The most dangerous animals in the world

Man is always interested in the wild world of nature. Attracted by their mysterious and dangerous inhabitants, its unexplored mysteries, fascinating nature. Predators pose a particular threat to mankind.

These animals do not give time to think, they act quickly and decisively. It happens that the animal is harmless, and not able to bring harm, but should not be so trusting to treat this. Snake or any insect can do more harm than an animal terrible in appearance.

Animals wildlife live by their own laws. This law is valid in our world, and we all know “Survival of the fittest”. In an equal fight a predator with a very small chance that a person will win a victory.

The most dangerous animals in the world:

  1. Frog Coco
  2. Hippo
  3. Indian and African Buffalo
  4. Polar bear
  5. Bear rod
  6. Elephant
  7. Australian crocodile
  8. Leo
  9. White shark
  10. Poisonous jellyfish
  11. Snakes, insects
Frog Coco

First in its kind the most dangerous animal is a frog “Coco”, it is famous for its toxicity. The poison of this frog is the strongest, it affects all living things. The habitat of this mammal in Central and South America and Madagascar.

The long body of a frog for about 2-3 cm, But, in spite of its tiny body, it can cause irreparable harm. Her hunt South American Indians, under the influence of high temperatures, the frog is able to identify the poison.


Second in the ranking of the most dangerous animal is the Hippo. Though seemingly relaxed, he poses no threat to humans, he is very dangerous. Eif the Hippo in the water, it should bypass the tenth road. In water the Hippo thinks he’s the king, he will easily be able to catch up with the boat, not to mention the man. A great tragedy occurred in 2014 in Nigeria: the fault of the hippopotamus killed 12 students.

He turned the boat and dragged the children to the bottom of your pond, and thereby caused irreparable damage. In the wild, children can’t fuck with these animals. But also on your mood, the Behemoth can stand up for at least a weak pet in battle.

Indian and African Buffalo

Third place in our list is the African Buffalo. It is the most powerful of his kind. Indian Buffalo a very dangerous animal and should be avoided. He is not afraid, neither people nor animals. The growth of this animal reaches about two meters, and weight it can be up to 1000 kg. And with all this can have a huge horn. The horns are up to 2 meters in length, which gives it a frightening look.

At first glance, is a calm animal and is not able to harm, if not to touch it. But if he feels alien in his territory, he may decide to attack first. In the protection of their children Buffalo is extremely dangerous. The enemy little chance to win the battle. Almost always, the Buffalo wins over the opponent. If the bull is attacked, he will join his flock and the enemy definitely not survive in this battle.

Polar bear

Fourth place is white bear. In cartoons and fairy tales you can remember that polar bears are good, fluffy and affectionate animals. But it’s all a hoax. If you come to the zoo and consider these adorable cubs, and they don’t show any activity in your direction, it does not mean that it is possible to approach them and messing with them. But if to be alone with a beast man no chance to escape. Run away no sense – bear will immediately catch and kill. Polar bears live mainly in the Arctic.

The weight of the animal reaches 600-700 kg, and females are slightly lighter, by about 300 kg. the bear has its own territory, he feels it quite freely. If you meet a stranger on their territory, then immediately rush into battle. The polar bear is the only one of its kind not falling asleep, swims well, has good hearing and clear vision, but most importantly – has great power. If you fail at hunting, they can freak out and get mad even more.

Bear rod

In order to spend the winter, the bear has to worry about its den, to find her and develop, he needs to gain weight of about 50-60 kg. During hibernation the fat will help him survive the winter. But there are cases that the bear is not gaining the required amount of fat, and then he has to Wake up and seek food, and not in the best mood. He is a real predator. People call it bear rod. If the animal is close to the settlements, he attacks the cattle, there have been cases of attacks on people. The formidable attack of the connecting rod may occur and his brothers. If a man will begin to run from the bear, he did not escape, the weapons will help to escape alive from such an animal.


The fifth place of honor in a African and Indian elephants. In all fairy tales, cartoons and movies we see the good, incapable of evil animal that loves people and happily rolls. But the truth is far from reality. In the year killed about 500 people because of this animal. Among the animals the elephant is the biggest. Because of its weight it can easily trample the man. The speed it can reach is about 40-50 km/h So you can easily catch up with the man. Resentful elephant tramp, who was expelled from the herd is the most dangerous. He can see the prey in all of life.

Australian crocodile

The sixth position in the list of the most dangerous animals is the Australian crocodile. These blood-thirsty crocodiles are very dangerous. There are no such cases that if not to touch it, and he will not touch. Because crocodiles die every year up to 2 thousand people. These hunters still need to look. He andAmy are the best master of disguise in your form. You can easily confuse it with a log and pay with their lives for a mistake. His reaction will not force his victim to wait. He instantly jumps out of the water and pounces on its prey.

In Australia, these reptiles are protected by the state. But they manage to take human life. The most dangerous and largest of the crocodile species is a marine species, and estuarine. Males can reach 7-8 metres in length.


Seventh place is occupied by a hungry African lion. This is a very dangerous animal. Annually 250-300 people from the clutches of a bloodthirsty animal. Treat for the lions is Zebra or wildebeest. If the lion is hungry and have not hunted, he may attack humans. The animal is sated, it needs about 30 kg of meat. Lions belong to the cat family. Is the largest cat of its kind.

White shark

Eighth place for the most dangerous animals in the world is white. Habitat sharks, water, sea and oceans. Is that monster smell the smell of blood and the shark is already rushing with all his forces to attack their prey. The gun used to kill sharks – it’s her sharp teeth, about 3 thousand sharp teeth. Sharks appeared about 500 years ago. Habitat oceans, warm waters, except the Mediterranean sea. The length of the shark about 7-8 feet, but sometimes reaches the length of 13 meters. It is considered the most aggressive white shark. A wonderful lunch for the sharks serve as seals and whales. Over the year, affects about 100 people from the shark’s teeth.

Poisonous jellyfish

Ninth on the list of most dangerous animals in the world – poisonous jellyfish. The people are called marine Stingers. The size of jellyfish resemble a salad bowl. Can have about 70 tentacles.

One of the tentacles can reach up to 4 meters. Meet the jellyfish like warm waters in the tropical countries. Jellyfish can cause burns and it may result in death for humans.

Snakes, insects

Tenth and final in the list of the most dangerous animals in the world is the snake. How the snake is poisonous, depends on the consequences after the bite. Approximately 50 thousand snake bites cause a year. Cobra the most venomous snake. If not to touch her, she will not attack first. The mosquito is not less dangerous than the Cobra. He is a carrier of terrible diseases such as malaria.

If an animal raised in the wild and from childhood accustomed to defend themselves and hunt to feed themselves, never to make friends with a man and will pose a great danger.

But if the animal lives in captivity, so it was kind gentle and did not represent special harm need to:

  1. Respite care
  2. Proper feeding
  3. Ambient conditions

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