Leo: where it lives, its food and offspring

Today, there are many legends and stories about the life of a lion – king of beasts. In order to understand tale and what the truth is, you need to thoroughly investigate this. These animals differ from all others by its power and strength.

The indescribable beauty of the mane and angry growl give the lion a truly Royal appearance. And even in the habits of this animal is the Royal manners.

The harsh predator

Description of the lion predictable. It doesn’t matter where lives the king of beasts in the wild or in captivity – he is always a lion. A large and powerful predator with a strong body. The lions are very good runners. These cat’s have such strong jawsthat they can easily hold in the mouth of even the biggest of beasts. Thanks to the powerful claws, they tear to pieces any of his prey. By the way, the language of the king of beasts covered with small spines that help them care for themselves. With these thorns the beast easily removes insects.

Of course, the way of life of the cat depends on where the lion lives. Basically, this predator lives in Africa and Asia.

The animals live in prides – a kind families. As part of a family, usually one or two males and several females with kids. The duties of adult males is to protect families from males-singles, which often encroach on someone else’s. Females engaged in foraging, hunting and raising cubs. Small predators are actively playing, frolic and grow, preparing for adult life.

The average composition of the pride – about 20 individuals. The territory of lion holdings reaches tens of kilometers. For a normal life is incredibly important to this area was found in various ungulates. This will allow pride to eat well.

The Asiatic lion

Inhabited by Asian predators are easy to guess because of their name. They live in the territories of the Indian Gir forest.

Asian predator is even more names:

  • Persian;
  • Indian;
  • Bengali.

The Asiatic lion, in principle, very similar to African, but he’s a little smaller in size and weight. The color of their hair can be as brown and gray shades. Hunting predators in woods and fields. What time do lions live in these areas not known for certain. The bulk of these forests are increasingly attracted by the people. Cat has to leave and to share your possessions with someone.

But to share their possessions a lion have not only man but other animals. But many centuries ago they were owners of lands up to Greece. History knows cases, when a lion met on the banks of the don river.

The inhuman effort it took people to preserve the population of Bengal tigers. Today in specialized reserves are kept lion’s family and specialists fiercely fighting for their lives.

African lion

This predator lives in Central Africa. They own the land of savannas, which are sure to have a drink. The hallmark of this beast is, of course, luxurious mane, which covered the whole head and chest of the beast. ROST a male lion is 2.5 meters, and the weight of the lion 240 kg. The female is always slightly less. Basic wool animal short, but very dense. Color of sand or in the yellow shades.

Very big problem was the hunting of lions. People are destroying populations of these animals and if two decades ago the population numbered more than 200 thousand individuals, at the moment there are ten times smaller. And the reason for it. Because of the frequent attacks of the king of beasts, the cattle, the people fighting them with poisons and baits.

How many lives Leo?

What is the life expectancy of the king of beasts? Is it different in the wild and in the wild? Of course, Yes! In fact, the life cycle of a lion, in comparison with other animals, is relatively small. Very rarely a lion living in the wildreaches an age of thirty years. Upon reaching fifteen years of these predators, as a rule, to weaken and even cease to dominate the pride. Lionesses live a little longer.

Often, the male lions die in the battle with the crocodile, which is considered almost the only enemy of the king of beasts. They fight constantly, and if Leo easily attack a crocodile on land, the crocodile is much stronger in the water.


Of course, as for any other predatory animal, meat is the main source of supply. For the calendar year one adult lion eats an average of fifteen adult animals, weighing about a hundred pounds.

As mentioned earlier, hunters in the pride are females. But the first meal always starts with the male dominant over a pride. He always get the good piece, and everything else eats kids and a lioness.

Lions eat every three to four days. Each member of the pride consumes an average over time about twenty kilograms of meat. Immediately after lunch the rest of the pride comes together at the watering hole. Then all the rest, and this rest may last up to twenty hours in a row.

Interestingly, in the realm of pride always wander hyenas and the jackals and the lion eats the prey, which usually does not prevent this.


The most frequent victim of the lion hunt are:

  • deer;
  • giraffes;
  • antelope;
  • Zebra.

But this is an incomplete list. Lion hunts and other animals that is similar to the above.

In the afternoon all members of the pride rest and gain strength, and as soon as the first dusk they go hunting. Usually, the pride, consisting of five individuals, once a week brings from the hunt one large animal.

While hunting lions and roles. One distracts the victim, while others hide in ambush and attack unnoticed. All the bloody thing, usually perform most of the young lions. Still, the lionesses are the main hunters. They take surrounded the victim and slowly approach. At one point one of the females lightning strikes prey, she falls and there is a lioness kills an animal, sinking his teeth into his throat.

Once the victim is caught, immediately there is a senior male, who given the right first to try the food.

Offspring and reproduction

The king of beasts is very loving, that is why the process of reproduction they occur regardless of season and time of year. Mating lions always go away from pride. How much the king can be female? African animal can be up to seven lionesses.

When is 3.5 months pregnant females, she leaves the pride and gives birth to cubs in a secluded place, which is first for yourself is.

Babies are born completely blind. Newborn skin is covered with dark spots that are leaving after some time. Born on average three to five cubs, and survive to adulthood only half of them.

The cubs eat mother’s milk, and when it reaches the age of seven months babies begin to eat meat. In the family kids included in the two month old. The predator is an adult when it reaches five years.

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