Hunting wood pigeon in autumn

Wood pigeon common in coniferous forests, ranging from Scandinavia to the middle part of the Himalayas. Wood pigeon breeds in the temperate latitudes of Western Siberia and Europe.

Usually their nests, the pigeons are satisfied on a dense coniferous trees.

Wood pigeon (or withouten) is a species of wild pigeons. It is a large and heavy bird weighing from 0.5 kg to 900 g and a length of about 40 cm Color grey, smoky with just a few shades: pink, lilac, turquoise (mostly craw). If the wings of the wood pigeon is dissolved, you can clearly see the transverse white stripes on them, as in the lower part of the tail. Composed these two lines of spots on each wing. In adults the sides of the neck there is a white spot in the form of a Crescent. The eyes of wood pigeon pale-yellow, bill pinkish, tarsi red.

Hunting wood pigeon in autumn in its scope can not be compared with the autumn duck hunting, but it does not give grounds to consider it useless and a little attractive.

If you regard the pigeon as a trophy, he has the physical dimensions of decent compared to other in the total mass hunting of the birds as weigh from 0,5 kg to 1 kg.

In addition, special care and peculiar manner of flight allows him to escape from the hunters in some cases. Only his overwhelming desire to communicate with other doves often becomes dangerous for him.What is dangerous and what is wrong is that the bird is sociable? This weakness bird hunters use for their own purposes.

They are used for hunting stuffed animals that are arranged next to stradcom to lure the dove during hunting wood pigeon in the fall. The pigeon pecks on the Ruse and flies to the hunter, and he immediately shoots and the bird on the ground.

In the fall to hunt doves is not as simple as it was in the beginning of the season, as the bird is already scared and more experienced. At this time of the year it is necessary to use several methods that help to find and get pigeon.

What is attractive and interesting to hunt for wood pigeon in the fall?

The wood pigeon is the largest pigeon, and it already attracts. After hunting small doves doves this kind of a gift to a hunter.

Incredible care of this bird is forcing hunters to resort to the most effective ways of masking that makes this hunt an additional palette of emotions.

To properly aim and make accurate shot is not the easiest task, therefore there is a need for a practice that further whet the hunter.

A variety of methods of hunting this dove will not be bored, because you can try out a few options that will help to delve into the essence and the beauty of this hunting.

Hunt the wood pigeon feed on the fields and watering

If the street is the beginning of autumn, the wood pigeon you can go even on harvested wheat fields, but it happens rarely, because they are processed quickly.

Wheat grain is the first treat for the dove in the beginning of the season. As a rule, in autumn the pigeons fly to feed on sunflower fields, which is harvested in late autumn.

This is where we should build a place for hunting. Pre-need to carry out investigation and to determine the places, where sits the bird to feed to close to put the blinds.

Feeding time for the autumn can be constantly changing, because the days are rainy and cloudy every day significantly reduces the day.

All these circumstances influence the behavior of the pigeon, and he under certain conditions may for a day to feed, and at other it can not meet.

When the birds aclults the grain will go to a watering-place, where the hunter can skillfully hiding under some Bush or in the blind.

It is recommended to placed at a distance of not more than 30-35 meters from the place where pigeons sit. This distance is considered for some of the rooms of the fraction is already marginal for shooting.

The wood pigeon with stuffed

If other types of hunting requires at least 15 stuffed animals, to hunt the wood pigeon is about five and sometimes even three pieces to complete his mission.

As a rule, the arrangement of stuffed animals do on forage fields, but this does not mean that they cannot be put somewhere else. A heightened sense of sociability makes them fly up to the stuffed animals.

To apply this way of hunting is better early in the morning or evening when it is mostly happen and the flight of the wood pigeon.

In the summer when hunting wood pigeon you can use stuffed. Schooling life suggests that the wood pigeons, noticing the vacationers or nursing relatives, then sit next to them, while approaching the hidden hunter for a good shot.

The wood pigeons respond well to any stuffed pigeons that are sold in almost every hunting store. If you install a lot of stuffed animals or profiles, it is possible to get huge flocks of wood pigeons. For small flocks or single birds 4-5 stuffed animals. If stuffed, you can put the previously extracted birds, giving them a natural sitting posture.

