Showcase for chinchillas with his hands

Oddly enough, but chinchillas do not like enclosed spaces, can not be said about other rodents. Rabbits, rats, hamsters, they all sit quietly in the cage, but the chinchilla requires more space.

For this reason, the cage for the chinchilla should be large and comfortable. As a rule, to buy such very difficult or expensive, but it is quite possible to gather your own hands.

Why should start doing the cage with your hands?

What you should pay attention the most?

  1. Length
  2. Height
  3. Width
  4. Number of tiers

This activity requires a certain concentration. It is hard to draw the mounting shelves in the showcase for chinchillas, do not forget to specify the size of the future product. In the cell have to be: baby bath, drinking bottle, feeding bowl and house pet.

The main feature that you should pay attention when creating the Windows with their hands, is its size. Showcase, as mentioned above, needs to be spacious. Moreover, the chinchillas like to move. It’s not a hamster and not a Guinea pig, which is enough for one wheel. To your pet was comfortable in the cage should be several tiers, in fact, that she called the showcase.

As to the height of a cell, it needs to be from eighty to one hundred centimeters. However, there is one feature: for convenience, you can make a cage hole where you will store food, food additives, some toys and other pet accessories. So in the drawing you can safely add 30 inches.

To make the cage fit into the interior, while not compromising space for the animal, it should be possible to calculate the size of tables, located under it. Based on the experience of people who have collected such cells, the optimal size of the cabinets -140 centimetres.

No less important parameter when collecting cells with their hands is the depth. It can be done in about 30-40 centimeters. This depth is convenient for the animal, moreover, fits perfectly into the interior of any apartment. As for the width of the cells – there are no restrictions, it is only necessary to observe a certain minimum of 30 inches. Cell with width less than this minimum, just not suitable for the existence of the chinchilla. If you want to make a showcase for chinchillas wider is the choice of the host.

Preparation of tools, choice of materials

After the drawing is ready, you need to choose the right materials for the cells. It is necessary to immediately abandon the plastic and wood of any species, because the animal can chew. You can choose between glass, polycarbonate (transparent) and a grid of metal.

As a rule, no one uses a grid, although from the point of view of doctors is the most safe material for the animal – it keeps the microclimate in the same condition and is an excellent ventilation for the chinchilla. However, practice shows such inconveniences as an eternal mess, because the mesh is easily skips the trash. Accordingly, the owner very often have to clean up after the animals.

If you choose between polycarbonate and glass, the first option is much cheaper, but brings harm to the health of a chinchilla from the pet deteriorates his health. From all this it follows that the most convenient and the best option is the glass: it does not bring great harm to the health of the chinchilla and it is very convenient to operate.

For work it is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • aluminium corners;
  • hacksaw (for metal);
  • pliers;
  • sealant;
  • drill;
  • any easy latch;
  • a rivet gun;
  • loop;
Build showcase for chinchillas

The build algorithm is quite simple: Take the aluminum angles. Then cut eight strips length of each strip should equal the height of the cell;

Glass. It is best to order in the workshop. The cut edges, as such, is not required, but it is necessary to ask the master to make holes on both edges. The distance between the holes should be 20 inches, and needs to back off and two centimeters from the edge of the glass, the diameter of the holes approximately eight to ten millimeters; Next you need to put one glass on the floor, attach the brackets to any edge, one corner on the outside, the other inside, then you have to drill a hole; the finishing touch: take the gun with rivet and riveting the edge.

Thus, there is a “U-shaped” figure. Land which remained unoccupied, should be done by parts, however, do not hurry up to put the glass. There will be attached the hinges and latch.After all these actions have to do little to secure the door in the window and you can proceed to the design of the cells inside.Device showcase for chinchillas inside their hands.

To make the tiers inside the cage for chinchillas with their hands, it is necessary to put special rubber mountings. They put a shelf, which can be done from wood. Just enough to make 3 tiers: the first for food, waterers, sand, something like a dining room. The second tier, you can decorate the bedroom, for example, to place a house pet. The third tier should be left blank so that the pet could play there and look around.

Thus, we can conclude: to build a cage, or a showcase for chinchillas with his own hands will not be easy, the main thing – to want.

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