Diving equipment

Beginners usually use the fact that it offers a diving center. But those who want to do dive regularly and seriously, buy your own.

For those who once plunged into the depths of the ocean, always remember the beautiful underwater world, and for many it becomes a real passion. But to really enjoy diving, you must purchase the necessary equipment.

Suit for diving is an integral part, without it diving in Thailand and other places impossible. The suits are divided into those which pass the water and used to dip in the warm waters and vary in thickness and availability of parts. Material for them is spandex or neoprene. The better the fit of this suit to the body, the heat-shielding properties increase. Best suits those that have an anatomic cut. For cold water suits available, impermeable to water, they dress up for special diving lingerie. These suits fully protect the body from cold water.

The mask is a mandatory one that adheres well to the face, and for those who wear glasses, you need to buy the special, in which you can change lenses. The tube is also included in the scuba gear.

Also the size of the selected fins. But not the ones designed for swimming, with a closed heel (they need to wear a sock made of neoprene). For diving you will need fins with an open heel that can be adjusted, they need to put on shoes neoprene.

The regulator is an important detail, it allows you to breathe air from the cylinder, when the selection is best to use the advice of your instructor. Diving equipment it is impossible to imagine without the compensator, which allows to achieve a so-called zero-buoyancy, ability to slide in water. They differ in the magnitude of the lift force, which can create. It is necessary to consider the system of the compensator, its ease of use and occupancy.

Immersion is very important to know the dive time and depth. The market has a large number of hours to dive under the water. But those who are seriously busy diving will buy a scuba dive computer. It represents all the devices that allow you to control the dive. And, even with a solid value, they need the diver for more security.

Underwater flashlight gives you the opportunity to dive not only at night but also in conditions of underwater caves or inside wrecks. Weight belt, buoy, compass, a knife – all of these items are included in the diving equipment.

You can have your own diving cylinders, and to rent at the diving center, but be aware that the tank needs periodic hyperbaric tested to determine its reliability. Control system of air flow allows the pressure gauge that connects to the regulator. Oktopus the second, the spare stage regulator is used when failure of the primary, or to help the partner if he was having problems with the technique.

There are many tools, which are used as equipment for the dive, it is used to time dives and to service the equipment, one of them is special bag to carry equipment.

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