Briefly about home raccoons habitat how many lives animal

One of the unusual animals recently brought in as a pet is a raccoon. This animal is very like children and adults, because its appearance looks like a laid-back kind of bear.

But actually this funny, at first glance, the animal has its own personality that can deliver a lot of trouble to its owners. So before you start in a city apartment a raccoon, you need to get to know him better.

Description raccoon

This predatory animal is small, has short legs and a long bushy tail. Body length in adulthood may be not more than 60 centimeters, and the weight of an adult is equal to about 6-9 pounds. Having short legs, the raccoon managed very deftly moving fingers, hence the name of the animal. He is able to take small items and even easy to wash in the water picked from the tree fruit. Greyish thick fur protects the animal in a cold climate. He is very caring about his appearance, but because long does the fur coat.

Also behaves raccoon at home:

  • takes paws small items;
  • a lot of moves in space, getting to the most remote corners;
  • take good care of your hair.

In the habitats the animal behaves very mobile, all the time studying the area and gets into crevices or burrows. Similarly, he is interested in all corners of the apartment in the house. He tries to get comfortable in unfamiliar to him the space, and then selects the most suitable place and almost never changes it, giving all to understand that now the “owner” of this place is it.

Despite the tenacious paws, sharp claws and high agility, the animal has a peaceful disposition. He is responsive, affectionate and appreciate an attentive attitude. If you give your pet enough time, he quickly becomes attached to its owners and becomes a true friend, not inferior to the devotion of dogs.

Raccoon at home: the subtleties of the content

Raccoon predatory animal, and he, like every wild animal, sharp teeth, claws and prehensile paws, which he helps himself to move in a variety of exotic locations. Staying in a city apartment, the animal tries to behave in the same way as in the wild – raccoon climbs in cabinets, on tables and furniture, damaging it substantially. So after deciding to have a raccoon home, you must correctly calculate all the nuances of his residence in a country house or city apartment.

First of all, it should be remembered that the raccoon has a distinctive character, which differs considerably from the customs of other Pets – dogs and cats. But if you buy a baby raccoon, it is possible over time to grow tame animal. To pet, which by nature is a wild animal, it was comfortable to live at home, need to organize the space for its content.

It is compulsory to have the following attributes:

  • a special house;
  • the litter tray;
  • food bowls;
  • the bowl of water.

Because raccoons are mobile animals, moving in a small space at home, they could hurt themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to securely attach cabinets and other furniture that could cause injury to the animal. His curiosity knows no bounds, and gargle all the time invidiual new corners of the room in which trying to settle in. In order to make him feel comfortable, it is necessary to approximate the place of detention in the apartment to the conditions of the animal host in nature. A good tool for its development will be the installation in the room of a small tree, which he can happily climb.

In the Arsenal of caring owners will always find toys that will entertain the pet. Because raccoons as well as cats and dogs, love to play with any soft objects. In order to avoid injuries to the animal, it is best to buy him a soft toy that will bring him pleasure. Good for such purposes, fluffy balls and light balls. Having attended to everything necessary for the pet, you can not worry about the contents of the raccoon in the home – it will feel comfortable and have fun.

People who decided to make a gargle, you must know that this small creature is able to make a lot of noise, especially at night. In the wild animal comes out at night to hunt, so instinctively it was at this time of day the pet can wander around the apartment, turning everything in its path. To which the owners would not have to suffer from lack of sleep, you should from a young age to teach a raccoon to sleep mode and waking.

Food raccoon at home

It is known that raccoons eat the different food. They are rightly called omnivorous animals. Food is considered to be seasonal, as in the early spring and summer, the animals prefer animal food in the form of insects, small rodents, reptiles, fish, and bird eggs. But in late summer and autumn are switching to plant-based diet, which includes nuts, acorns, mushrooms, berries and fruits.

On the basis of products that absorb animal in the natural environment, and constitute his diet at home.

Caring owners can choose from two methods of feeding the animal:

  1. Feed raccoon feed intended for dogs and cats.
  2. Use in the diet of those products which consumes a raccoon in the natural environment.

Despite the fact that specialized animal feed is considered balanced and contains enough vitamins and minerals, it is preferable to feed the raccoons the second method, namely: fruits, vegetables, eggs. In addition, very fond of a gargle of different snacks in the form of dry biscuits.

How many raccoons live

Raccoons have good health, they are practically immune to many infections, and therefore rarely get sick. But life expectancy in wild animals and contained in the home is significantly different. So, a wild raccoon can be considered a survivor before the age of 4 years. But Pets raccoons, with appropriate care can live over 20 years. How many live pet at home depends largely on the conditions of his detention.

To ensure the longevity of the animal, it is important to observe several factors: proper nutrition, physical activity and timely vaccination. According to experts, on the health of animals positive effects the massage. Regularly, on the recommendations of a veterinarian, should be to use antihistamines. If preventive measures and proper care, the pet can stay healthy for a long time and will please owners its immediacy and charm.

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