Grizzly bear or brown bear are: nutrition, reproduction, inhabited

Grizzly bear or brown bear is one of the largest animals. This animal lives mostly in Alaska and Canada.

Around this beast turns plenty of rumors and legends. Hunters talk about how evil these animals and the fear overcomes them when meeting with Bruin. What actually is this beast? What is the weight of the animal? How many years it lives?

Appearance Grizzly

Its size and exterior of the Grizzly is very similar to the Siberian brown bear. He is also very strong, massive and terrible. Different Grizzly bear long claws that help him to be a great hunter. Despite this, climbing trees, the beast is not.

The growth of a Grizzly can reach from 2.5 to 4 meters. It is terrible to imagine such a huge beast. What’s the weight of a Grizzly bear? The body weight averages around 500 pounds. A very large specimen can weigh up to 1 ton. Female grey bear, usually weigh less.

The Grizzlies have very well developed muscles, strong body and thick fur. Color mostly brown, back and shoulder blades can be a shade of gray. If you look at the beast from afar, it may seem that it is completely gray. So he has the same name as in English the word “Grizzly” means “Grey”.

The head of the beast – powerful, with small round ears. The muzzle is elongated, the nose is black, small eyes. Jaws well developed, strong teeth.

Habitat and way of life

Long ago these animals lived in the territories:

  • Mexico
  • Alaska
  • Texas

Today they live only in Alaska and Canada.

Due to the fact that the paws of the beast’s huge claws to climb trees adult can’t. The bear can climb trees until forming his claws. An adult bear can easily swim across any river, catch some fish and destroy the hive, extracting the honey.

A grizzly is not afraid, it seems, not a single beast even the very large and wild. They have no enemies, because at the sight of a Grizzly any animal experiencing real fear and terror.

I must say that despite the real attacks grizzly people, in fact, this bear is afraid of man. When he smells people he’s hiding.

Grizzly bears in childhood very naughty and active. At this age they can even be tamed. In captivity bears live as well as in the wild – they lie in hibernation.

Grey bear – single. They try to avoid meetings with individuals of their own species. Only during the period of mating animals can interfere with each other.

As soon as the Grizzlies ends a period of hibernation, he goes to roam. A lot of time the animal devotes to the search for food. In autumn it feeds on very hard to the stored fat enough for the winter hibernation. Before hibernation a bear does in the construction of their dens. A great option is any mound, which is the first snowfall hid a cap of snow. During hibernation the bear is not in a deep sleep, but rather sleep. His body temperature thus decreases, metabolic processes slow down.

Come as soon as the warm days of spring, the animal emerges from his den and goes in search of food. But if the frost strikes again, the bear returns to their shelter and remain there until the next onset of heat.


It is considered that the grizzly bear is a predatory killer, but it’s not. They are mainly herbivores. Favorite food are berries and all kinds of vegetable fruit. Of course, these bears are predators but they are omnivores. The teeth of the animal are adapted to different food.

Grey bear occasionally eats bird eggs, fishes, lizards, and various insects. Also, animals do not disdain carrion. Grey bear also preys on large animals. Basically it is either ill animals or young and inexperienced.

Adult grizzly so strong that it can easily kill deer and eat them more than a week. After a meal, as a rule, the beast is resting in the rocks or is preparing a place, strewing it with grass.

During the salmon spawning and the bears come to the river and catch fish. Since they are excellent swimmers, they are not a hindrance even strong streams of water. Fish bears are very deftly and quickly. Also the grey bears they extract the honey, ruining wild hives.


In June, the Grizzly mating season begins. The female the male can smell at a very great distance. Together, they are from 3 to 10 days after fertilization and go on different sides.

Pregnancy females occurs approximately 250 days from the moment of fertilization, in January, the cubs are born. Usually it is two or three cubs. Weight bear in an average of 700 grams. They are born completely blind, hairless and without teeth. That is why unattended mother they are the first couple of months will not survive.

Little bears emerge from dens in early may. Bear teaches them to hunt and search for vegetable food. Cubs everywhere I go on the heels of the mother. Often bears attack older males.

At the approach of winter frost bear looking for a quiet place for wintering. After two years from birth, the offspring become independent and leave the mother.

Ready to bear children females become in three years, males reach sexual maturity at four years.

Interesting facts
  • Archaeological excavations have shown that grizzly bear appeared in Europe 13 million years ago.
  • Grey bear can run without stopping about 100 meters, so hunting mostly brings results.
  • The lifespan of a Grizzly bear in the wild is 20-30 years, in captivity up to 50 years.
  • Hibernation can last up to eight months. During it, a Grizzly bear may Wake up at any moment.

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