Hunting for wild boar in the oats

To discuss how to look cultivated fields, we will not, everyone knows it. Land under the supervision of the people is no big deal. Huge areas are often adjacent to a forest, where many animals willing to eat oats is full of nutrients.

They not only eat boar, and various birds, including the bear off enough for them to eat.

There are also semi overgrown fields, abandoned people. The difference is that oats on them less. The latter is a small clearing right in the woods, which is arranged in the following way. Is edge of the forest, or it is artificially created, cleaned and sown the crop.

Most of these feeding places are created jaegers or private hunting farms that invest their time and effort. Then, nearby is the tower or the storage shed, which in the future are being hunted. It turns out very convenient and promising: the field can produce not only wild boar, but also bear.

Training and what are the nuances you need to consider

Clothes should be comfortable from not rustling fabric, which will not respond to friction or the rubbing against a tree. It should not be impregnated with anti-mosquito, should not emit no stranger to animal odors.You can post in the hunting grounds before the hunt, for a day or half a day. Tips on ammunition, the ammunition, the weapon can read the article about hunting wild boar with the approach. All the rattling parts of Your outfit need to wrap with electrical tape for protection from breakage.

Choose shoes with a thin sole, it will give the opportunity to control the steps and feel the twigs under my feet. For example by building new storage shed, tower, or repaired existing ones, in 1-2 weeks there is nothing to do.

Boar cautious animal, within a radius of 200-300 meters it will not work. Must wait until the animal gets used to the changes or new smells.The same applies to shooting the animals in this place, if he was, it is better to pause in a week, than to wait for the next appearance of the object of hunting the next day.

How to choose a place for hunting from the tower or storage shed

If You will be hunting from a tower, waiting out on the field, you should really think well where to place an ambush. It will be great if some of the sides of the box will be closed by the river or some other impassable obstacle. The herd boars more than one exit, their are always a few, so to say with certainty where this will be the beast very hard.

Your task is to go around and find all the places and trails. It does not always work with meter accuracy to determine them, it may be the area within 50-70 meters. After the procedure is over, it is worth considering. To build the tower, or will cost a ambush on a tree, then only You can decide, after analyzing the main exit of the beast to put the ambush to not be noticeable, but to see everything at a glance.

Arrange an ambush at the height of the main task – not to be seen by the beast. Can be masked by branches of the same tree and be invisible because of them. It has nothing to rustle, make noise, creak and generally to publish any unusual sounds. Make sure in advance. The place on which you sit, make convenient, because the process of waiting can take hours.

Please make sure you stand under the legs and arms. Stand under the legs to check his weight, completely standing on it, there are times when shooting is standing. Design should be reliable.

A very important point: the boars out on the field only on the leeward side, at the same time they should not smell of the hunter. Another important secret: if hunting at the time of the ripening of the oats, the animals are trying to be on the field as long as possible, stuffing yourself with food to satiety. The herd may periodically move around. Do not delay, but no need to hurry, because as we said the animals came to feast upon, most likely after crossing they will stop again and continue the meal.

If this is the time of harvest oats, at this point, the beast fed, and will not long be delayed. There are cases where the herd with a pig do not stop, continuing its way, and the head of the family after a couple of bites, rushes after them. What you should say is about the weak visibility of targets on the field. Hunters noted that the youngest asks even see it in the grass, as the stems are above their growth. Sometimes poorly distinguishable sexual characteristics, make sure that not aims at the pig, be sure who you are firing.

Hunting for vivsyanyky with the approach: how to spend it

Now let us examine the hunting field approach, it is certainly more exciting and interesting than sitting in the tower.

For example, on the pitch the blind. Found traces of the animal, the beast. Go to the field, provided that Your tracks should not intersect with paths of pigs. Going sit right in the oats. It is necessary to pay special attention to the behavior and natural qualities of the boar, namely: it is very good to hear and not bad smelling air, but the sight had all the bad.

Sit on the floor and waiting for the coming of the beast. To hear the moment of exit is not always possible, because there is nothing to break or make noise. The main goal is to wait for wild boars will begin to eat oats. The one who had the opportunity to hear that sound with anything it will not mix, but if You are a beginner then it’s like slicing the fennel with a knife.

If animals started eating, so that they become less cautious plus more deaf as the crunch of eating grains prevents them to listen to the environment. To travel to a meeting is only under their Champ, just at this moment. Don’t be afraid to approach them at close distance, or even in exceptional cases, or rather night, to face them. For any rustle, any unfamiliar noise, You will hear the receding patter of boar hooves.

Again, if you haven’t become completely dark, while chomping you can try to stand up and see the location of the herd, after wait for a pause and continue your way to the meeting. During night hunting, I advise you to use optics or night vision reflex sight or under-barrel flashlight. Gadgets will help make you feel more comfortable in this situation, while talking about the comfort of the newcomer in such an unusual situation is difficult, but this is only the beginning.

If for some reason the beast something smelled, heard, he just did not like something, he can rebound from feeding meters for 15-20. There is nothing to worry. Wait, when he will continue to feed. Once You get the distance accurate and confident shot select a target, make sure that you are not shooting a pig, aim and make a shot. View video good hunting on the field, the trophy was produced.

Conclusion and a couple of tips on the maintenance of production

Since we are talking about hunting in the warm season, then you should definitely give advice on the preservation of meat. In any case, do not leave the evisceration and carcass dressing in the morning, big mistake. As soon as possible transport the prey to the place where you can safely do all the necessary processes evisceration and cut-up pieces. While on a hunting database of problems should be less, often they have their refrigeration equipment.

If the refrigerator is not at hand, the pieces of meat of small size 2-3 kg should be stored in a cool place, for example the cellar. It is not necessary to put it into bags or plastic bags. There were occasions when in freezing temperatures (-20 degrees) eviscerated carcass, with the spacer kept in the belly of the night in the car was beginning to smell rotted give, note, in the winter period with such freezing temperatures.

We tried to collect the maximum information on the subject, I hope You have read our article. Again, the article was written with the advice of real, experienced hunters who have extracted more than a dozen of cleavers, not to mention the wild boars of gastronomic proportions.

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