How much can weigh brown, polar bear and grizzly

On Earth is home to many large creatures – fish, birds, animals.

One particularly outstanding representatives of the world animal is a bear: this is the size of one of the most impressive creatures on the planet. Periodically the curious people, the question arises “how many kilograms weighs this animal?”

Awareness about the weight of the bear can be useful in different situations and even professions. For example, you can compare it with other types and to determine the degree of suggestiveness and thus give yourself a report of risk of meeting him. Information was obtained about the weight of this beast will be very useful to hunters or viewteam carcasses. Will be useful information about what is the weight of the bear, and search and rescue units who are often looking for missing or lost in the forests where bears live. For the overall development is also an important and interesting question.

What determines the weight of the bear

Definitely call the number, which would show how much weight a bear is not immediately possible, because the weight of polar bears, brown or grizzly directly depends on:

  • their habitat,
  • age
  • breed
  • the time of year.

Individuals from different habitats can have a weight of about 150 kg – 1000 kg. However, this impressive figure did not prevent this solid beast to have a high level of quickness and dexterity.

The possibility of a bear

The animal can move at a speed identical to the speed of a racehorse – up to 60 km/h. The dexterity with which these animals move through the trees, can the envy of any acrobat. Our hero climbs without undue effort up to 30 m high (the traditional height of nine buildings).

From people on the heights able to climb only a professional athlete or mountaineer equipped with special equipment. We should not forget that the hero of our article benefits not only climbing the dispute, but also track and field sports. Man, no doubt, plays forest owners hardly probable not in all respects, except intelligence.

Will touch, by the way, the question of the mind and try to figure out who among the bears can rightfully take the place of the most strong, big and smart.

Northern bear

White cousin from the North. How much weighs this beast is the resident of the North – and what figures are typical for a polar bear?

Though brown representative of this kind and great, he still is a competitor and larger. The polar bear inhabits the snowy expanses of the Arctic. The snow cover is deep prominaetsya under the weight of this major predator of the planet, having a weight of 200-300 kg in females these hardy animals.

How much weigh males Northern white? As this is not surprising, but males only two times larger, and their weight is approximately 300-450 kg. The most outstanding representatives of this species can reach a weight of half a ton. Both males and females is undoubtedly much larger than their warm loving brown brothers.

Appearance the polar bear is also able to impress. A large body of this predator can reach lengths of up to 2.5-3 meters. Even the highest people on the earth will be this white giant is only a shoulder in the best case, if the animal is, of course, stand on its hind legs.

The owner of the land of snow only looks white, but in reality the color of the skin of this animal has a black tint. The coat covering the animal, to the human sight does, of course, white, but it is absolutely transparent to ultraviolet light.

All these features provide an opportunity to ensure a perfect thermoregulation. Hairs do not prevent the penetration of ultraviolet light and sunlight, in turn, warm skin. Besides that light color of wool is a great ghillie suit in snow white and icy Northern world.

It is resistant to frost animal is able not only wonderful disguise it was still an outstanding fighter, a leg span which is more than three meters. Despite its considerable weight, the polar bear is a great runner and moves it is no worse than its brown counterpart.

What is the weight of a brown bear

Weight and value of brown inhabitant of forests directly related to the fact, a female it or the male. Female brown bear is several times smaller and lighter members of the opposite sex of their species. Their weight is only 150 kg. the Male part of this family bear the weight of the female half a little less than half, sometimes exactly 2 times, and ranges from 200 to 300 kg.

The larger specimens, the size of which may be due to genetic causes or fate, can boast a mark of 450 kg. However, such solid performance did not interfere with brown bears to move silently and easily, like a knife through butter, and cross the thickets inside the forest and, if necessary, and a windbreak.

Brown bears have an innate caution that does not allow that animal to appear on people’s eyes.

However, this rule may be exceptions, if the animal is hungry. Then hunger can push the bear on the actions that a wild animal usually unusual. Man should always remember that, being on its territory, it is always very jealously watches over the borders of their possessions and the places where it hunts and eats.

The sudden encounter with the bear, so to speak, face to face, can be attributed to a lack of vision (myopia) and inability to clearly see objects further than 45-50 meters. However, compensating for lack of vision, he has great hearing, thanks to him, well-versed and therefore able to respond even to the smallest rustle. In particular, should be afraid of bears”rods”, which for some reason was awakened in the middle of winter and can’t re-sleep.

Invincible and harsh grizzly

Figure the weight of the brown bear, although impressive, but still doesn’t mean he’s the biggest on the planet beast. Very serious competition for him is the Grizzlies. The average weight of this huge animal is about 700 kg. If someone decides to take the risk and weigh the Grizzlies on the scales, in contrast to the bully will be required to provide at least three brown bears. If the weighed specimen larger than usual, and 4-5 brown.

Interestingly, one was documented the fact that shot on hunting the grizzly had a weight 726 kg. If he stood on his hind legs, then its growth would exceed the mark of three meters, and the animal is absolutely still could look out the window of the second floor, if he wanted to the guests.

Those who decide that just running away from him, let him not flatter and do not cherish false hopes. This bear is quick, agile and knows how to perfectly swim. Paddling gait of this animal are often deceiving. Plus, his clumsiness is a kind of myth. In fact, clubfoot is just the peculiarity of the gait of a bear, which is that the animal simply occurs directly on either right or left paws.


People always had a special relationship to bears. Often, this is the stuff of legend, fairy tales, cautionary tales. This is probably due to the fact that the power and Majesty of this wild animals is not only frightened – they are often admired and wish to imitate the best qualities.

The image of bears is often used in heraldry. In our time, in ancient times did not stop the observation of the existence, characteristics and habits of this giant. Group of researchers group and to this day carry out different activities to explore bearish territories.

Established for these purposes sensors and video cameras can give a very complete idea:

  • about the number of individuals in General,
  • on the number of newborn babies,
  • the physical parameters of each individual.

Do including to keep bears as a species. We need to understand that only people are able to keep out of trouble and to protect from extinction, even such harsh and strong and representatives of the animal world.

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