You can set the stuffed animals on the ground, poles are among the sunflower fields or branches of trees. Effigies are set on earth in the form of a horseshoe, but the right shape to achieve is not worth it. Too often the “correct” location of the birds can scare away the wood pigeons. Be stuffed should be 2-3 metres from each other, and their heads should be directed to the wind. Also next to the stuffed animals, you can install a kind of “pigeon carousel” with birds with spread wings. For this you need a long pole and freely fastened thereto a transverse beam, on which a stuffed. In the wind they rather seem to depict the landing of pigeons.
When the pigeons flew, the hunter must quickly react and make a shot. It should be remembered that the wood pigeons fly very fast and can make sharp turns so if you fear that they are sometimes impossible to track. The gun should have a heap and a sharp fight, as wood pigeons are strong on the wound.

Sometimes that stuffed react not those who are waiting hunter. Noticing the pigeons, they can throw a hawk. And not getting the booty, he might be back soon. There were situations when a hunter shot a pigeon, a hawk, to catch up which the hunter is no longer possible.

Hunting in areas days and nights

In any case, the pigeon sooner or later departs from forage fields to rest or spend the night. The task of the hunter is to find these places.

Very often we come across whole flocks of wood pigeons in the oak trees, where they rest or spend the night. Find these favorite trees and build the next hut, which’ll monitor and shooting.

When you choose a place for a tent, pay attention to the fact that the bottom of the tree was clearly visible.

Approaching the pigeons in the tree can be singly or in pairs, so try purely to beat the bird to it is not stuck between the branches and is not frightened for its unusual posture of other wood pigeons.

When the fields clean of bread, wood pigeons – known to fans of the cereal grains immediately flocks or alone stuck to the sheaves. At this time, widespread hunting for the wood pigeon snow, and to get closer to the birds most often on all fours. It is best to start stalking the birds in the early morning when the birds are hungry. At this time they are less cautious and can keep the hunter closer. In the case of shot wood pigeons fly and sit on close to the trees.

If then a long time nothing happens and the hunter does not manifest itself, they can return to the feeding ground. The hunter, well disguised, you may not get a single trophy. After harvesting, the bundles of the wood pigeons begin to migrate to the former feeding grounds, looking for the remaining grains, but approach them at this time, it is almost useless, as they notice any movement.

In addition to cereal grains, a favorite food of wood pigeons are acorns. In forests where forest edges are oaks, you can find big flocks of wood pigeons, and feeding, they fly to the same place. Knowledge about the availability and use by hunters. In advance tracing, on any of the edges feeding the pigeons, you can arrange a hunt for wood pigeon out of hiding, disguising it under the surrounding countryside.

The same types of hunting you can use on rocky or sand pits in the fields where there is a shallow puddle, where the wood pigeons come to drink water or small stones.
But these kinds of hunting for the wood pigeon moldobekova careful of wild pigeons, and therefore little used by experienced hunters. The most common types of hunting wood pigeons are hunting with a decoy and hunting decoys.

Hunting pigeon with a decoy

This kind of hunting is allowed on territories you can apply from mid-spring, when the birds return from the wintering grounds. When hunting with a decoy it seems important to be able to repeat the sound produced by a male pigeon on the current. The sound that represents the next tune: “ku-kuu-ku-ku-Kuru”, and the second syllable sounds the loudest. This line is repeated the pigeon 2-4 times, and then to hear the final sound of “hook”. After a pause, again sounds like a long melody and a closing “hook”.

If for some reason the last sound of the wood pigeon does not produce, then the bird spooked by something and will soon fly away. Naturally, after observing wood pigeons will come the ability to accurately reproduce these sounds.

Experienced hunters produce the sound of the wood pigeon without any additional tools. However, they use hands as a megaphone, where the sound comes from the depths of the throat with an open mouth. Or you can put the palm bent towards each other, squeeze your thumbs and blow into the crack, reproducing the desired song.

Beginners can purchase a decoy for pigeon. The advantage of the wind mancow is that they can be used not only for the allure of this bird. Thus it is necessary to blow into the duck call by adjusting the sound by closing or opening additional holes.

For such a hunt suitable for the early hours, before 8 a.m., and the time after 4 PM. Before manene should determine the approximate location of birds and find the next place of ambush or concealment. It is desirable to find a spot close to the trees, which if successful manenji the birds will come flying. And directly under the tree to sit is not necessary, since due to the dense crown will not be able to see the wood pigeon.

When the place is found, you can begin to attract the bird. During the singing of the pigeon hunter must start moving towards it and stop when the pigeon stops. If a dove meets a hunter, but not flies a couple of times you can clap your hands, portraying clocked pigeon.

When the hunter hears the pigeon started, I have heard a clapping sound, you have to be ready to fire. Shoot better entry, otherwise the wood pigeon can be placed on a thick tree, where it will be impossible to ignore.

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