Where they live tigers features types

The planet Earth is inhabited by many animals which have beauty and grace, but if to these qualities be added strength, comes to mind only tiger.

It tiger is one of the largest predators, which leads to a real delight.

The largest representative of the cat family is one of its kind inspires respect and even some awe.

All about tigers

Tiger belong to the genus Panther, the subfamily of the big cats. Such a cat can reach a weight of 300 pounds and be up to 3 meters. To date, a record where the weight of the animal reached 388,7 pounds. Having a powerful and elastic body, the height of which can reach more than a meter, tiger is one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. Mention how much the weight of the tiger, it is important to note that different types may have different maximum weight. However, the most massive is considered to be a Bengal – tiger weight more than 300 kg.

Animal characterizes a rounded forehead and round the eyes, which can not only perfectly see in the dark, but also to distinguish between colors. Hard white whiskers give the cat a great sense of smell, which is a big plus when hunting. Tigress is actually no different from the male, except smaller, but this difference is negligible.

The undoubted advantage of the famous predator are fangs, reaching 8 inches. This “tool” quickly deals with the extraction and able to kill the victim at first bite. In nutrition plays a big role in language, have Horny growths on the sides. Thanks to them the animal is able to quickly carve his victim and to separate the pieces of meat. Not much to say about what eats the tiger. It is clear that the main food predator – the meat. Moreover,the big cat loves fresh meat, but in hard times and do not disdain carrion.

Summing up about the appearance of the biggest cat on the planet, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. The predator is quite large in size and is a threat to virtually all animals.
  2. The physical data allow you to hunt even at a very large individual.
  3. The physiology of the body is fully consistent with the hunting lifestyle and allows the cat to quickly deal with prey.

Not to mention the ears of the animal, which are relatively small but have very acute hearing. Interestingly, the front paws have five toes and the back four. Each paw has a retractable and very sharp claws and soft pads that make the movement of the predator is practically silent.

The types of tigers

Reflecting on the pedigree of predators, it should be noted that today find the remains of a large saber-toothed tiger, which lived in the time of the dinosaurs. He was much more powerful than its descendant, and could reach up to one ton of weight.

Modern specimens representing nine species known to science, three of which already irretrievably lost. However, there is the assertion that the ancient form was a saber-toothed cat, not a tiger.

The division into types can be classified according to height and weight of individuals, which differ slightly, as well as way of life predators.

The whole list would be:

  1. The Amur (Ussuri), the Bengal and Indochinese tiger.
  2. Sumatran, Malayan and South China.
  3. The Bali, Caspian and Javan – are extinct species of predator.

You should consider each species separately, in order to understand where animals can live, how much to weigh and what kind of lifestyle to pursue.

To characterize the types of predators better with the big one:

  • the Amur tiger lives in the South-East of Russia, North Korea, Northern parts of China. The predator reaches the withers of 100 cm or more, and can weigh more than 200 pounds. I must say that the tiger population has decreased dramatically and has no more than 500 individuals;
  • Bengali is the most major. Predators have red color with black stripes, height more than a meter and the weight can exceed 300 pounds. Inhabits the southern and partially Central Asia. The view has more than 5 thousand individuals;
  • Indochinese predator, with narrower stripes can be up to one and a half meters and weighing up to 120 kg. the Number of individuals of a species has decreased dramatically and has a little more than a thousand;
  • the Malayan cat is the smallest species, the length of which does not exceed 240 inches, and a weight of 120 kg. Today, scientists have counted no more than 800 representatives from this unique view;
  • sumatrana the cat reaches a length of just over two meters, and weighs no more than 140 lbs. mostly found in nature reserves of the island of Sumatra and has about 500 from individuals;
  • South China the species was not longer than two metres and no heavier than 130 kg. Dwells in the center of China and very poorly tolerate captivity. This kind of most worries scientists, because every year becomes more and more scarce.

There are several subspecies of large felines, which are the hybrids. Bright representative of such “mixtures” is a liger (lion and female tiger) and Tigon (tiger and female lion). These predators differ in huge sizes and in a variety of color that is simply impossible to predict. As a rule, hybrids are not less than three metres in length and can weigh over 300 pounds.

Where better to live tigers?

Of course, each of the legendary predator has its range where it is most comfortable and familiar. However, each has some specificity, which manifests itself not only in matters of hunting, but also such important aspects as the breeding progeny.

For example, the tigers never lived in Africa, and this is due primarily to climatic conditions.

To answer the question of where tigers live, you need to know about the nuances of the physiology of tigers:

  1. For Amurskogo and Bengali types the most favorable conditions where the average temperature is not very high. These species through beautiful and durable cover, well insulated against the cold. Tenacious paws and sharp claws allow it to easily overcome the rocky terrain, while developing great speed.
  2. Malay and Sumatran species has a darker color and a smaller height at the withers. This factor allows you to be invisible in the thick jungle of Indonesia. These cats are capable of great speed in the start and have a great jump.
  3. South China and the Indochinese tiger – a typical predator, able to hunt both on flat terrain and in dense thickets. For such distinctive predators ambush near water or in dense bamboo thickets, where to bear the instant and deadly attack.

Despite the fact that the tiger is considered to be a lone hunter, quite often the individuals are grouped in families. Even single tigers are occasionally present in families in the mating season. With great force, the tiger has no competitors in its area of habitat. The area is systematically marked with urine or failure of the bark from the trees. The territory becomes a cause of conflict between adult males.

Considering the question of how many tigers live, it is important to note the diet of predators. In the wild, cats do not have a specific “mode” that keeps them at the exact time to hunt or rest. Predators go hunting in that case, when feel hungry and never produce more food needed.

The main pastime of the tiger – rest in a shady place or a funny game, if we are talking about the family. Having a lifetime of not more than 30 years, tiger has virtually no competitors or enemies who could oppose him. With some care and caution predator applies only to elephants and rhinos. In the diet strong cat can enter even small crocodiles. The main and favorite “dish” are hoofed animals and large herbivores.

The breeding progeny

Fighting for the right to participate in the breeding progeny – a spectacular sight. Against the background of numerous males, the female may approach only one – the strongest.

To briefly describe the process of breeding, you need to know the following:

  1. Tiger can bear offspring at the age of 3-4 years, and the male – to five years.
  2. The breeding season usually falls in December or January.
  3. Tigress is able to bear offspring several times a year, but with a period of 2-3 years.
  4. Time bearing offspring does not exceed 103 days.

As a rule, are born not more than four tiger cubs, who at the age of two months to become completely independent. However, small predators prefer to stay with the mother for a long time, sometimes even up to five years. For 25-30 years, tiger is able to give life to twenty new individuals. However, more than half of young cats dying at a fairly young age, the victim of hyenas, wolves or other predators.

Tigers are unique animalswhose life is in danger because of reckless human activity. That is why the majority of species placed in the Red book or are protected by the state.

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