Hunting for mink

Seasonal hunting is a very popular male passion. One can hunt different animals: large and small. The difficulty of the hunt will depend not only on how smart production, but to skill level of the hunter.

Hunting for small rodents is very common. The thing is, of course, the value of their fur. Especially rich fur cover can boast of animals from the weasel family. For example, mink.

Everyone knows such a phrase as “a mink coat”. It thrills millions of women. But unfortunately, not every hunter can boast that they caught a lot of mink. That is why created this article. It’s such a small master class, which will help make the hunting of mink is more successful.

A little about norco

The hole should be attributed to the family of mustelids. In size it is small, but the fur is very much appreciated. Length of animal from nose to tip of tail is about 60 – 70 centimetres. Color fur coat dark brown. There are white spots on the chest and on the face.

A bit like a ferret. Loves to swim like the otter, so does their burrows on the banks of ponds. A huge amount of time it spends in the water. Mainly eats fish. but it could attack rodents smaller. For example, on mice. Swim very well.

If mink thick fur and thick fat reserves, the animal does not get wet in water. Such individuals are very valuable for hunters. Mink just love to do stocks. They’re like hamsters. If you dig up the burrow of this animal, and there you can see large stocks of grain, roots, remnants of fish and meat.

A musty smell inside the house they did not bother. Peak of activity occurs at night. This is the time they hunt. During the day mink prefers to stay hidden in their pantry. Therefore, hunt this animal is best at night.

The types of hunting

While hunting for mink used:

  1. the traps
  2. traps
  3. hunting dog
  4. gun.

The easiest way is hunted using a trap or traps. The hunter just have to wait when the beast himself will wander into the trap, and in the morning, quietly to get the prey. Hunting with dogs is considered to be more complex. To prepare for it you need not only the hunter but the dog. Hunting dogs are usually not a problem. But the conventional pooch to pack on a hunt is difficult.

For mink in winter

The winter life of a mink is different from summer. After the winter the waters are covered with ice, and that means to look for food accounted for only on land. A mink at this time leave his usual summer retreat and move further away from the water into the woods. There they are building a new burrow. For hunters hunting for mink in the winter is much preferable to summer.

In summer, the animal can easily escape the pursuit by jumping into the pond. In the water to compete with the mink can not one hunting dog. Besides the winter the animals are more willing to roam the woods in search of prey. Catch them in a trap rather easier than if you put the traps at the waterfront.

Hunting for mink traps

Catching prey with the help of cleverly installed trap is the easiest way of hunting for mink. As the mink lives near water and never goes far from his home, care should be taken that the trap was located only 30 metres from the shore. If you put the traps too far, you risk all to stay without any production.

The beast just simply do not want to travel far. Of course, you can try to catch young animals that are very shustrost and curiosity. This animal can go far from his hole. But even if he falls into the trap, then the benefit is much less than with Mature individuals.

To set traps for mink be best before the snow falls. Around the end of September. Since the beast has the power, the size of the trap you need to choose number 2 or number 3. Snap trap with the help of a steel cable required.

A wounded animal to get rid of it I can not, but is able to chew very far. As bait you can leave a piece of fish. No matter it is fresh or not. Animal still come to smell, especially if it is hungry.

Hunting with Laika on St.

Hunting with dogs is very popular. But if we take, for example, mink, this method of hunting will cause more difficulties than simply placed traps everywhere. Dog hunting can take any. But the best track down prey that is hunting breed. For example, Laika. Besides Laika has the ability to hunt small and fast prey.

It is possible to combine two methods of hunting: dog and bear traps. Laika will help to scare the animal, to make him completely let my guard down and ran straight to the place where you installed the trap. Barking dog will help to accelerate the process of catching mink.

You don’t have to wait for the moment when the beast will fall into the trap. Of course, mink are very curious, but do not underestimate her. Among other things, this beast’s got a good nose for danger. It may happen that the feeling of fear will prevail over curiosity and mink will run away from the traps.
So it’s best to play it safe. But if you’re on a specially trained dog, you should do some traps. Stupid dog can also greatly ruin the hunt as a professional hunter. Therefore, any hunting is always to prepare in advance.

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