Exotic Pets are unusual Pets for the home

Choosing a family pet, many deliberately refuse from the usual cats and dogs in favor of a much more vivid, unusual – in a word, exotic, animals.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most unusual fauna that have moved from the wild to the comfortable habitation of man.

The capybara (Vdovenko)

This good-natured somewhat clumsy animal like a giant Guinea pig. Capybaras are rodents, and they are Champions in size, the average length of the animal is more than a meter and a weight approaching 50 lbs!

Characteristics of the animal are as follows:

  • The massive head.
  • A blunt snout.
  • Legs rather short, webbed between the fingers. Front while the longer back.
  • Claws are blunt, reminiscent of hooves.
  • The fur is dense, long, bright orange color.

The animal is very active, sociable, different natured temperament. But having decided to get such an unusual pet, you should carefully consider – whether the possibility to support it, because capybara needs to own rather extensive pool where she can swim. Contain Vdovenko in a cage is unacceptable.

If so, then you will receive a clever animal, perfectly amenable to training. A capybara can even walk on a leash, to teach a few tricks in meal it is unpretentious, happy to eat fruit, vegetables, hay or fresh grass.

Sugar marsupial flying squirrel

A very interesting representative of exotic animals, marsupial possum, also suitable for home detention. Looks similar to flying squirrels squirrel, and the name “sugar” animal deserve because of tastes – he is very fond of flower nectar, sweet fruit juice. The average body length of this unusual protein – just over 20 cm, the same length can reach her tail, which is so flexible that with it, the animal plucks fruit from the trees. If you ensure proper care, animal will be able to live at home for up to 15 years.

The advantages of home detention include the following:

  • Flying squirrel almost no bite. This kid is so non-aggressive that can bite but only if scared or does not know the smell of the owner. If you do not expose the animal to stress and not to change dramatically the perfume, its bite, the owner will not feel never.
  • Sugar protein is very smart and trainable. After training she could respond to his nickname.
  • Pet is not in need of vaccination against rabies and the receiving de-worming drugs.

Sugar the flying squirrel is gentle and sociable animal, give to pet, tied to the owner. Watch it will be interesting for both children and adults.

But it is important to consider some of the difficulties:

  • Twice a year the protein sheds.
  • Leads predominantly nocturnal.
  • Difficulties with toilet – often, these animals defecate on the fly, and to accustom them to the tray have not succeeded.
  • With a lack of attention can emit loud barking sounds.
  • If the animal is not fed, it will fall into a state close to a lethargic sleep.
  • Families with children should be careful – exotic pet could accidentally badly scratched the baby.

However, overall this is a very interesting and friendly pet, low maintenance and able to care for fur.


This desert Fox with big ears is becoming more common as a pet. It has a flexible friendly disposition, unusual appearance and intelligence.

Among the disadvantages of home detention Fenech should be called:

  • They live only in pairs. Fenek-alone die.
  • Not cheap cost.
  • For content need a spacious cage, but preferably in a separate room with heating sand on the floor – he’ll need to favorite could dig burrows.
  • When health problems will be difficult to find a qualified vet.

However, with these faults, the fence is easy to maintenance: they are omnivorous, can eat insects, vegetable food, small vertebrates, eggs, roots, and tubers.

Kangaroo Wallaby

These dwarf kangaroo – exotic Pets, which often occur in families of Australia. The animal’s growth may reach meters, weight – 20 more lbs. just to Tame them, but to educate the whole problem, wallabies almost not trainable. Feeding the pet is necessary in a strictly reserved for this watch.


Very beautiful, unusual big cat, which is quite able to become a pet. The animal you’ll be friendly and peaceable disposition, while their habits are closer to dogs than to cats, so it is very easy to train. This cat is active, for gaming it requires a lot of space, often the main entertainment is held at night. Servals get along good with other dogs but is very wary of strangers.

It is important from an early age to bring in the animal with respect to the owner, otherwise the cat will grow up to be wayward and wild, creating the owner a lot of problems. At the same time, like every other cat, Serval different cleanliness and quickly accustomed to the tray, which should be kept clean. The food is unpretentious, you can feed fish, meat, happy to hunt live rodents.

The most suitable conditions for acquisition of this exotic home of a handsome private house. With good care, the Serval will live more than 18 years.

The axolotl

Contain this representative of salamanders at home is not easy. Will need to be amphibious rather cold body of water, the average temperature should not be above +20°C, while completely clean, so clean the tank regularly will. The axolotl is a night person, that’s why his house must be dark cave, where the animal will be able to wait out the day.

But it looks like this pet is very exotic, Recalling the good-natured dragon black, gray or brown color.


A very unusual pet, whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

Very low maintenance and nutrition, but the content requires knowledge of some secrets:

  • It is better to buy females because they live longer.
  • In order for the tarantula to be comfortable in his terrarium, should prepare in advance some holes where Pets can hide.
  • Top “home” should be covered with a lid to the tarantula escaped, but air circulation is necessary to do it in a few small holes.
  • It is important to ensure the spider giant clock access to clean water. Some owners unknowingly do not allow Pets to drink, causing the poor man to die from dehydration.
  • For feeding you can use insects: cockroaches, grasshoppers, crickets, which you can purchase in pet stores.

With proper care, a tarantula can live up to 20 years.


The most commonly as Pets make trepassy, or South of the Brazilian battleships. The average life expectancy of exotic animals in captivity is 15 to 17 years. And a giant hairy armadillos can live for about 30 years.

A distinctive feature of armadillos – all their body like armor covers durable keratin shell. To feed them with fruits and vegetables, but the food should be soft – teeth of the animal little. Armadillos are nocturnal, need plenty of space to run, the floor should be covered with a thick layer of the substrate, so that the animal can dig a burrow.

The long-eared hedgehog

This exotic animal is very popular in Europe, they gradually find distribution in Russia. Most often give birth to African pygmy hedgehogs, it is good to adapt to life in captivity and loving people, the animals, the care of which is quite simple. However, hedgehogs are nocturnal inhabitants, the main activity they have at night.

What to consider for those who have decided to get this pretty pet?

  • A hedgehog will need a house, whose role may well play a simple wooden box. It is important that the animal is not able to get out of it, otherwise it may get lost in the apartment.
  • As place mats, sawdust or straw.
  • Every morning you should remove the faeces.
  • Feed your hedgehog with insects, grubs, slugs. Also the food can be given raw meat, boiled fish, seeds, vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs.

Jerzy’s single, to have a few animals, but in different cells.

Pygmy goats

The Cameroon dwarf goats – very unusual exotic animals.

Their advantages are as follows:

  • Small size.
  • Simplicity in the content.
  • A simple diet.
  • Tolerate both heat and frost.
  • High disease resistance.
  • Genial sociable disposition.
  • Respond well to training.
  • Easy to potty in.
  • Life expectancy – up to 20 years.

However these little goats do not suffer alone.

Deciding to have an exotic pet for your home, it is important to weigh the pros and cons, understand the responsibility that will fall on your shoulders in connection with the purchase of a wild animal. These unusual fauna in need of constant attention and care, otherwise it may turn into a wayward and capricious persons deprived of their respect towards the host.

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