A list of the biggest animals in the world

People at the peak of possible try to learn more information about home planet. At the moment, the mankind knows no more than 5-7% of the total, that hides the earth.

Underwater depths, high mountains and abandoned places become a new medium for the emergence of new types of living organisms. The world still has a large and heavy mystery to solve that try the best scientists and researchers.

Regardless of the unknown amount of information about the world, we can identify the largest animals on earth. Due to miscalculations, modern technology and other methods to easily find out about those species that are known to man, including weight and ways of life.

The largest animal on earth

The majority of people who don’t spent too much time behind the books, I can safely say that the biggest animal in the world is the elephant. Large animal feeding on grass and leaves, able to stomp any predator. The history of elephants, the biggest animals in the world originated in the remote depths of history, even when it was not possible to create ships, capable to sail thousands of miles.

Until about the discovery of the New world by Columbus, the elephant was the largest animal on the planet. It was listed as a reliable fact. But after a significant jump in the development of the science of shipbuilding, began a massive study of the oceans, including the Pacific, where most of the marine animals. During this period people faced with the unimaginable power of a marine animal can compete with the biggest ships in the world. Became acquainted mankind with the blue whale, the heaviest animals in the world.

The title of the heaviest animal in the world moved to the big fish, the elephant is now being called the largest mammal on earth. Over time, the study of the animal world has led to unexpected fact: the blue whale, and the elephant is also a mammal. Mothers feed their young milk. Due to the high fat content it does not dissolve in water. At this time the Bishop is a little “pushed”. To this day called the elephant the largest land animal on Earth. Among different types of stands African elephant. This huge creature to a height of 7 meters and can weigh up to 7-8 tons. It is considered the leader among all the elephants in mass and size.

Due to its own weight and dimensions of the body it is clear that on land the elephant has no equal in weight and size. Most of the other animals several times lighter than the giant. However to call him the biggest animal in the world, taking into account water and open spaces, it is impossible for such a statement is a lie.

The elephant compared to a blue whale and is comparable to a rabbit, on the background of a huge lion. In fact, the largest creature in the world recognized blue whale. One his heart will weigh more than 750 pounds. All of the studies, detailed analysis of fossils and historical finds have repeatedly proven that the blue whale is the largest animal on earth ever existed in history. The body length of a blue whale is over 30 meters, this distance of half a football field.

Not worth the discounted expense and other animals, are able to compete in the title of the largest among its kind. There are lots of creatures on the planet that will interest more than the elephant.

The largest arthropod in the world

Among arthropods also have an incredible record, capable of hitting the imagination of man. The Japanese crab spider is still considered the largest being species of arthropods. Total weight sometimes up to 20 kilograms, and body length, with claws, up to 4 meters.

Yeah, not so impressive size of an elephant. Arthropods are not famous for large sizes, most of the subspecies of animals reach sizes up to 30-40 cm, not more.

The big bird

Birds of Paradise also has incredible individuals, which could grow to incredible sizes. As many guessed, the largest representative of birds in the world is the ostrich. Incredible weight, sometimes reaching the impressive figure of 170 kilograms, with an increase of almost 3 meters, allows the ostrich usedto be the largest bird.

Due to their weight to fly, ostriches can’t. It kompensiruet incredible speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Thanks to a strong and powerful legs, the ostrich is able in one sitting to kill a person. There were cases when a single blow of the ostrich in man had broken over 80 bones. And the ostrich holds the title of the fastest two-legged creature on the planet.

It is worth mentioning a few other species of birds that can fly, which can also impress with its size:

  • The wandering albino.
  • African big bustard.
  • Swan white.
  • Dalmatian Pelican.
  • Black vulture.
The record holder among reptiles

Reptiles – the most “unloved” creatures to humans. Because their structure of skin, manner of behavior, people tend to avoid close contact with them. The largest reptile in the world is the saltwater crocodile. This six-meter carcass weight of 1 ton, capable in a moment to deal a fatal blow with their jaws. They can rightly be called the most dangerous predators on earth. They are not afraid of people, feel free to attack large animals. There were cases when one such crocodile was able to beat the big Hippo.

The most dangerous and deadly reptiles is:

  • Alligator.
  • Leatherback turtle.
  • Komodo dragon.
  • Agosub.
  • Anaconda, or Python.
Predators and their achievements

The largest predator on the planet represented the Southern sea elephant. It is easy now to guess that the blue whale and elephants are herbivores. Southern elephant allows himself to attack the big fish, including at the world-famous sharksand squid. The males ‘ weight of these animals sometimes up to 4 tons.

Despite the comparative worthlessness on land, although it is a myth, sea elephants experienced and dangerous opponents. Apart from a couple of sharp fangs, suddenly able to tear any flesh, should beware and fins, the strength of which is comparable with the collision of the vehicle. A big part of hunting elephant in the water.

Ground leaders in the list of the largest predators is in agreement with the two species – the polar bear and Kodiak. Someone thought the Grizzlies? They are not able to compete with these predatory monsters in the world. The largest and ferocious kings of the land prey of the world can attack not only on herbivores and fish, as it is often shown on television channels. This is a superb killing machine that can destroy anyone, who dares to enter their territory.

Giants among enemies

In order to add to the article a little mercy you can remember about the rabbits. Yes, among them there are large and heavy representatives. This is not the usual hare, which sometimes comes across in the forests of Europe. This giant can be considered a Belgian Flemish giant. Ancient form of hares, which at the present care can reach a weight of 12-13 kg. Adult one representative of this species is larger than most hunting dogs. Their strong hind legs capable of breaking large wooden beams with a diameter of 8 inches. They successfully bred in many countries.

It’s not all records of the animal world that can defeat the human mind. It is understood that more than 90% of the living world of the planet is still hidden from the human eye. It is possible that at a depth of over 2 kilometers somewhere in the Pacific living beings vastly superior in size and weight even a blue whale with elephants.

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  1. Due to the high fat content it does not dissolve in water. At this time the Bishop is a little “pushed”. To this day called the elephant the largest land animal on Earth. Among different types of stands African elephant. This huge creature to a height of 7 meters and can weigh up to 7-8 tons. It is considered the leader among all the elephants in mass and size.

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