Hunting woodcock during the spring thrust

The thrust from the language of professional hunters is a special time of year when the males of upland and marsh fowl begin to patrol the area, wanting to find a mate to create the family to continue its kind.

Spring often pulls great snipe, sandpipers, ruffs and woodcock.

What is traction and how is it performed

The forest is waking up from winter cold, snow and wind, filled with new life. It was during this period the hunters, waiting for the changing seasons rather go someplace that’s about to begin the mating season of birds. This method is a kind of leader, why, we’ll try to answer.

First, there is an opinion that today the extraction of such birds as the snipe or the woodcock is not interesting from a gastronomic point of view. And as well, shelves in stores are littered with various bird and this abundance, anyone can find something to their liking.

It’s not all about the satisfaction of their primary needs, such as hunger. People who want to hunt woodcocks have several more opportunities because of the low competition among other hunters. Yes, it is competition.

In view of the fact that in some areas the fishing is simply not done in a mass of people opens up great opportunities for those who decided to do it.

Secondly, it is affordable method. The availability of our time sometimes outweighs our ability, to our deep regret. Because it does not require expensive equipment, complex technical gadgets, the price will be nothing compared to the trips for wild boar or elk, where the word competition hunters is much higher.
Spring hunting can be carried out with 2 things: a gun and a decoy, are two integral parts, without which the process would be impossible.

How to conduct a successful hunt – our recommendations

Success will be guaranteed in the following case:

  • Hunter came to the right place where it will be and to shoot the birds;
  • Correctly chosen forest. The forest must be suitable for potential breeding birds.

To determine the height of the uprights can help external factors that a hunter must know. For example, grass and moor frogs are beginning to croak in the midst, as the mating periods of birds and amphibians at this time of year overlap. And the way the croaking of frogs at this time is the same ritual in search of females.

In addition, it is important to remember that the flooding of certain parts of the array, it is important to go somewhere dry. If the water began to subside, the hunt can be completed.

How to choose the right place where to find woodcock in the woods

Remember that the outcome will depend on the selected location. Best suited to mixed forests: aspen, alder, birch, and lime and oak groves. The basic food for our birds is an earth worm, and it is found where the soil is rich with nutrients.

If there grows a Rowan, buckthorn, bird cherry, spindle and hazel, then the woodcock, too, somewhere. To avoid a bit of dried hog-Belomestnov, as well as too dense and dark spruce forests and moss bogs.

How to take a position for firing. Which fraction shoot

The second decisive factor is the location of the arrow that shoots at the bird. Of course, shooting should be carried out where the most likely to wait for her flight. Plus, the hunter should not forget about the view of the sky and ease of introduction of fire.

For example, should not be placed under a huge tree with lots of branches and a large crown, at least in the spring and a fluffy crown, branches are also a hindrance.
This will interfere with the shoot, and the area overhead will generally be in a dead zone. I suggest standing near a small tree, that was easy to use side shot.

The hunter should look for the low to woodcock declined. In high spring woods, you can waste your time, because there is almost impossible to knock out.
Professionals say that the fixed getter is invisible to birds, and she voluntarily goes for a good shot. It means no need to constantly hide under the trees, we must advance to occupy the position and prepare for the apt shot.

Hunters agree to use the fraction № 7 (some use a number 8 and 9), the reason being that the bird is not strong on the wound. Ammunition container type Dispersant or biscentenario with linkage 28 grams, but not more 32гр, you can experiment yourself.

Tips for a good hunt

We offer You to familiarize yourself with the guidelines:

  • It is important to check the weather. If the promise of cold and snow that in the spring all of these is found, a good draft is delayed;
  • Also, no need to hope for success, if blowing East or North wind. The guarantee will be fishing the West and South wind to “walk” in the evening;
  • At high humidity especially good hunting;
  • Another positive signal is the gathering of snow and drizzle;
  • The behavior of other birds, like Robins and blackbirds, may suggest that thrust will not. If the little birds are singing – so the hunting will not;
  • The invasion of mosquitoes-Tolkunov is a good sign;
  • The last part of the spring season is the best time, even better than the opening of the season;
  • The development of events depends on the number of snipe in a forest;

Also a note that morning hunting more successful than at any other time of the day. Listen to the advice of old-timers, because they of all people know how to get the trophy.

To summarize

I hope that the recommendations presented thoughts and, of course, our advice will not go unheard! We wish everyone great hunting. Says one unwritten rule of hunter – prey is never too much, just in moderation!

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