The strongest animal in the world – ten of the most strong

What animal is the most powerful in the world? Immediately you might think about the elephant, because it is the largest after the blue whale creature on Earth, but is the elephant the strongest on the planet?

Depends on whether the power animal of its size and weight? How to determine who in the animal world is the strongest? Read the article and you’ll learn everything.

The strongest animal in the world

It does not have to be a big animal. To compose the rating of the strongest animals in the world need to consider the ratio of their body mass with the weight they can lift, because some of these beings have only 1 mm in length. The ability of some fauna are staggering.

Animal rankings

Based on the above criteria and compiled this list of the strongest animals of the Earth.

  • Grizzly

Grizzly bear is the largest of all species of bears. Its growth could reach four meters and it can weigh up to seven hundred pounds.

Grizzly lifts a weight equal to his own weight. He is known for his power, but very dangerous to humans. This bear can open car with his claws like a sardine can.

Of course, in ranking the strongest of the Land animals is the elephant. He is not only one of the largest animals, but also one of the strongest. Its weight can reach seven tons, and body length up to eight meters. The elephant picks up items with its trunk. The trunk is a unique muscle body.

And the weight that an elephant can lift with his trunk, the weight of an elephant in half. The elephant can easily lift the trunk of a car or uproot a tree. The maximum speed of an elephant is forty-five miles per hour. The elephant is very stable, it is virtually impossible to knock down, but only if he is attacked by several predators.

In India elephants are used for transportation of heavy loads

The tiger is the strongest Cat family. It can reach very serious dimensions: height up to three and half meters, and weight up to three hundred lbs. When hunting, the tiger can run at speeds up to sixty km/h, so it is considered one of the fastest animals.

Tiger can handle the weight, twice his own.

Tigers are listed in the Red book and hunting is forbidden throughout the world.

  • African crowned eagle

Among birds African crowned eagle is the strongest bird. Its wingspan reaches two meters.

The eagle can carry more weight than his body weight four times. It can be quite a large animal. These eagles also prey on larger animals, but in this case they work in pairs, and after the hunt, tearing apart prey into chunks they can carry.

  • Gorilla

This is the strongest representative of the primates. The growth of the gorilla can be up to two meters in height, and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds. Muscular gorilla is able to lift ten times its weight. Gorilla can even win in a fight with a tiger. Gorillas have very strong forelimbs due to the fact that when walking they mostly rely on them.

  • Crocodile

Among the squad of reptiles crocodiles are the strongest animals. They reach four meters in length. Crocodiles have very strong jaws, able to bite a big animal. The pressure of the jaws during the bite can be more than two tons per square inch. The crocodile is able to reach speeds on land of up to seventeen kilometers per hour.

  • Ant-lictores

These ants are often called ants, mushroom growers, because they process the leaves, which then become the basis for growing mushrooms. And the mushrooms later and are the main food of these ants.

Ants are generally considered to be the most hard-working and powerful of insects.

The ants are on average able to lift and move objects weighing twenty times the weight of an ant. And ant-lictores can lift and move the weight in fifty times its own weight.

  • Dor

This is a small beetle about two centimeters in length, which can easily lift and carry a thousand times more than it weighs itself. This beetle feeds mainly on manure, for which he received this name. He then rolls the balls weighing up to 50 grams, although he weighs more than two grams. The dung beetle drags his ball his burrow to a depth of five feet, and so about twice a day.

  • Armored mite

Their environment – the soil. Armoured mites are hardly visible to the naked eye, but these microscopic creatures can lift weight more own a thousand times. These pliers are very useful and play an important role in soil formation.

  • Copepods

In the ranking of the most powerful animals on the planet can rightly assign the first place to the copepod. This inhabitant of the deep sea, its size does not exceed one centimeter. Konabody develop a speed of six kilometers per hour, which is five hundred times their size. So the copepods can be attributed to the fastest creatures in the world.

Why such tiny crustaceans so strong? Everything is simple – at such tiny dimensions are very difficult to resist for everyone to enjoy a feast of plankton. Therefore, this power allows the copepod to quickly develop speed and get away from trying to eat it. Such a system of escape from a predator allowed it to develop a shellfish population to enormous size. The copepod is the most numerous creature on the planet.


The fauna is very rich and multifaceted and every being in it is endowed with certain capabilities and qualities. Someone is the fastest, someone bigger someone is the strongest, as you can see from the above rating. Not always the size of the animal means its undeniable power.

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