Black Panther is a Jaguar or leopard. Description of the breed

Black Panther is the most beautiful, most mysterious and most poorly understood animals. About this wild cat written countless legends and myths.

Still she is considered the goddess of the animal world, standing out graceful appearance and steel character. Many are surprised at the incredible abilities of this predator and think it is mythical.

It is important to note that the genus Panther consists of several extinct and four living species:

  • Tiger;
  • Lion;
  • Leopard;
  • Jaguar;

Many people still wonder: black Panther is a Jaguar or a leopard? Try to understand.

Why black

There is a perception that black Panther should have a pronounced black color, but it’s not. In nature, there are other shades, as the name specifies no color and only a few subspecies of the cat family. Essentially, the predator is a leopard or Jaguar with black wool. Unique coat color is due to the habitat and way of life that leads animal.

It is known that the beast is found in dark, dense jungles, goes hunting in the night and almost not shown on eyes day. In turn, the mountain relatives wear white wool, and living in savannas and steppes predators got the yellow color is speckled.

It is important to note that the skin of black Panthers is non-uniform. Quite often individuals with white spots, brownish tint, etc. thus such individuals are interbreeding and are capable to bring healthy offspring. If one of the parents has a yellow coat, and the second black, the cub receives a yellow color because this color is genetically stronger. The baby turned out dark, you have to take for crossing exclusively black animals.

Physiological characteristics of a black Panther

Panther is a strong wild cat, with graceful appearance, athletic body, long tail and strong limbs. The average weight of an adult is 60 kg at growth of 70 centimetres. The body length reaches 1-2 meters. Externally, the predator looks mysterious and incredibly beautiful. Due to well developed olfactory organs, the animal can catch prey even in pitch darkness. Black Panther – the best hunter in your family. She moves almost silently, and smoothly, approaching the victim for several meters. Then a feral cat takes a leap and finds his future “lunch” surprise.

The Panthers have one unique physiological feature, the larynx, is able to swell with flexible bones of the hyoid apparatus. Due to this specific phenomenon , the animal is able to create mystical, chilling roar that is heard from a distance of several kilometers.

When attacking prey, the cat develops incredible speed up to 60 kilometers per hour, while jump height often reaches six feet. Based on the foregoing we can understand that the black Panther – quick and graceful predator that is able to catch any small prey. By the way, there have been cases that the animal attacked the man.

The average life expectancy of the genus Panther: the Area
  1. Tiger – 20-26 years old;
  2. Leo aged 10 to 14 years;
  3. Leopard 12-17 years;
  4. Jaguar – 12-15 years;

As for the life expectancy of a black Panther, she reaches 12 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity, such as zoo or kennel. But the maintenance and training of this graceful predator is a very complex and life-threatening occupation. The cat is an aggressive character, high intelligence and lack of any fear of man or other animals. There were times that the beast had attacked the lion, so any contact with it can end in tears.

Most often a black Panther meet in the tropical jungles of Africa, Asia and South America. The predator rarely contact with people, so try to stay away from settlements, human habitation and other signs of human activity. Of course there are cases that animal attacks on village cattle and causing great damage to agriculture.

As mentioned above, the Panther is a ferocious hunter. The most favorite treat for cats is the meat of large and medium ungulates. However, in its absence, this black Jaguar complete eggs of birds, monkeys or fruit trees. It is known that predator can go without food for 4-5 days. But if the cat is hungry, she turns into the biggest hazard to humans. Attacks on sleeping people in the woods, quite common. In addition, there are situations when the beast attacked a cow and stealing pigs. If the animal eats enough, it can not be overlooked at a distance of a few meters of a humble lamb.

In most cases, the Panther attacked the victim at a watering place, and the meal she spends on the tree, lying on his stomach. Sleeping cat is in the trees.

How to multiply the black Panthers

From leopards and jaguars and gestation lasts 90 to 100 days, after which the female gives offspring with an incredibly beautiful kittens. In most cases, she gives birth to two kitties, but there are times when the light appears 4-5 small predators. It is found in warm regions. It is known that the black Panther is the most caring mother. Before the birth she chooses a cozy, dark place where it’s hard to get a man or other animals. Most often that place is a hole under the roots of trees, large hollow or rough cave.

From the first days of life and before one year of age the kittens are under the strict surveillance of the mother. She practically does not leave them unattended and do not trust anyone else. Even father can’t come to their children because of the aggressiveness of females.

If she has to sacrifice his life for the sake of the child, she would do it without any hesitation. It is known that the first ten days of life cubs, Panther does not leave his lair, not eating and not drinking. She grabs that brought by the male. Often there are cases of complete exhaustion of the hungry cat. As they grow older kittens she returns to normal, but still provides them with maximum care.


Leopards and jaguars are terrestrial way of life, perfectly overcome tall obstacles and can attack prey up in the trees. For hunting, the predator chooses the night time, although he often attacks livestock in the afternoon. Like other members of the Panthers, the leopards may be active throughout the day.

Panther is considered to be a lone hunter. She rarely leads the hunt in a pair, except during mating, when a male and female spend a small part of your life together. As a result, the cat always relying on their own strength. Risk unnecessarily and waste energy in vain the predator does not like. Before the attack on the prey it is necessary to soberly assess the situation. If you need to run away, she’ll do it without much thought. However, the nature of a Panther is not timid. If it faces a difficult task or danger, it quickly turns into a ferocious hunter, able to overcome any obstacles in its path.

The Panther can be attributed to the territorial predators. Each individual controls their individual site, the size of which is determined by the abundance of food. If the production lot, then the lot is smaller, and Vice versa, if food little, the cat need more territory. Areas of males may overlap with portions of one or more females. If it appears a male, the host immediately enters the battle and begins a hard fight for their place.

Females are less aggressive but can also attack other females that entered their territory.

Your plot of the Panther marks of sweet-smelling urine or visible marks on the trunks of trees. In addition graceful appearance and beautiful color, the Panthers possess a high intellect and mind. It is believed that the Panther is one of the most intelligent animals, with the exception of the higher primates. Even a professional hunter may not always determine the location of wild cat.

But if it turns into a cannibal, she quickly credited with mystical characteristics and is considered a manifestation of the evil forces. Perhaps that is why, Panthers still evoke mixed feelings in all people.

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