What maximum speed can reach bear when you run?

When we look at the awkward and clumsy predators large size, they are not too afraid of an adult. Everyday people falsely represents that the animal is not capable of causing a lot of trouble if able to run well.

But, in terms of the speed of the bear is not inferior to the African lion, the capabilities of which are known to every child.

Speed bear

Bruin bear is very quick and agile predator. His characteristic gait is formed by a non-trivial way walk: the animal moves, first two front legs, and only after back.

Science has identified the fastest bear. He became a grizzly bear (from the English. Grizzly bear), which is brown. The animal has the opportunity to develop the maximum speed to 60 km/h yet the bears do not abuse their capacities and move slowly (5-6 mph). Beast has superhuman endurance and if you start hunting, it has never let go its prey.

The polar bear, unlike the grizzly, it develops a slightly lower speed – 40 km/h (can be compared with traffic in the bike from the high hill). Its main advantage is its unsurpassed ability to swim. In this environment, white bear, no one can compete.

A rule of conduct when dealing with a predator

Traveling in the boreal region, where host is the brown bear, be extremely careful. (especially in areas of limited visibility).

  • Create a big noise, respeite song, relaxed and talk loudly to scare away the animal.
  • To move in that terrain is recommended only together with partners. This allows you to ensure that the bear will hear the noise and avoid a meeting with a group of people.
  • Strongly recommend to avoid passing through thick bushes, where it can hide a dreadful predator.
  • Try to make sothat the wind could carry your scent forward. If the bear smells you, it will bypass man.
  • Not worth it to stay too long in places where there is the smell of dead flesh.
  • If you are faced with a clumsy animal, remember that it is important not to panic and start to run. At the meeting immediately stand up on the spot. As well as human instinct tells about the escape, the predator’s instinct keeps telling him about the pursuit. The animal thinks that the fleeing creature – its prey, which it needs to grab.

No Sprinter does not compare in terms of speed with a grizzly, which accelerates to 60 km/h. Panic and attempt to get out of you mortally hurt, especially in the rugged region. The rule of “NO running!” – the first and most important.

  • Should be very slowly closer to the people that are close. Hand in hand, you will create the animal the impression of a large force opposing parties. A group of people grizzly bear attack do not take the risk.
  • You need to make the predator realized and recognized the man: use it, raise your hands. Don’t be alarmed if the animal will come closer and will sniff you. Grizzly bear standing on its hind legs, trying to consider who is in front of him. Threats in this position, he is not.
  • Slowly try to move away from the predator that will assume that you are avoiding conflict. A large number of wild animals are leaving the meeting place, if clearly convinced that before them.
  • When the bear leaves the place, don’t stay here, as it can stay in the area for relaxing or eating.
Useful evidence about the life of a bear

Animal lives an average of about 30 years.

Predator absolutely not afraid of man and has a lot of similarities.

  • Bear is an omnivorous animal. Its diet is dominated by two thirds of vegetable food. He prefers to consume insects and fish from ponds. Sometimes, clubfoot can begin to hunt the deer or ROE deer.
  • Like people, bears are based on the entire area of the foot. They are able to stand on two hind legs and in a position to move.
  • The animal’s eye perceives the world in color.
  • Their mind is able to project the primitive logic. Bears have an excellent memory, and great presence of mind.
  • Human and predator many common pathologies.
  • Animal easily fends off the attacks of angry bees due to the thick wool. In nature it is impossible to find enemies to clumsy bears.
  • A grizzly can run at a speed of 60 km/h and the polar bear is able to reach speeds of 40 km/h.
What types of clubfoot are there?

They belong to the family of mammals and are separated in the Carnivora.

If you compare bears with other preobrazenie – animals are endowed with a more chunky by adding the body.

  • A brown bear looks clumsy, but his running is stronger than ever. The animal is endowed with a sharp sense of smell and hearing aid. He is able to smell at a distance of two kilometers.
  • The guy with the Himalayas has a more calm disposition and has a white spot on the sternum. A baby born with a weight of 300 grams, soon grows up to 100-130 kg.
  • Grizzly bear primarily lives in Alaska and is the fastest among all types.[embedded content]
  • Living in the tropics, Malay bear, which is characterized in that not falling asleep. Has a violent nature, small size and very fond of honey.
  • The skin of the American black bear has a black color. This species is quite widespread in North America. Endowed with excessive power and can run fast.

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