Jaguar inhabited

In the animal world we can find a large number of representatives of different species and subspecies. Predators and herbivores, large and small – all of them beautiful in their own way, and also dangerous.

One of the most unpredictable and resilient family members cat is the Jaguar. DNA analysis shows that the first specimen of this species appeared 285-515 thousand years ago.

Those who will meet him on his way, not to envy. At first glance, this graceful spotted a miracle, but while hunting Jaguar spares no one

The animal is considered to be the third largest mammal in the world. And no wonder, because only one of his tail reaches 70-91 cm, and its body length often exceeds 190 cm, Males are usually bigger and larger than females. The weight of this cat is also rather large, on average, from 56 to 96 kg. Despite the fact that the height of the beast 76 cm, he is easily able to remain undetected.

In color it is more like a leopard, but the Jaguar is not to be confused with any other animal. Short and thick fur almost burning a bright palette of colors, ranging from sand to dark orange ochre. Whole body is covered with spots and rings of different sizes and shapes. Ears are slightly pointed and are always on the lookout, and a powerful head of black specks, which differs slightly from colours on the body. Legs too short, but some of the most massive and enduring in the world. And also the cat, the Jaguar has one of the strongest jaws in the world, which it can easily bite through a turtle shell!

The location and conditions of residence

This animal is found almost everywhere – in the shrouds of dark forests, wetlands, and wet montane forests and is sometimes found even on the ocean coast. Such residency Jaguar chooses for ease of hunting due to the color of the fur. These animals have streamlined the myth of cats fear water because they are excellent swimmers and settle mostly near large bodies of water.

But a more accurate location quadruped believe the territory starting from the jungles of Central America to selvam Brazil. Previously, they existed in El Salvador and Uruguay, but was later destroyed.

How to hunt and what to eat

Its hunting technique is a separate art form. Pre-marking your territory, which is shaped like a triangle, the cat begins to hunt. Usually, these animals come out to feed themselves at night, because nature gave him excellent night vision, and a slightly worse day. Slowly exploring the location, the animal can spend hours to wait for their victim in the bushes or branches of trees. Pinning the carcass a little more, it just divides it into a few meals.

The nobility of this beast also lies in the fact that he never eats carrion, and if the victim noticed their attacker, he’s not going to make the chase. Specific coloring helps him to sneak environment of grass and small hills. These cats are the real guards his dwelling place. Despite family ties, they are unfriendly to other cats. One deadly leap the predator bites into the neck of its prey and biting through it, slowly begins to eat from the head to the end of the body.

To the extent choose their place of residence, the predator has a special eating habits. He eats capybara, tapirs, birds, monkeys, snakes, some rodents, sea turtles and their eggs. Recorded even attack sleeping alligators and livestock. He can easily bite through a cow skull. In the water it eats fish. People beast is condescending and may not notice.

The character and behavior

The most active of these animals after sunset. By day they usually rest in the shade under large rocks, in caves or under thick plants. During floods and heavy dogliotti them save the trees. The animal the Jaguar is very tricky and unlike any one member of their own kind.


Subspecies of this animal are directly dependent on habitat.

Therefore, there are:

  • Amazonian Jaguar;
  • Peruvian Jaguar;
  • Mexican Jaguar;
  • Arizona Jaguar;
  • Central American Jaguar;
  • Jaguar Goldman;
  • Texas Jaguar;
  • Brazilian Jaguar;
  • Paraguayan Jaguar.
Real black miracle

Besides the common colors, there are certain phenomena, namely the black jaguars. They have unusual fur color due to the manifestation of melanism. Black Jaguar lives mostly in tropical forests. In habits it is almost indistinguishable from other members of their species. To date, the number of black jaguars around the world is very limited. These animals are on the brink of extinction because of hunting and transportation to the zoo. For its uniqueness this beast is enlisted in the international Red book.

Reproduction and life expectancy

By nature these animals are loners. But not during the mating season. A specific period for mating in cats no. These predators are known for their persistence because the female can even sometimes fight. A loud roar of the beast denotes that the goal is reached and after one hundred days in the lair of a pair are born children. Usually three kittens are born, but sometimes less. Color kids is a little darker than the parents, and the mother spends with them approximately six weeks.

Learning to hunt and becoming completely independent, children cease to live with her mother and leaving her. Parents after the birth of offspring is also separate and not Dating anymore. Feature of these animals is also considered that in captivity they live to about 25 years, and in a familiar environment die sooner.

This extraordinary animal. Beautiful, graceful and even a little peaceful. In Indian mythology, the Jaguar was considered a God, and symbolized strength and power. Predator hard to train, and this is not surprising, because whatever happened, he would never change his role and unique wild cats.

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