Silver Fox: what kind of animal

Silver Fox, which is also called the silver Fox and silver-black, is morfou red Fox. It is bred in farms for the purpose of receiving a beautiful and warm fur, which is used for making clothes (fur coats, silver Fox, fur hats).

Silver Fox began to spread to Northern the US and Canada in the early nineteenth century, appearing after mutation of the wild canadian foxes. To date, in the lands of Canada were about 8% of the population of silver foxes living in the wild. Most of the animals with a unique color, special is bred on fur farms. Valuable fur was the reason for the almost complete extermination of the population of silver Fox, which was listed in the Red book.

Since the second half of the nineteenth century and throughout the XX century, the silver Fox was bred by breeders artificially. In 1971 it was recognized as a separate species. During the period of breeding, Fox fur varied considerably, increased the quality and variety of shades (Dakota, Bakuriani, platinum, etc.).

By crossing foxes with red fur and silver Fox, has turned individuals with red tint coat, covered with lots of black hair, especially noticeable on the tail. Those foxes had black bars on the outer part of the thighs and black limbs.

State register of breeding achievements registered 11 varieties of silver Fox:

  • Biryulinskaya;
  • Pearl;
  • Arctic marble;
  • Burgundy;
  • Red Roschinskaya;
  • Platinum;
  • Snow;
  • Calicott;
  • Moth Vyatka;
  • Silver-black;
  • Pushkin.
Description silver foxes

Standard body length of a Fox is 60-90 cm, volume tail can grow up to 60 cm, weighs about 10 kg. animal , the Color of the fur of the silver Fox may be different. Some foxes are completely covered in black thick fur, white is only the tip of the tail. There are individuals with blue and brown shades of wool with a gray-ash color sides.

In the summer the fur of the animals gets shorter and thins. The molt begins at the end of February or early March and ends in mid-July. In the future, the fur becomes more dense and thick, preparing the animal for the cold. Fox as well as other Fox, has large ears, very sensitive to the smallest sounds that helps the predator in the hunt.

Food silver foxes are small animals. She is good at hunting, skillfully camouflaged, thanks to their resilience, able for hours to pursue the victim. Being loners, foxes form pairs in the autumn and spring, at the time of mating. Born mother raising cubs, teaching them hunting and providing food.

Behavior in the nature

In the wild, Fox and Fox are the predators, slightly inferior in size to the wolves. They can be found in the forests of the USA and Canada, in rare cases, you can find individuals on the territory of Russia. These animals do not tolerate excessive noise and try to settle away from people. Large populations of foxes live in areas of protected parks and reserves. The animal digs itself a hole and is engaged in its arrangement. In your home Fox spends most of the time, emerging only to find food.

Features power

Under natural conditions, silver foxes usually prey on mice and rabbits sometimes attack the lizard or the bird. Beast can eat more than 300 species of animals and dozens of different plants. But three quarters of the diet of foxes is small rodents (voles and mice). For rabbits it hunts much less. Under favorable conditions, a Fox can even attack a baby deer. Catching birds is not so popular these animals as hunting rodents, but they are ready to eat birds caught on the ground, and their eggs and Chicks.

In the South of Europe, silver Fox, often prey on reptiles, in the Far East they eat dead during spawning, salmon, fish and crayfish in shallow water, the coast – select the put on shore shellfish and mammals. In summer, their diet also included various beetles, earthworms and other insects. Fox I am not above eating carrion, and in the absence of food can eat various garbage.

Vegetable food also makes up a significant part of the diet of animals, which includes the following components:

  • fruits;
  • fruit;
  • berries;
  • vegetative segments of plants.
  • soy.

The peculiarities of nutrition and content of feed varies depending on the habitat of animals belonging to a population.

Silver Fox maybe a few hours to the persecution of the victim, showing in hunting courage and prudence. Excellent hearing and sense of smell helps the animal to hunt rodents at considerable distances. Fox easily finds a trail of victims, but does not attempt to attack. It puts the rodent, until he was exhausted. Sharp fangs and teeth able to tear the victim to pieces.

Enemies of the silver Fox

Natural enemies of foxes can be considered wolves with whom they share territory. There have been mass shooting Fox hunters to prevent the spread of Fox rabies. After the start of use of the oral vaccine in Europe and North America, the need for the extermination of foxes ceased to be relevant.

The reproduction of individuals

Silver foxes become sexually Mature at the age of 9-11 months. Since that time, every year, males go in search of females for mating. The gestation period lasts 49-58 days, a single litter can consist of 4-13 cubs.

At the beginning of the breeding season affected the availability of forage and suitable weather, under adverse conditions, the offspring may not appear. At this time, among males there are often fights. After pairing, the male cares for the female during the entire pregnancy.

The little cubs look very similar to the cubs with white markings on the tips of the tails. The grown offspring begins to take part in the hunt along with their parents. By early autumn, the young become independent individuals begin to lead a solitary lifestyle. The young females the next year can bring offspring.

The content of silver foxes home

Before you take home a pet like a Fox, you must be familiar with the peculiarities of the care for this animal and rules of caution. Legislation in some countries prohibits the keeping of foxes at home, so before buying the animal should clarify this question. You also need to find a professional vet for checkups pet examinations and vaccinations.

The next step is to prepare a fence or a cage of the right sizewhere it will live as a Fox. The place must be accessible and convenient for cleaning and maintenance. In animal housing need to provide a den of performing the role of Nora, and also supply a box filler or sand, where Fox will go to the toilet. To the tray, the animal learns quite easily.

Fox can jump, climb and dig, so the house should be equipped in such a way that the animal was not able to leave. Foxes respond well to training, socializing and playing with them is not much different from similar games with the cats and dogs. The animal can also be accustomed to the leash.

Foxes are omnivores and can consume almost any food. In the normal diet of a pet includes the following components:

  • dog food of high quality;
  • fruits;
  • thawed vegetables;
  • berries.

The nutritional value of the food to be as close as possible to the diet of the wild Fox. Young cubs to feed with bottles and nipples. Beef is a favorite food of foxes. One Mature individual can eat for a day 1.5-2 kg of meat, and a cub – 0.5 kg. For the whole farm will need 450-600 kg of meat products in the daily diet.

The appearance of silver Fox in the culture

The coat of arms of Prince Edward island depicts as a support of two silver Fox. Foxes in the heraldic motifs represent the epitome of intelligence, integrity and wisdom. As part of the coat of arms, they represent the ingenuity, inspiration and perseverance.

Silver Fox is also depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Totma in the Vologda region, city of Surgut in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. The American writer and the author of “Stories about animals”, by Ernest Seton-Thompson made one of the characters in the book, silver Fox of Dominoes. In 1973, Igor Negrescu on this product was the film “Domino”.

Silver Fox, thanks to its beautiful fur, is popular in animal husbandry. These cute, inquisitive, playful and intelligent animals can be a great pet for the whole family, along with the traditional dogs and cats.

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