Hunting with a crossbow for wild boar

First- it is a quiet weapon, when fired, does not emit loud sounds, which is comparable to the use of a silencer on the gun, prohibited for use in civilian rifles. Second, very high knockdown. Third, is throwing weapons, who would not say that and hence a lot of issues and taboos that often remain unanswered.

Can continue to debate the reasons for the ban such hunting, but let’s talk about the process itself, without reference to a particular region, but rather the country. Hunters, and just starting, wondering where such hunting is allowed. To date, permitted in Finland, the state is in the neighborhood, and if you want to legally hunt you can contact the organizations that organize.

To the same country is Republic of Belarus. When you decide that it is necessary, you will find information concerning entry and the organization of the process in these States.Let’s talk about this type of prey animal, the experience of other countries, I would like to analyze the pros and cons of this action.

The advantages and disadvantages of such a hunt

Read more about the benefits:

  • Hunter gets a lot of unforgettable impressions, which will not get to hunt with a firearm. A new feeling is something that is lacking in many.
  • Reliability and simplicity of the mechanisms. This is one of the biggest advantages of the weapon. It is unknown how long hunter will need to be in the woods. When moving with a gun in the woods should be something to protect the trunks from various debris falling. Throwing weapons do not have this disease.
  • The speed of the bolt (arrow). Here is an example. The average weight of the bolt is 22-27 g, at this weight it has a top speed of 90-100 km/h.
    This is a fairly high speed for throwing weapons, this plus flows smoothly into the next and it is quiet.
  • Silence, from our point of view, applies to both positive and negative factors, but only partly. High speed flight of the projectile in Skopje with silence during the shot, and after giving hunter a number of benefits. And most important of them is of course the price of the blunder, which becomes quite “cheap”. If a hunter fired a shot from a crossbow and missed the animal, then he has a chance to remain undetected, which of course do not have firearms.
  • The cost of the product. Worth visiting a hunting store and see for themselves that derived both for small and for big money.

Read more about the drawbacks:

  • Shooting cannot be carried out airborne targets, especially if they are at a great distance. This is due to the fact that taking anticipation when the shot is not that hard, and extremely hard. In short, to conduct aimed fire is almost impossible, and it is likely at best to miss.
  • Silence is both a plus and a minus. Here comes the dual situation in which a hunter shot not killed on the spot goal, only hurts. Unscrupulous people can remain in ambush, considering that to get the wounded animal makes no sense, because the firing was silent, and here come the animals.
  • The prohibition of such production on the territory of Russia. This is a very significant and important disadvantage, which in time can negate the advantages. Not every hunter has the opportunity to go to another country.
  • It is impossible to obtain a permit or license to hunt a beast with the crossbow.
  • It requires much more skills in aiming, because aiming to shoot at a distance of 30-40 meters not that hard, and extremely hard. And when shooting with a hunting rifle is considered a usual distance. Help scopes, on them now and we’ll talk.
What kind of optics to use: select the best option

Often the sight is already included and do not think that it will not be enough, certainly individually, but have common chassis and crossbows a regular sight not bad at all. After purchase, you need to practice shooting at different distances, without this of course nowhere. Hold in hand, to assess prekladatele, weight, size. Start the test from 10 meters, gradually increasing the distance and the only way to get an idea how good or bad shoot.

Don’t need a scope with large magnification, because the fire is at a short distance. If for any reason decided to replace the stock on your device, then choose between the models with multiplicity 4×24 or 4х32. If you have the financial ability, then look toward the night sights. They give a lot of advantages, the most important and obvious of which is hunting at night. Because at this time of the day awake a large number of animals, especially mothers.

It is also worth to think of it, maybe you should choose a red dot sight, which will allow for accurate shooting.The specific models to stay makes no sense, because we all have different capabilities, we give the main features, which are worth considering.

The main types of crossbows for hunting

Consider two main types:

  • Classical (Recursive).
  • Block.

Actually used both types, explain each in more detail.

Classical or recursive have one very important advantage – small weight (about 2 kg). If you’re hunting not for a few hours, and say to day running of hunting, the crossbow will be just right. Simple and reliable, lightweight, and won the trust of the people.

Block have more weight, so it will be harder to pass the whole day. But let’s look at it from the other side. It often happens that the block model have a weight close to 3.5 kg, that is certainly not enough. But for example, the weight of the gun IZH-27, which has a huge popularity among hunters, is between 3.1 to 3.5 kg.

It remains to be said about the power of pull. When you hunt for wild boars, it is sufficient to use weapons with a tensile force of 80 kg. This is enough for a striking shot.You should pay attention to the presence of the fuse. This is very important when choosing weapons, it is necessary to choose those models that have provided this functionality. Also it would be nice to have the protection from a single shot.

What is a single shot projectile weapons? – when it is shot without an arrow. After you press the trigger, the bowstring will begin to transfer energy to the arrow, to push the guide, and the transmitted energy at the moment is extremely high. If the guide will not be a bolt, this energy is not liquidated and not peredavai the boom will be passed to the shoulders of the crossbow, the shoulders, in turn, can not withstand such power, will begin to bend in the opposite direction, and at some point may simply be reversed.

What to use arrows and arrowheads

The first thing I want to say that it is not necessary to use low-quality supplies. The pursuit of the low price will not lead to anything good. In the best case miss the shot, and at worst, hurting the beast that will be able to leave.Buy only time-tested and the other hunters bolts and arrows. Name a few brands or models that you can search the Internet, information is given solely in order to give direction to the search.

In order to check this fact on the example, suggest to buy several types of bolts, some cheap others expensive. Perform the zeroing at different distances, with different weather conditions (wind), and all will understand.If you’re going to hunt for wild boar, we recommend to apply two of the blade tips, which are more likely to penetrate through the carcass, for example the production of “Carbon Express” or “New Archery”.

When choosing arrows to defeat yearling boar, gilt or the other is not as large and full-grown beast, I advise you to try the arrows with drop-down blades upon contact with an obstacle.

Most common material for shafts is carbon fiber, durable and reliable material. The most used brand is the “Easton” produced by the United States or “Carbon Express”, produced in the United States. Another argument in favor of the selection of quality arrows, bolts and lugs – weight and spine. After all, if the tail boom will be different – arrows will fly differently, if the weight of the arrows will be different – they will fly differently, if there are still any flaws all this will affect the quality of the flight.

1 piece of advice, what would the arrows are not used, equip them dressiruem shank, which will help not to lose the arrow. It’s a shame to lose arrows cost a few dozen dollars.

On the methods of hunting we won’t stop, because all individually. It can be any type, for example, with the blind. Being on the tower with throwing weapons and telescopic sights, at the optimum distance for the shot, waiting for the beast extracted. It may also be hunting from the approach, where the distance with which will be conducted aimed fire can range from a couple of meters to tens. Again, that in Russia such extraction is prohibited, to apply the acquired knowledge on the territory of the state where hunting by this method at the legislative level.

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