Bactrian camel how much they weigh

A very large number of people in the summer, going to have a holiday and go abroad. Depends on what are your preferences, you can choose a huge number of leisure options, from seaside resorts in Greece to the beautiful streets of Paris.

But if you pull to the exotic and you decide to go to Asia for vacation, there is a very high probability that during your trip you will encounter an amazing animal two – humped camel, also called a Mongolian.

What kind of animal
  • These mammals were tall and heavy.
  • Their ability to survive are able to affect minds.
  • Domestic camels are quite apathetic and not very active.

As you can see, the Bactrian camel is not a very accurate name. You may ask, what is Bactrian camel right. A Bactrian camel – the so-called their more educated people, observed in areas with a very dry climate because of the peculiarities of its physiology. So, he kept a huge amount of time without food or water, but not much discomfort.

But also, it is not a problem of extremely high or low temperature. A thick woolen blanket saves this in the cold winter. Due to these features more often found in semi-arid regions of Central and middle Asia, Mongolia, and in smaller numbers in the neighbouring territories of Russia and China. Bactrian camel is one of the most frequent guests in circuses with animals, this can be seen not only in Asia but in the CIS region.


Bactrian camel is quite high. At the withers exceeds the height of a human, and in some cases reaches up to 230 cm, although most of their height is about two meters. Many people have seen the Mongolian camel at the circus could not fail to notice the visual Majesty of this animal, and wondered how much weight a camel. We have the answer to this question! The sexes weigh the same.

So the adult male can weigh 500 pounds, but there are cases when were individual weighing about 800 pounds. Female Mongolian animals also weigh much less, and the range of 320-450 kg weight. However, knowing it’s all a question arises – at what age can be considered that the individual is already an adult?

In 7 years they stop growing, and overall life expectancy on average is about 20 years, but there were representatives who lived to 50. Their beautiful fur is different colors depending on the breed. There are a great number of variations of colours, but the most valuable are the two-humped Bactrian camel cream color. The most common colors considered brown, grey or almost black and pure white.

Do Bactrian camels have a number of physiological characteristics which significantly increase their survival. So is the only mammal that have the ability to lose 40 percent of water from the body, and remain alive. In case of dehydration have double-humped camels varies considerably in appearance, but if you have access to the water, the eyes can see the changes. So, an hour after taking the water he will look completely healthy.

All these factors have established this animal as transportation for long journeys through the deserts, and areas of similar climate type.

Bactrian camel – this, of course, a herd animal. They usually stumble in any herd can consist of up to twenty individuals. In most herds it is possible to detect females and young animals, as with age, you can start to travel independently, this leads to the fact that camels can often be found wandering all alone.

Though the survival rate of camels allow them go for long without water, their environment forces them to stay near water, as they are not so often found in desert or rocky areas. In winter camels drink water just in the form of snow. Bactrian camels are active during the day. At night they can be active, but in very rare cases, and at the same time say that their activity is negligible – nothing to say.

Home individuals have such a calm nature that from the outside it looks like a complete apathy.


Bactrian camel a herbivore, and its biological need to survive leads to the fact that it feeds even the most inedible for other herbivores by plants. As well as, their survival has led to the fact that if they eat a lot of food that affects their health is worse than prolonged fasting.


Bactrian camels appear at the possibility of breeding at the age of 5, although this age may come later, and much earlier. Pregnancy in females takes place in the period of approximately 12 months.


If you want to participate in exotic trips to Central or Central Asia, it is quite a logical assumption would be that you happen to meet with these animals. The main things you need to remember:

  • Camels can go for long without water.
  • These mammals are not very picky eaters.
  • You can use them as transport.
  • Not aggressive and rather apathetic.

Knowing all this, you will be ready to close acquaintance with these creatures.

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