The autumn boar hunting with approach

Each hunter their own personal type of production, but many agree that this process is most interesting. In this place it is important to make the caveat that hunt so presented the animal can only be experienced and careful the hunter.

Unfortunately, as practice shows, for those new to the hunt, this method sometimes ends sadly and is applied as a kind of damage. At the same time, there are more effective ways of catching wild boar, for example: ambush the bait.

Hunting with the approach taken will appeal to those who like to search out their potential prey, to hunt her down, careful to sneak up on the beast so that he doesn’t suspect anything.For reviews of hunters themselves, when they approach the animal close enough and begin to hear him breathing, somewhere inside a person Wake up the most important instincts.

That is why, many say the sharpness and neperedavaemye all of the feelings that one experiences.

Ready to hunt

So, if You decided that such a dangerous occupation suit You completely, it is time to start preparing for it. For starters, it is important to talk with a Ranger who will tell you where the herd eats, rests, and where the pigs transitional paths.You should also carefully examine the terrain and topography, to understand where in the case of which the animal can escape.

Please note that to count on success only in those forests where there is a well-oiled network of trails, which can be moved.Recall that the boar is very smart, extremely strong and dangerous beast. To compare his strength and ingenuity is possible only with the bear. If someone thinks that it is clumsy, it is self-deception, a yielding to which you can lose health and in a particularly sad occasions.

Hunting in the winter

In particular, the extraction of this beast in the winter on the trail of the most effective than in some other period of time. Rather just chase the animal is still fresh, as other signs of habitation of wild boar in the forest can not find. If the terrain is not familiar, then find the animal is almost impossible.

Rules of the hunt:

  • It is important that the weapon was always ready;
  • As a helper you can use a relaxed and trained huskies or hounds;
  • To go hunting we suggest to the moment as the sun goes down. Approaching the edge, slowly come to the feeding place;
  • The place for shooting, the better to choose near a boulder or large tree. This will allow you to hide in if the shot turned out bad. Even if Your shot was good, and the animal fell, it is not necessary to run to check it out. To get follows back and is still in the hands have a fully ready to fire the gun. If the ears are pressed, and the hair on the back of his neck ruffled, he is alive! Reinsurance is and make a shot in the ear, to protect yourself from any problems;
  • Do not open fire on the boar that flies directly at the shooter. It is recommended to shoot from the outside and it is necessary to aim under the shoulder blade of the beast;
A few secrets

Remember that this lesson is sort of a lottery. He’s smart and often changing the place of feeding, so you will have to work hard again to find the beast.More than other qualities, in this case, will the patience, care and skill just waiting.

In the morning to find it won’t be difficult, with the proper approach. Rather just to watch the chopper at night, however you need to be prepared to wait a few hours before it will appear in close proximity.To get close to the herd can be blind, while all the individuals rest. They sleep soundly and so you can come very close. If we admit the mistake and awaken the beast, it is able to cripple and even to kill him.

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