The Bonobo monkey: features a species of pygmy chimpanzees

The Bonobo monkey is a mammal of the order primates, the family of hominids. The second name of this species – pygmy chimpanzee.

They live in the one and only place in Central Africa at the bend of the river Zaire. The more these apes anywhere else were found. Because their Motherland is Africa.

Bonobo is the most intelligent Primate on Earth of all existing. In addition to high intelligence, bonobos have a remarkable short-term memory several times greater than the human, in terms of volume and speed of memorization.

Consider the traits and manners pygmy chimpanzee, features of behavior of society like yourself. Find out what food they prefer, what they like to have fun and much more.

Why Bonobo monkey received a second name – pygmy chimpanzee, is not known. But it is clearthat it is not pointing to the tiny size of primates. In size and appearance they differ little from their relatives.

The weight of males ranges from 35 to 70 kg. Average weight is 45 kg. Female bonobos more elegant, but less gain pounds, not more than 35 kg. the height of adult males is 150 cm, females – 130 cm

And females and males of this species of monkeys have a rather large head. Above the eyes are clearly visible underdeveloped eyebrow. The color of the skin all over the body – black, except the lips. The lips that really stand out against a black background, can be beige or pink. The forehead of these primates is high, the ears are large, wide nostrils. Whole body is covered with long hair. Breast cancer developed in females more than in males. Adults have a slender body with long legs and a thin neck.

Features pygmy chimpanzee

Monkey bonobos, unlike other apes, character traits very similar to humans. These bonobos have a large number of traits which are peculiar to man. Suffice it to say one feeling – sympathy. Primates can sympathize with as human beings. If one of the relatives for any reason is bad and it suffers, its suffering and support other individuals. This is reflected, for example, in collective mourning.

Lighting features of this type, you notice that the monkeys have a very good memory. For this reason, they tend to learn the various commands. They can observe and memorize the actions of the person, and then repeat.

Scientists have conducted a lot of experimentswhose aim was to teach the bonobos to understand the words. The result of the first experiments was stunning. Lab monkey by the name of kanzi learned to understand more than 3 thousand words. In addition, kanzi learned to use words, typing them on a keyboard with geometric symbols. In her vocabulary included over 500 words.

Together with experiments aimed at the study of the memory of the primates, there have been many other experiments, based on which scientists are judged on the intelligence of apes bonobos. And they all prove the fact that bonobos, the most intelligent Primate with high intelligence.

Pygmy chimpanzee understands and other systems of signs. He is able to remember sounds and to continue to carry out various sound team. When you hear any sound, Bonobo performs certain actions in exchange for a treat. Thus, he is able to remember and recognize not only many words but also sounds, too.

Seeing all of these abilities of bonobos, no one doubtedthat the most intelligent monkey is a Bonobo.

The behavior and mores of the apes Bonobo

The behavior of pygmy monkeys largely determines the gregarious power politics. The alpha male is determined by the collective game in a primitive war games and hunting with the use of spears and sticks. The winner of this game will be the first male in every sense of the word. However, at the head of each group should, as a rule, not a male and a female.

Bonobo peaceful APE. Any conflict always ends with a pairing, i.e. peacefully. It is exceptionally peaceful animals.

Primates prefer a collective or herd way of life. They gather in large flocks. The size of each group is about 100 individuals. Despite the fact that females are smaller compared to males, higher social status in the society of monkeys are they. The high status they owe their organization and cohesion. This status is reflected in the protection. For example, the male never protects. The female, on the contrary, when it starts to interfere any male, immediately begin to protect the other female.

All chimpanzees bonobos spend time together, but the day is broken into smaller groups. They all day long to communicate, play with each other. When it comes to sleep time, the small groups merge into one large flock. Social hierarchy in pygmy chimps is not so strict, as in other species of monkeys.

Entertainment bonobos

Bonobos, however, as the monkeys of any other species, love to play. Entertainment is an integral part of their lives. To game processes these primates fit very “professional” and very ingenious. In the same game can be played by several individuals.

One of the most favorite pastimes for pygmy chimpanzee – to make grimaces. Especially in this game love to play the cubs. They almost all the time, make funny faces and pretending faces, playing this pantomime. They play these concerts even when there is no one viewer.

In addition to the above, for fun chimp Bonobo love endlessly doing flips, spinning around its axis, jump over bumps, jump on cousins, swinging on vines.


