x 400 meters, where the male tries not to let anyone of their own.

The character of hazel grouse

It is contradictory. Caution borders on the extreme gullibility, especially in places where the bird is not frightened. Well disguised, to entice grouse so that he literally will run from you on foot, and you can even grab his hand. The male is fearless and ready to fight for the female and his territory to the last drop of blood . The female also tries not to miss a loved one hubby , who is almost always ready to turn to the left , hearing the Flirty, come-hither voice of another friend.

The female often appears first on the decoy. Here the hunter should be very careful and shoot only after it was convinced that before him is male. And again. It happens often that early in the fall for a decoy towards you in single file may use whole, not broken up, brood. Put the gun down.

Put a few birds a couple of shots were not working, but it is not hunting for grouse. Consider that in this case you are lucky enough to see this and was not lucky from the point of view of hunting. You can, of course, to scare and to get perched in the trees the birds, but the target of hunting with a decoy is difficult to call.

Weather for hunting grouse

Grouse love the quiet days: Sunny or cloudy – care. Importantly, to avoid the wind, rain and snow. In such circumstances, hunting can not go out. But here the weather is good, and the grouse sings, or responds reluctantly. So, wait for the inclement weather. The bird is a good barometer for two or three days he finds the bad weather.

Hunting for grouse

Do not rush in before dawn to hit the woods. Kind of a hazel grouse is a big Sleepyhead. At a time when all the birds are on the legs and wings of the grouse still wakes up. He glumly sits, hunched in the middle of the trees, lazily looking around as if to him all white light is not nice, and silent. We have a long and diverse to beckon before he decides to respond. Somewhere in the 9 hours he started to awaken.

The choice of location and camouflage for hunting grouse

Of course, in hunting you don’t want a situation where grouse you can grab with your hand. Enough to become the trunk of a tree or small tree to provide shelter. But you have to stand absolutely still, holding a whistle in his mouth constantly, and only as necessary to change the smooth movement of the hands. You have to get up so that you had a good view of the review, the woodlands with the least amount of spruce in which grouse like to hide.

How to shoot grouse

Trunks usually in charge of the seventh and third numbers of a fraction. They have to use when you need to break through the natural screen, for which the village bird. Try closer to 20 meters grouse at Bay, as it will break. Well, if happened, stop the lure and wait for it to come out, but don’t scare him themselves.

Hunting for grouse in the fall with call

Already from the name it becomes clear that without the decoy on this hunt not do. Immediately begs a lot of questions regarding what to choose.

Now on the market are several types of mancow for grouse. There are specimens of wood, plastic, iron, and bones of hare, goose or grouse.

For example, from bones get a very high quality duck call, but it quickly breaks down. In addition, you need to find a good craftsman who makes these decoys. If to speak in General terms, this decoy is made from the bones, which on the one hand nadpilivayut exactly, and the other at an angle.

Somewhere in the middle of a propyl of size 5 mm. It is filled with wax. Thus, it turns out the jumper, which is pierced with a pin. Iron decoy is the most durable and practical, but plastic or wood confidently hold a middle position.

When a decoy on hand, you need to go hunting. You should not go before, as hazel wakes up much later than the other birds.

To be in the hunting grounds should be no earlier than nine o’clock in the morning. Look for grouse should be in the low spruce forest, where there is an admixture of birch, alder and aspen. He just loves cluttered places with ravines and streams.

Enticing and carefully according to certain rules. If You were the first to make a sound, then the response after the response of the birds should be done only in two minutes.

Be sure to allow the grouse to answer. When he suddenly pauses, then you need to wait about five or ten minutes, and then begin again.

It is recommended to start enticing sound female, then male. So the male feels the presence of a faster competitor arrives to the hunter.

While using a decoy to be somewhere in a secluded place with a good disguise to be visible to grouse.

Grouse can suddenly fly, so you should be always ready to fire. Shoot shot No. 7 or No. 5, although in some cases, use the three to break through the branches, through which have from time to time to shoot.

Sometimes while hunting for grouse in the fall striking cases occur when the bird did not fly, and uses the hunter literally at the feet, it is possible to grab hands.

Often work with a decoy and learn how to skillfully use that will give You a lot of fun while hunting.

