The proteins stay in the home

Protein can be kept in the apartment. For this reason, it is important to understand how to make room for the squirrels, what food to use, what to give to drink, and generally how to handle such animals.

In that case, if you have decided to get a squirrel, your boring days will become brighter. This happens because you have a home to live cute pet. He will never be sad, as it will always be fun in your home and run on the wheel. While you’re looking at this positive animal, you will be happier and you will disappear all of a sudden.

The nature of the protein

Sometimes interesting to see how the little squirrel. He simply and quickly get to any location and easily moved through any obstacles. Such Pets trust people and always strive to learn something new.

In that case, if you want to treat your pet and hold his Goodies in hand, he’ll gladly jump right back to your hand and start to eat the treat. Despite this, it is not necessary to force the squirrel to sit on your hands. Otherwise it can bite you.

The squirrels don’t schedule them as other animals. They sleep during the day and partying at night. Protein can be kept at home because they do not require constant care.

Eating proteins

In the normal habitat squirrels eat a variety of berries, nuts, mushrooms, wild apples or even the buds of bushes or trees. In winter these Pets eat what they have accumulated over the summer and autumn period. Even squirrels can eat the seeds of pine or new sprouts of trees. Sometimes the squirrel may even eat small birds, lizards, small mice, or balls. Homemade squirrel happily eating various kinds of nuts and she loves all sorts of fruits and even dried fruits. Protein is necessary to give the acorns or buds of trees.

But also, these Pets eat grain. They need to give oats because it is better suited to squirrels. Still, it is possible to treat your animals cooked peas, especially this food need a small animal.

At home your pet, you can buy seeds from pumpkin or sunflower. And also you can give them cones: spruce or pine. Nice if you put in the food chopped bones from fish or beef and flour worms. In this case, the animal body will be filled very useful in phosphorus or calcium. Your animal should always have access to drinking water, but sometimes it can be spoiled with milk. Squirrels need to be fed twice a day at the beginning and the end of the day. Do not give additional food to the pet because it’s bad for his health.

It is very important know that squirrels can’t eat almonds because it is harmful for their body. Failure to do so may even lead to the death of your pet.

Even animals can not give:

  • toasted;
  • sweet;
  • salted;
  • smoked.

In order not to complicate the cooking, you can buy ready-made food in a special shop.

How to care for a squirrel

Squirrels love cleanliness, for this reason they will not drink standing water or eat from dirty bowls. Because all you need to keep clean: the feeding bowl, a drinking bottle and a housing pet. However, if it is very good to wash the cage, the animals can start to worry. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to strew the bottom of a granular filler of wood and close to hay on top. This floor will last for three to four days. It will collect bad odors. In this scenario, you need to clean the house only once or twice a week. Squirrels can create small warehouses. They need to be removed, not to clutter up the house.

No need to wash or brush a squirrel, she performs these tasks with his tongue.

How to multiply Vecchio (proteins)
  • In that case, if you want to propagate the protein at a professional level, it would be a good idea to make the semblance of a forest at home. The room should be equipped with artificial trees and placed on them two squirrel.
  • It is necessary that Pets were not sick and were overweight. However, it is impossible that the animals were fat. In that case, if they are too skinny, the children these animals can be born poorly developed, quite weak or very young. If the female, on the contrary, will be thick, the children will be born too weak or even dead. Animal pair must be active. It is also important that they had a shiny coat. It is desirable that multiple animals gave birth to a mom who had a lot of milk.
  • When the squirrels will be a year, could begin reproduction. It would be great if the age of the animals will be no different. In this case, the partners will begin to communicate. In that case, if the squirrel home for a long time lived alone, that is, the probability that the animal may not love your roommate. In this case, animals should sit in different cages and place them close to each other. When they get used to one another, you can again place them together.
  • Pregnant animals need to feed. Their diet should be a lot of useful substances: vitamins and salts minerals. Pet female must feed meat and bone flour or cheese. At this time very carefully to treat protein. Before the advent of the young in ten or twelve days to secure the cage in an inverted position or to attach to the house place for posterity. It should be warm, it is necessary to lay on the floor of the hay or straw.

Homemade squirrel is pregnant about thirty-five days. Can be born from two to twelve squirrels. Before the birth, over a number of days a parent may behave hostile towards the male. Under this condition, it needs to be transplanted into another cell. In that case, if the room is chilly, it is necessary to heat it to kids would not freeze.

When birth is very close, in the animal, increased sensitivity to sounds and blinking lights. The animal may experience stress under these conditions.

Protein at home provides their offspring with milk. In that case, if natural feeding is not enough, you can feed babies with artificial formula. This can help milk cows. You need to make two tablespoon of a decoction of oats in two hundred milliliters of milk. And also pet squirrels can be fed condensed milk. It must be mixed with water.

All these solutions must boil and wait until they become warm. If the protein does not feed his child, at home in the first week we give him a half eyedropper full of mixture. Feeding calves once every two or three hours. Over time, it is necessary to increase this segment.

For your animal need good care, he lived a long and happy life. He will thank you many cheerful moments and impressions. Protein will be for you a true friend that will always amuse you.

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