It argued that not only the Bonobo, but all kinds of monkeys eat only bananas. This is not surprising, because we have many documentary and entertainment films we see that they always eat bananas. However, Bonobo monkey is omnivorous. They eat all they can eat.

Their diet mostly includes fruits. But, in addition, bonobos eat and is easily extracted from the ground roots of various plants. In addition to food of plant origin, chimps eat small invertebrates, but also quite large animals, which can be overcome.

It has been said that chimpanzees play hunting for fun. But to feed themselves and their young one’s fun enough.

In these games, chimpanzee hunting real prey:

  • proteins;
  • small antelope;
  • rodents.

Speaking about nutrition pygmy chimpanzee, not to mention the fact that, among other things, they eat their own young. It is cannibalism that many people is, to put it mildly, dislike him.

Cannibalism in primates

Do Bonobo monkey like yourself? Yes, it is proven fact. But cannibalism in primates should not be regarded as something special, extraordinary, out of the ordinary. Their descendants not only eat chimpanzees.

As you know, hamsters, pigs, beetles, birds, fish and other living creatures are not averse to eat their descendants. It is quite strange not only because we, the people believe eating their children is unacceptable. It’s weird becausethat the production of children is actually the main purpose of all living organisms. So eat them, and as a result, and transferred their genes is the best way to harm yourself.

These types of behavior pretty quickly disappear from the population. The fact that many types from time to time resorted to cannibalism, shows that it can sometimes be a successful survival strategy.

Bonobos use eating their children as a form of population control.

The main aspects of reproduction

Reproduction pygmy chimpanzee cannot be brought under any rules. It does not depend on anything. Neither weather conditions, nor the seasons, nor from the size of the group, nor by social status. Pregnancy occurs always at different times, not obeying any rules. Conception can occur only once in 4-6 years.

The female bears a calf on average from 220 to 225 days. When it comes time to give birth, the light appears a single young. Sometimes, as in humans, female bonobos give birth to twins, and even triplets.

Bonobo monkeys reach reproductive age at 13 years. They live to an average of 30 years. In captivity, e.g. in zoos, chimpanzees can live up to 60 years.

Cubs are born completely naked. Neonates on whole body not a single hair. Hair appears only after some time.

During childhood, the young pygmy chimpanzee live in close tandem with your family. Only a few months, they gradually begin to be absent from the family for walks and games.

Interesting fact.

Young pygmy chimpanzee from the first day and the rest of his life, just like humans, support the relationship with his mother. Fathers are they any relations do not support.

Bonobo as a pet

Sometimes people have the desire to have pygmy chimpanzee as a pet. But really they give birth, not allwho want it. Many people simply do not decide to get a Bonobo monkey because of the lack of knowledge in the field of primates or fear of possible risks. But the truth is, there is nothing to fear.

All the fears arising from the man who wants to have a small monkey house, is flawed and generally unfounded. But provided that it will obtain from the breeder a sufficient share of attention. The absence or lack of attention can affect the health of the Primate. Such an exotic pet should never be left home alone. If this ever happens and bonobos will be left alone, he will likely turn the whole house upside the head.

Alone the Bonobo is capable of the following actions:

  • bored primacy Unscrew all the doors in the cabinets;
  • if you find the house a screwdriver, Unscrew all visible screws and screws;
  • all taps turn on the water and forget to turn it off;
  • went all the curtains and chandeliers.

Dwarf chimpanzees, as mentioned above, is exclusively peaceful primates. Expect them to some undesirable action is not necessary if you pay attention to them. Because if you have the time to care for them, a monkey can safely to have as a pet.

The content of the Primate home

Before you start a home of chimpanzees, it is necessary to realize that it is not just a pet, but something more. To care for the bonobos are quite demanding and requires a lot of time and attention, because it is necessary for him to care than a human baby.

Pygmy chimpanzee (even an adult) you need to bring in to teach various skills and to educate.

The most interesting in the content of bonobos that these primates every day will be a pleasant surprise to the breeder of their abilities.

So obviously make at home chimpanzees. To care for the bonobos easily, if only there was enough time.

In conclusion, it is possible to note the pros and cons in the content of the Bonobo house.


  • Bonobo chimp is very friendly, because to make them at home you can safely;
  • to care, these primates are quite undemanding;
  • they have successfully trained;
  • with other Pets easily find a common language.


  • under stress, chimpanzees can turn the whole house;
  • apes bonobos attention should be paid 24 hours a day;
  • to feed this Primate – a very costly and expensive.

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