Despite the apparent simple melody to learn how to attract hazel grouse is not easy. Enticing well and without error is not easy. But do not worry, everything is hard, and even a person with hearing can do. To be able to play the necessary three votes male: energetic, weak, chirping. And the same species songs female: looking for male and calling for reunification in the pair; responding to the voice of the male, when he is already paired; and plays up to the male when he starts to approach. Not enough to hear the singing grouse.

You must have a good teacher that all the details will explain and teach you how to whistle. It also helps in the selection of mancow. Among the metal produced by our industry, you can find gorgeous females , but males have to do most of the hare or capercaillie bones or ask craftsmen, experienced hunters.

Enticing you the first or the second pace. If the grouse raised his voice, respond and wait for its re-activity, do not interrupt. If you first started the game, the rhythm and lead it. Re-serve voice not earlier than 1,5-2 minutes. If a grouse suddenly stopped, wait a little and you. After 5-10 minutes again give voice.

So, are you on the hunt beckoned and in decoy. What can happen?

  • saw grouse;
  • heard opinion;
  • heard approaching;
  • heard the sound;
  • haven’t heard anything.

1. Hunting grouse with call – you saw grouse

Well, if you saw a grouse, and he you. Don’t move, don’t change position and continue to attract. If a grouse spotted you, you can safely leave. Remember the place in an hour can come back and start to beckon again.

2. Hunting grouse with call – you heard the opinion of a grouse

Here comes the fun part – the game. Grouse accepted your challenge. That should not be allowed: false voice. Grouse have very good hearing, and he immediately distinguish the marriage work . Inappropriate opinion. For example, you answered a different voice, confused decoy females with the male. The excitement. You too often start to attract it and scare the grouse. Wrong tempo and tactics. Seized the initiative from the grouse, what to do is absolutely impossible. Not figured out who the opponent is, all messed up. To begin it is necessary always to attract a female voice calling for the creation of the pair. There are several possible options.

Hazel said sharply and flew the decoy. The situation is very clear. If you do it right, the bird is yours. Well, if the male is still whirred to life is a guarantee of success, unless, of course, will not miss.

Retracts but flies bad. It can be a couple or a young shy male. The latter is easy to recognize in the quiet, unsure voice. To entice a female must be quiet and in any case male. If the pair continue to actively attract a female, then move on to the male cock will fly to regain the territory. Here an angry husband may even jump on you and ruin all your efforts. Therefore, the chirp should be in moderation – it is short and not long.

Comments, but not flying. The family formed a pair of grouse or an eating. From this session, it will not tear off even the most seductive girlfriend. Have to do approach, periodically pomania, and shoot at userco . With a pair easier. It is necessary to disperse, and then wait and change of place, to lure the male.

Responded and fell silent. You got it wrong and the bird at the time it is better to leave.

A lot of comments, and dozens more grouse, but none is flying. Congratulations. You hit on the so-called bachelor party . Do not rejoice, because the chances of success are very few. From the heap must be carefully selected and to make the approach to the bird, shoot at userco .

3. Hunting grouse with call – you hear approaching

Grouse may not respond to decoy, to start, like exploration and actively fly, creating a distinctive fluttering sound of wings. Sits down with the noise and the more noise, the more aggressive in their intentions grouse. An experienced hunter will determine the fit and noise what a tree sat a grouse, and the more sophisticated case of luring the grouse in a tree.

4. Hunting grouse with call – you heard the sound

In dry weather, if still froze, grouse often runs along the ground, creating noise, turn over the leaves. To produce such a bird is not working.

5. Hunting grouse with call – you heard nothing

A number of reasons you have already known, on which the grouse can remain silent. Throw in the appearance of a predator, and the picture will become clear. But if you firmly believe that the bird is, to do an intensive warm up, beckoning a male and a female all the voices. Helps this technique: it is necessary to make the shot up and then entice a female. Grouse will respond immediately.

A few words about ethics and under certain circumstances. Hunting with a decoy on the grouse it is best to go in advance having warned colleagues about your chosen direction and plot. Not Stargates the territory, where they have hunted. Don’t fall, don’t help to attract grouse to other hunters. You can just spoil the hunt for grouse, and to discourage them the bird, if manite more artfully. There are situations when two hunters, not knowing about each other’s presence in the land, interact with grouse, until one of them first with annoyance and then with a smile noticed by the other.

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