How to choose a speargun

Being a fisherman / researcher, I am constantly studying new types of fishing and hunting. So, one day I came across an article about underwater hunting.

About this I have heard before, but this time my interest was drawn not to the process itself, and to the various guns for underwater hunting. It turns out that at the moment there are gas, powder, pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic gun. The main difference between them is in the way of throwing a harpoon.

It appears, choose the speargun is not so difficult.

So what is the speargun?

This weapon, designed for destruction of underwater victims. To make the right choice, you have to decide on what fish, where, in what conditions will be hunting. Important and range target.

So, back to what I learned about a new kind of hunting for fish. Naturally, I immediately began to scour in search of the necessary information. First learned that the guns are divided into consumable and cost neutral. I decided to choose the consumables the gun, as the hope in this situation is risky. Further I happen to know that the cost neutral guns are divided into vacuum, air, spring and other types.

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