Interesting facts about animals

The animal world surprises with its diversity. Creatures that inhabit our planet, quite similar to each other, and many of them have amazing features, what is not known to everyone.

What can affect the fauna, what are the most unusual of species,and is there something special about those animals that coexist with man is not the first Millennium?

It appears to show something unusual, even the usual Pets of man, cats and dogs. And exotic species are even more amazing if you examine them closely.

What surprised cats and dogs?

Cat and dog

Surely everyone remembers the saying the cat Matroskin: “whiskers, paws and tail – here my documents!” But not everyone knows that cats do have their own markings that identify each specific individual. And it is not about the smell – because the person does not have the same sense of smell as a four-legged counterparts. Each cat has a unique nose prints – in the same way as fingerprints in humans.

Two identical cat’s noses are there. And cats know how to move the front legs in almost any direction – the animal strikes with its flexibility. But cats jaw can not move sideways, the mandible can only be lowered or raised, actuating as a trap.

But dogs are the only animal species who looks people in the eye, studying the behavior and trying to predict it.The dog looks into the eyes of the owner and understand his emotions. Home dog even the average mind starts to understand a lot without words and commands. The eyesight of dogs is better than humans, but colors and shades they see less.

Interesting facts about animals and colors
  • The polar bear has black skin under the white fur. Fur provides camouflage in the snow, and the skin can more efficiently get the heat from the meager sunlight. In addition, all polar bears are left – handed. But the tigers, things are different – they have striped skin, skin and color of stripes.
  • The language of girafee all the dogs pink tongue, only Chow he’s black. The black tongue there is also a giraffe, this animal it reaches a length of 45 cm and helps to eat leaves from trees. The animal literally encircles the language branch to strip off her leaves.
  • Record for mimicry and the speed of changing the color of the octopus. He needs just one second to appear in a different guise. Interestingly, the pupils of them rectangular, like a goat’s.
  • Pigs can get sunburn. Other animals are not capable – tan only pigs and humans.
  • For some unknown reason, mosquitoes like the color blue. Also they are attracted by the smell of banana that is weird.
  • Almost all animal milk has a whitish color. Only Jacob is pink.
Can animals speak or distinguish it?


There are a few types of animals able to use language to communicate, on the same principle, as do the people. First and foremost it should be noted chimpanzee. These monkeys have a specific device of the larynx, non-human, which hinders their pronunciation of articulate sounds. However, they perfectly mastered the sign language used by deaf people. Trained since childhood, chimpanzees are able to learn several thousand words – gestures to use it, telling not only about facts but also about their emotions. It was repeatedly tested by scientists who “adopted” young chimpanzees, translating them for training and observation in their own homes. Chimpanzees communicate with pleasure, they even learn to call names.

In the wild, chimpanzees have a complex system of communication that allows them to live in a group, to act effectively together, and even compete with each other. It’s surprisingly smart animals – no wonder the account say that their genetic code differs from human only by a few tenths of a percent. These little monkeys are perfectly manipulated dozens of items that serve as their tools, and are able to produce needed for a particular purpose thing out of scrap objects, sticks and stones. If you search the main difference between these primates and humans, many would point to the increased”hairiness” of the apes. But the body hair of a chimpanzee is no more than the man, just hairs better developed.

To master it for informed communication can also crows. They learn to 140 words a year, know how to pronounce them, use at the right time. Many parrots, especially large ones, can also learn a certain number of words, but they are not always able to apply them consciously. These birds are limited to the usual onomatopoeia.

Almost all animals are able to master the commands given by the person. And rats have demonstrated the ability to distinguish between languages. At least the Japanese from the Dutch they differ with the ease that has been proven by experiments. Sorry to say they do not know. The vocal apparatus, very similar to human, have manatees, but they have weak hearing, which is typical for marine life. So they learn will not.

Interesting facts about animal nutrition
  • There are animals that pollinate plants. Valerianka lizard feeds on nectar, pollinating the local flowers.
  • Some snakes eat only a few times during life.
  • A leech may feed every 9 months, and crocodiles can starve for six months.
  • People eat avocados, but parrots, dogs and most other animals eat this fruit it is impossible. This plant is the representative of the Laurel family, it is poisonous, and to this day don’t know why people can eat it without risk.
  • Insectivorous bats can eat medium-sized birds – this fact has been clarified recently. But if a bat is ill, it fed other members of the pack.
  • Penguins do not drink fresh water, they need salt – they have glands that secrete salt, bringing it from the body.
Interesting facts about fertility and reproduction
  • The chicken is able to bring the year to 200 eggs.
  • The female monitor lizard can delay birth for up to 2 years if the circumstances for breeding are added unfavourable.
  • The placing of their offspring to others – this behavior is not only cuckoo. Bees, ants and many other insects and even some species of fish tend to escape thus from the parent worries.


Ordinary house mouse can breed all year round without a break, her pregnancy lasts just 20 days, appear in the order of 3-12 young. The most prolific individuals have time to bring in the year to 14 broods grey babies who are born blind and naked, opening his eyes only to 9 th day. In the third week of life, they leave the nest and begin to feed and survive on their own. At this point, their mother may be willing to make a new offspring, the long slot is not empty, since the day after birth mouse again ready to breed.

So, animals definitely have something to amaze mankind. After all, it is not all to unusual facts. To talk about our smaller brothers can be infinite, planet full of amazing creatures.

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