Hunting for pheasants in the winter

In nature, there are a great number of subspecies of the family of pheasants, each of which is incredibly beautiful. Males have bright and flashy plumage.

In Northern latitudes it is a bird with brilliant plumage of green and gold color and distinctive purple-black sheen on the neck and head, back orange with black bordered feathers that changes its color to copper-red with a dense purple tint to the tail coverts. At the lower end of the neck is often a white ring, making all his feather decoration is particularly elegant and solemn. The feathers of the body broad, short, well rounded. Tail brownish yellow, the edge of the tail is red-purple. The shape of the tail is long and consists of 16 to 18 feathers. Eyes surrounded by a red ring without feathers.

The hen looks much more modest, mottled, brown-gray, brown, with black spots and dashes.

Adult pheasant reaches a large size – length 80 cm, weight 2 kg. the Female is much smaller.

Pheasant – bird is omnivorous. It feeds on both plant and animal food. Willingly eats various insects, worms, plant seeds and wheat. Corn, various berries. They say that this is the only bird that feeds on the Colorado potato beetle.


Speaking about the territory of the former Soviet Union, the pheasant lives in the Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the Crimea and the Ussuri region, in the basins of the Volga and Amur.

Pheasants like to live in sparse forests with small bushes, in bushes, near water. Often find this bird in the rushes, to create the ideal environment for camouflage. Flying pheasant bad, most of the time spends on the ground among grass and shrubs. Differs in that it runs with an incredibly high rate that often saves him from hunters and predators.

Hunting for pheasants in winter offers not available in all countries. Often even within one state alone hunting permit to hunt almost to the end of winter, while others are forbidden to shoot pheasant.

In our days, the pheasant are actively cultivated at special farms, where you can buy anyone.

It is no secret that many users of hunting grounds annually purchase a certain number of individuals of the pheasant to increase the quantity and hunters have the opportunity to spend hunting for pheasants in winter.

Even domesticated pheasant starts to behave like wild, if released into nature. There is no doubt that in the first days of their life in the wild this bird would be an easier target for hunters and predators.

As a rule, starts in October the hunting season for pheasant, but today we take a closer look winter hunting on this Royal bird.

How is hunting pheasant in the winter?

We all know that winter is cold and lots of snow, but some regions almost do not see snow and freezing temperatures are not great indicators.

Pheasant snow and cold winter does not cause any serious problems, this bird is adapted to such conditions. This problem can be only with food.

The habitat of pheasant winter is a little different from the fall time. All the same reeds, thick bushes and a thorn tree. If there are abandoned and mown fields of sunflower and corn that come here looking for pheasant.

Best hunting time is considered the morning with the first rays of the sun or the evening before sunset. In this period the bird is very active and feeds.

Only two or three hours of the hunt is enough to find a flock of pheasants and hit one of them. There are several ways of hunting for this Royal bird.

Pheasant in winter with a dog

The use of dogs for any hunting only and hunting pheasant this helper allows you to solve many problems faced by the hunter.

For example, on the nature of the pheasant very few flies and tries in times of danger to flee the earth, so the hunter cannot even lift on the wing many birds.

If there is a dog, then the bird can not long run and she takes off. A gunshot rings out and the game produced. When hunting the wounded animal appears, here without a dog can not do. Pheasant is hammered in such dense thickets that to find it there on their own is unrealistic.

It is recommended to use for these hunting drathaar or Spaniel. These two breeds of hunting dogs are perfectly cope with the tasks.

State of the art dogs are those moments when it bypasses the pheasant side and catches it at the hunter. It turns out that the bird rises on the wing and flies in the direction of the hunter, not away from him.

Not every dog is suitable for pheasant hunting. Active, hardy, venturesome and responsive to the team’s owner will become a reliable assistant. Given the conditions in which the hunting will take place, choose dogs with short and rough coat – because they have to Wade through the prickly branches of the bushes, and coarse hair is able to protect them from wounds. Well-suited cops, spaniels, huskies. The final choice is yours.

The challenge for the dog is to raise up a hidden bird. Make it easy, after all, the pheasant, the bird knows that it is easier to run and hide from persecution than to try to fly. If the dog finally forced the bird to rise, the hunter should not shoot instantly – pheasant takes off vertically and very quickly, and then the flight moves in a horizontal plane and the speed of his falling. It was at this point and need to shoot.

Hunting without a dog

When a hunter goes out for prey without the dogs, then he has to “trample” the bird. In the collective hunt, all participants are stretched tight chain and systematically bypass the station in one direction. Raised bird takes off with the noise from under the feet, the main thing to have time to react and hit the target. The lone earner must rely primarily on their vision and caution, then he can approach the bird close enough and take her right on the ground. If the pheasant took off, it is important not to panic, but clearly to take the prey on sight.

As soon as you hit the target, observe the fall bird and quickly follow him – a wounded bird can get away.

Collective hunting of pheasant in the winter is very exciting and more like active rest. Emotions and indescribable sensations provided by each.

The pen pheasant

This hunting involves multiple participants. To start, find some small plot of reeds or thick grass, where it found a pheasant.

Next, the hunters are beaters moving at a certain distance from each other in the direction of the gunmen facing.

All raised bird flying straight at the hunters who are shooting. This way you can get a lot of pheasants, if to help the beaters to send a couple of dogs.

The pheasant of waiting in ambush.

In the early morning or evening you can often hear the cries of the pheasant and the flapping of wings. These sounds help hunters determine where the bird holds its Breakfast and dinner.

In addition, the footprints in the snow you can find places of internship. That’s all you need to close to prepare a place for the blind.

Try to build a blind within a radius of about 20-25 meters from the place of feeding. If you plan to hunt in the morning, you come to the hunting spot before sunrise and wait for the arrival of the pheasant.

Suggest to shoot in fraction No. 4, although a hit from sevens and fives.

Hunting season

Throughout officially permitted time pheasant hunting is the time from October through December. In some regions, such as Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan, it lasts until the end of January. Pheasant – coveted prey, since its meat is extremely tasty and healthy, and beautiful feather outfit finds wide use among fans of manual work. In many Western countries hunt this noble bird is still considered a symbol of wealth and a prestigious pastime.

Most often, hunting for pheasants in the winter is held collectively and alone to get it hard.

Participants were required endurance, a keen eye and the ability to shoot well.

Success depends on how well the hunters have studied the lifestyle and habits of birds.

There are several types of pheasant hunting:

  • from the approach, when it is necessary to approach quietly sitting on the branch of a tree or on the ground pheasant;
  • the surge, when a group of hunters is divided into two, and the task one of them to raise poultry to the remaining participants;
  • stalking in a winter narodam, taking the trophy at the time of the bills of birds.

The hunt for the cunning bird is best done with a well-trained dog, and it isn’t just to hunt down and raise a bird on the wing – often very hunter it is simply impossible to get a dead bird from the bushes.

If the shot only wounded pheasant, he is able to run very far to find it without four-legged friend will not succeed.

The best hours for hunting pheasant

The pheasant spends a night sleeping on the trees, hens on perches or hiding in the dense thickets on the ground. When the first sunlight they move to their feeding grounds. It may be the clearing with dry grasses, agricultural land, shrubs with berries. After eating, the birds are hiding in secluded places, and in the evening go again to the utility bills.

So the best time for hunting is in the late morning or late afternoon hours. Experienced hunters who have studied the habitats and habits of birds, always a good calculate of the watch.

The choice of weapons

Grobovoi the gun barrel with a choke or poluchat – most frequently used in hunting pheasant. Suitable fraction from No. 7 to No. 4.

The bird also shoot air rifle and even a crossbow.

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