What animal in the world the fastest animal

The person running is needed to maintain good physical shape or to achieve certain results in sports. Animals just need to be able to run fast in order to feed themselves and to protect themselves from predators.

Despite the fact that people are the most intelligent beings on Earth, they can’t boast speed and agility many animals on the planet.

All living organisms adapt to certain living conditions. Some blend in with the environment, skillfully hiding from enemies, others develop an amazing ability to avoid death from the teeth of a predator or to catch prey. There are a lot of Champions of speed. So who runs faster than anyone in the world?


The fastest animal in the world Cheetah. It can easily accelerate the speed to 115 km/h. These figures beast vital for hunting. To protect the remains of their prey from other representatives of the animal world, Cheetah cleverly hiding them in the tree.

This beast is able to develop such intense speed thanks to its anatomical features. He’s got a small head and big muscles. The weight of the animal 45-67 kg with a body length of 1-1. 5 m. the Ease of movement provides a graceful appearance.

Hunting Cheetah, not particularly hiding, approaching the victim at a distance of approximately ten meters. Then, in the short run, trying to catch prey. 2 seconds the animal develops a speed of 75 km/h Moves the fastest animal in the world jumps up to 8 meters.


Next in the ranking of the fastest animals on the planet is the pronghorn, easily accelerates to 95 km/h. This antelope is not only the fastest but also the most ancient, living in North America.

The unique ability of ungulates associated with the presence of certain features:

  • big heart;
  • volume of the lungs;
  • the large trachea.

Due to the large size, respiratory system absorb a significant amount of air, and the soft pads on fingers to prevent shock.

Pronghorn are graceful and beautiful animals with a height at the shoulders -0,8–1 m. the body Length of adult individuals of 1-1,3 m, weight ranges from 35-60 lbs.

The name antelope has received thanks to a wide, thick horns of the males shoes. Every year, pronghorn resets horn covers, which are gradually re-grow.


The view that the fastest animals on earth, the predators wrong. The Champions-runners applies a moose – the largest of the whole family of deer. The height of its body is 2.5 m and weight up to 700 kg. On the head of the animal’s huge horns with a span of up to 200 centimeters. Their weight exceeds 30 kg.

These giants live in Russia, America and Europe. They feed on grass, moss, tree bark and berries. Despite its fairly large size, elk are excellent swimmers and great runners. Their speed can reach figures of 70 km/m.


One of the leading positions in the ratings of the most fastest animals on Land is the lion. While hunting it can accelerate to 80 km/h, so it is considered dangerous and lethal predator.

An interesting fact is that most activity is demonstrated by females, so they have the main task to corral victims. However, animals are capable of rapid movement for only short distances.

American horse

Currently, English thoroughbred race horses are the fastest. Great sprinters, they regularly participate in races. The maximum speed of the horse -77 km/h. At a small distance specimens show excellent results.

American Quarterhors – this name was given to this quick and strong animal. The height of this beauty is 144-162 see the Color of horses varies.

Stunning results on the racetrack racers allows the special structure of the body:

  • muscular croup;
  • short and wide head;
  • compact body with a broad chest.
Meadow wolves, coyotes

Coyotes – members of the family Canidae. These animals live in America live in deserts and plains. More active at night. Eat grass wolves small rodents. In size they are much smaller than normal wolves. But the height is about 90 cm the coyotes can run at speeds up to 65 km/h.

These animals prefer to hunt alone and join in flocks only in rare cases, when searching for large prey. They possess unique abilities and have well-developed senses. The coyotes see to a distance of 200 metres at any time of the day. Thanks to their excellent eyesight, they can easily track down prey, the voice of a mammal not to be confused with anybody’s.

Small but fast

Nature has taken care of that small furry animals were able to ensure its security.

  1. Hare. Can reach speeds up to 60 km/h when sprinting. These results are achieved with average body weight 4-6 kg and length 58-68, see Cunning agile animals can lull any predator. Fleeing hare moves from side to side, waiting for the pursuer runs out all reserve forces.
  2. The fastest cats. Among domestic cats is the fastest Shorthair Egyptian Mau. She has a tight body and pretty developed muscles and bones, providing stamina and agility. The pet developed great eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. A cat can reach speeds up to 58 km/h. Representatives of this breed is impressive for its behavior. They avoid conflict, do not come first in a fight. Males may live with one female and help care for the kittens.
The fastest animals in water

The great rapidity of movement characteristic of not only land animals. Representatives of the water world can also lay claim to the title of the fastest animal on the planet. Despite the fact that they live in a dense and viscous medium, they still manage to show amazing results in development speed.

Who of waterfowl fastest on earth?

  1. Fish – boat. It dwells in the seas and oceans of the tropics and subtropics. This fish is often found in the Black sea, which enters from the Indian ocean. The sailboat is listed in the Guinness Book of records, thanks to the fin, which gives it the body unique. This predatory fish develops a phenomenal speed of 109 kilometers per hour.
  2. Marlin is the second fastest record in water. Fish has no such fin as the next of kin of a sailing vessel, but practically not inferior in size and speed. Some representatives of this species grow up to five meters in length and can weigh eight hundred pounds. But, despite the rather considerable weight, Marlin reach speeds up to 80 km/h, which is possible due to the unusual external data:
    • the elongated body;
    • kopeobrazny face;
    • hard and long fin.
  3. Atlantic mackerel in the depths of the sea, too, can develop tremendous speed, especially when she rushes to the victim or to spawn. At this time, the fish swims in the hour of 77 miles. Mackerel moves only in the pack, not floating alone.
The fastest animals in the air

Undoubtedly, the most agile, nimble and quick on our planet are birds. They are far ahead, and aquatic and terrestrial wildlife.

If we proceed from the peculiarities of the flight of birds, it is difficult to determine who the birds the fastest.

Because some of them develop the maximum speed when “dive”, the other – horizontally when floating.

  1. Peregrine. This hawk-king of the pickets. It rises high in the sky flying over the victim and the folding of the wings have thrown at her, slashing with claws, held close to the body. When falling at an angle of 25 degrees, this beautiful bird flying at speeds up to 75 m/s Falling at a right angle, the peregrine Falcon can reach a much higher speed to 100 m/s (about 360 km/h).
  2. Siberian Albatross, in contrast to the peregrine Falcon, can dive at high-speed flight. But the massive scale of its wings allows you to maintain a flight speed of 130 km/h for 8 hours. Most of his time these birds spend in the ocean, hunting for fish and lobsters. They even do not disdain carrion.
  3. Black Swifts are in the sky 24 hours a day. They eat, sleep and mate in the sky on the fly. These small beautiful birds body length of 25 centimeters. However, they can develop a flight speed of up to 180 km/h, thereby promptly and skillfully escape from predators. However, black Swifts are not so nimble as swallows, with which they are often confused ornithologists, and for a turn they have to lay more turn.

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