How many bears live, the life expectancy

Bears belong to the genus of mammals from predators. They appeared on our planet about 4-6 million years ago the territory of present-day France. The youngest species of bear is the polar bear.

Everyone always knew the bear is the largest predator in the whole world. In nature to gain him enemies. His speed when running after prey may be about fifty km/h, and after a hearty lunch, you may eat sweet berries. But not always bear fails to eat enough, so he leans from one extreme to another.

Brief description of the bear

The average length of an animal around 2.5 meters, weight depending on species approximately 700-800 kg. habitat – North America, Asia, Northern Europe and Greenland. To date, we know of the existence of more than 70 species of bears.

But principal the following:

  • Brown bear (Grizzly, Kodiak, Tibetan, Barminski, Gobi, European…)
  • Baribal
  • White bear (Mike Giant)
  • Asiatic black bear (Himalayan Misha)
  • Cave bear
  • The Etruscan bear
  • Small cave bear
  • Black bear

The way of life of the animal, external factors and his environment, directly depends on its longevity. Consider how many years one lives.

How old are the bears
Bear Years of life in a natural environment Years of life in captivity
White bear he lives about twenty to thirty years Can live up to forty years
Brown bear On average, twenty years Calmly reach fifty years
Black bear Average rate life for fifteen years Can live up to thirty years
Malayan sun bear Lives up to fifteen years Can live up to twenty years
Factors influencing the lifespan of a bear
  • Yield
  • Hunting for bears
  • The natural environment,
  • The struggle with the enemy
  • Disease of the animal
Hibernation bears

Live animal in the forest and in captivity, for example in the zoo. To hibernate the bear has to worry about his den, to find her and develop, he needs to gain weight as much as he should, about 50-60 kg. During hibernation the fat, will help him to survive the winter.

But there are cases that the animal is not gaining the required amount of fat, and then he has to Wake up and looking for food not in the best mood. He is a real predator. People call it bear rod. If the animal is close to the settlements, he attacks the cattle, there have been cases of attacks on people. So to save his farm, people were hunting bears.

A male can mark a territory of several thousand square kilometers. He can walk around in populated areas, pastures and feel the real master.

The period after the winter

After the bear woke up, he has a hard time to live, in the diet of its food consists of ants and berries left from last fall. As soon as the first bloom, bear feed on leaves, fresh sprouts and greens. Summer it attracts all sorts of berries and fruits. But does not exclude meat from your diet. Leads the hunt for wild boar or deer. At the end of the summer, cuddles in fish from reservoirs. Due to the raw food diet, the animal may get sick, which affects their population.

We all remember the cheerful, kind bear from cartoons and fairy tales. Generally, this character walks in the woods and eats berries and friends owl seven inhabitants of the forest. But all is not as rosy as we provide. If this animal, for some reason, there is a change of dwelling place, he is forced to go to another district, he becomes incredibly aggressive and dangerous, thereby showing its character. In this state, he may be a different amount of time. From the minimum time before the end of his days. This bear can cause irreparable harm to humans.

There are several ways to ward off. If the animal came into the town, where a lot of people to get together and form a huge mass, or of the beast afraid of fire. Bear sees the opponent more than myself and leaves.

This animal is very little rivals, but still they are there. For example, the Siberian tiger. Typically, the conflict between animals is during the carve-up of production, when very little food. Despite all the greatness of the bear, he tries to avoid meeting with the enemy. At the meeting, can climb a tree and wait until the predator will not go away. But it happens that a bear without a showdown climbs into a fight with a tiger. Such contractions do not lead to anything good, and it’s usually one animal dies and the second remains with complex wounds. This, in turn, also affects the number of years lived.

But whatever you say, the most dangerous enemy for the bears is man. From the cartoon “Mowgli” can you remember what and who was afraid of animals. It was a man with fire. Unfortunately, murders happen every day. Poachers do not realize that skin laid out on the floor is the whole life of the animal. Such trophies as the head, the stuffed skin or decorate house hunters, making them real killers.

The bear itself is a versatile animal, able to swim, catch fish, collect honey, climbing trees and could smell at a distance of 20 km Is an integral part of nature.

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